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The Trafficking Train

Sara Carter reports that the cartels and human traffickers are upping the ante on our southern border, using the rails to transport illegal immigrants.

Carter says a video surfaced over the weekend of a train filled with hundreds of migrants, most of them children, making their way from Zacatecas, Mexico, into the United States. “Sometimes many kids fall off these trains, they are injured, they are killed. Sometimes they they are raped on their journey to the United States,” she says.

Meanwhile, back at the border, Carter sources a Fox News report that the flood of illegals crossing into the U.S. continues. In one of the largest mass crossings ever, more than 2,200 illegally made their way into the country at the Eagle Pass, Texas, port of entry. Stunningly, Carter says, the mainstream media remains silent on the story. Here’s more.

Illegals Ready To Swarm Border

Another prison being prepared beyond Guantanamo Bay, this one in Guam. That’s because the detention center at Guantanamo Bay will soon reach its full capacity.

The coronation of the supposed King of England turned into a surprising celebration of the New World Order. Call it Coronation Shock 666!

Otherwise, here’s more on the rush of illegals to America’s southern border, and how the cartels are holding Americans captive by inundating their ranches and communities with hordes of illegal aliens. Also, we get some updates on the demons after our children, and Jeffrey Epstein, who epitomized the free-swinging evils of the leftists. More from And We Know.

Trafficking On Rise Under Biden

American cartels are trafficking children for sex, organs and slavery. “You thought all of that stuff was a thing of the past,” says Michael Jaco. “It has really gone high-order since the Biden administration came into office.”

This is in contrast with the Trump administration, which was the most active in American history in rooting out and ending these cartels.

Jaco identifies several of the chief villains in this regard. They include Bill Gates and the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Here’s more from Jaco, former CIA officer.


Hunters Become The Hunted

Hunters become the hunted! We are returning The Rule of Law to our Land! This is the final battle!  Unseal the indictments! Pray! More from And We Know.

Bloodlines Of Power

This video is about the powerful families of industry and banking who shaped the 21st century. The first segment about the Rockefeller’s and the Rockefeller Foundation is taken straight from my book, The Deep State Encyclopedia, which is now available for purchase (Release day March 7th)! More from Really Graceful.

Border Crisis Worsens

Rebel News reporter Katie Daviscourt tells The Ezra Levant Show that a shocking 80,000 illegal immigrants have been released into El Paso, Texas, since August.

Daviscourt says the situation is out of control, with thousands of illegals crossing the southern border daily. Here’s more of her report, including highlights from her border tour, which included exploring manmade caves that illegals used to escape from authorities and the cartels.


Real Horror On Southern Border

Investigative reporter Sara Cater reports that the real horror of the southern border is the human trafficking and child-organ harvesting.

Speaking exclusively to Carter in Central America, a human smuggler says the cartels harvest children’s organs, then fill the corpse with drugs for trafficking. He says juvenile organs usually fetch high prices for cartels.

“In many cases, they just have the children there and they have a purpose, and only they know what purpose they’re going to serve,” the trafficker said. “But, yeah, they are just going to keep them there and the children are not going to be free ever again.” Here’s Carter’s report, courtesy of Indicrat.


What Is There To Fear?

Here is audio from William Trebing’s 2004 book called Goodbye Germ Theory: Ending a Century of Medical Fraud and How To Protect Your Family.

Trebing delves into the medical cartel, showing how Big Pharma rips off and oppresses the public. The medical establishment has forgotten its mission to heal the public. Instead, its aim is to limit and control the lives of all Americans. More from Jamie Dlux.

Cartels Move Into Tribal Lands

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tells the Breitbart channel that contrary to popular belief, there’s more happening on the porous southern border than just illegal immigration.

Noem says cartels are funneling drugs and human trafficking through her state’s Native American tribal lands, which is devastating the area. “I have nine Native American tribes and they are sovereign governments,” Noem says. “I don’t have any authority or jurisdiction over their lands.” Here’s more.


Rampant Border Sex Trafficking

Sara Carter reports that Biden Administration policies are boosting the sex trafficking nightmare on the border.

She welcomes anti-sex trafficking activist Rosi Orozco to discuss the growing crisis, where women and children are being trafficked throughout Central America and the United States to be raped by customers while the cartels rake in big money. Here are the details, plus an update on how little the Biden Administration is doing to solve the chaos.