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Liberty Is Winning

Thanks to property rights and free markets, humanity has achieved prosperity and freedom that our ancestors hardly dreamed about. Americans are now 30 times richer than we were 200 years ago.

That perspective is lost on populist complainers, such as Bernie Sanders, who falsely claim “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” If he and his followers understood their history, they might be less eager to tear down the free-market system that made lives better. In the following segment, John Stossel is joined by the Cato Institute’s David Boaz to discuss the consequences of liberty.

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Conservative Opinion Silenced

A Cato Institute study finds that 62 percent of Americans are afraid to express their political views in the current political climate. Liberals, conservatives and moderates worry that such expression could get them fired or harm their careers. But the most alarming numbers in the study reveal that 77 percent of conservatives say they have political opinions they’re afraid to share, while 6 in 10 liberals feel they can say what they believe. Host Liz Wheeler, host of “The Tipping Point” on OAN, says the boogieman in the room is the cancel culture.

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Champions Of Liberty

John Stossel’s weekly program on the Fox Business News recently entertained the topic of champions of liberty with the well-rounded panel of Cato Institute’s David Boaz, school-choice advocate Kevin Chavous and the Foundation for Economic Education’s Lawrence Reed. The quartet talks about liberty’s heroes, including choices of their own, in this edition of LearnLiberty.

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The War On Work

I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but the absolute road out of poverty is work. But that simple formula just isn’t working (no pun intended). Since President Johnson declared the War on Poverty nearly 50 years ago, the federal government has spent trillions trying to improve conditions to no avail. We are no better off today than we were in 1965, says Cato Institute social economist Michael Tanner. “Truth is,” he says, “the War on Poverty is actually a War on Work. It has both discouraged work and ensnared people in hardship.” In this episode of Prager University, Tanner explains why work is the only answer.

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Government Destined to Fail

From health care to the workplace, government’s sticky fingers are increasingly interferring with our lives. Professor of Law Emeritus, Peter Schuck, author of Why Government Fails So Often: And How It Can Do Better,” explains the growing intrusion into our lives and the ramifications therein in this presentation to the Cato Institute.

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Pope Wrong About Capitalism

When Pope Francis decried that the culture of prosperity deadens us all and blamed it on capitalism last December, that riled more than a few capitalists. One of them is Marian Tupy, senior policy analyst at the Cato Institute and editor of the website Human Progress, who tells Reason.TV’s Nick Gillespie that Pope Francis is wrong on two counts.

“First of all, the Pope is under the impression that the markets are free. That the markets are unfettered. He uses the expression ‘totally autonomous markets.’ In fact, over the past 20 years Washington alone has produced some 80,000 regulations … we don’t really have free markets as such. And secondly, what we see in countries with a level of great economic freedom, the poor are richer, they own a greater share of national wealth, there is less corruption and there are greater political and civil liberties.”

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Feds Going Criminal Crazy

From federal agencies independently attaching jail time to otherwise noncriminal behavior to U.S. lawmakers punishing crimes best dealt with by states, the problem of overcriminalization is growing. Molly M. Gill of Families Against Mandatory Minimums argues that the urge to regulate and delegate is a powerful one for federal lawmakers, but there should be clear areas of agreement to reduce the range of activity subject to criminal penalties. H/T Cato Institute

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The Next Breakout Nations

Ruchir Sharma, head of the Emerging Markets Equity team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, says China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa might have reached a plateau in growth, and that India has no more than a 50 percent chance of sustaining its good performance. So which countries will become breakout nations, maintaining high growth or exceeding expectations in the coming years?

Sharma identifies four prospects — Turkey and Indonesia, two Muslim democracies, have strong credentials to become the next breakout nations. And in Europe, he sees the top two candidates as being Poland and the Czech Republic. He projects a mixed outlook for the United States, saying innovation and entrepreneurship could help the nation to beat expectations, but we have pressing current problems that demand attention. H/T CATO Institute

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