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Justice Looms For Clintons

Christian Patriot News (CPN) digs into the sordid world of child sex trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, and to their very real connection to the Clinton Crime Family, complete with confirmation from Q 4- and 5-year delta posts.

“Sex_trafficking_is_real,” reads a Q post from March 20, 2019. While another from March 21, 2018 states: “Down she goes. Nobody escapes this. NOBODY.” The general consensus, says CPN, is that the “she” refers to Hillary Clinton. CPN flushes out the debauchery and further analyzes the Q posts.

Mystery Babylon Rulers Exposed

The [Deep State] is falling. The Cabal slave bank system appears to be collapsing. Hold on tight. Timing is everything. Pray! More from And We Know.

Never Back Down

New York Times using the same playbook. Brazil fights back! Stand strong and stand together!

Demons support FTX! Baalenci@ga update! Baal — the Caananite god of child sacrifice! Information warfare! Pray! More from And We Know.

Child Sacrifice

The old and demonic practice of sacrificing children to the Caananite gods did not end in the Old Testament. Eddy English reports that, even today, ritualistic child sacrifice is practiced in all parts of the world, including the United States.

In the U.S. alone, hundreds of deep underground military bases, or DUMBS, serve as ground zero to Satanic rituals, including child sacrifice. English says that although these practices appear random and unconnected, they are part of a widespread and well-organized network hidden in plain site. Here’s his gruesome report.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Necklace

In this episode of McAllisterTV, Linda Paris examines the jewelry of Gloria Vanderbilt and shows how the necklaces and other pieces embody Phoenician or Carthaginian symbols representing child sacrifice and pedophilia. These are dark pieces, fully suggestive of necrophilia, including varied red beads that could actually symbolize instances of child sacrifice. There’s also a further discussion of Tanit, the goddess whose temple was a place of sacrifice in Carthage, or contemporary Tunisia.

And, here’s a treat, a discussion on culture, the war on culture and cutting-edge Q research involving Dustin Nemos and Linda Paris. They discuss how the pedophilia and occult trappings are designed to lock people into cults, with no way out.

The Sick Nike Art Collection

Want to see a truly sick and vile art collection? Take a look at the paintings and other artworks collected by Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike. We have discussed his sadistic art tastes before, but the collection is even more disgusting when seen in its totality.

You have to wonder how a company like Disney would place Parker on its board of directors? This is a company that runs amusement theme parks tailor-made for children.  When someone’s taste in art runs toward violence and depravity against children, as well as cannibalism and child sacrifice, you have to wonder why Disney views him as a legitimate candidate for its board. This not only seems bizarre, but frankly, its creepy as all hell. More from TestingTheNarrative.

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The Mark Ryden painting

that inspired Lady Gaga’s

Meat Dress.