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Simon Parkes: Truth About Maui

Contrary to reports that the Deep State used space-based energy weapons to ignite the Maui fires, Simon Parkes said they no longer control satellite technology to pull off such a feat.

“What they did use in the Hawaiian Islands was a mobile energy weapon on a truck,” Parkes said. According to his Pentagon sources, Parkes said the Deep State employed teams on the ground, who used gasoline, enhanced by the prevailing winds, to spread the fire after most of the residents had been evacuated, then moved in with a mobile energy-beam weapon.

Parkes says the real reason for the attack was to destroy a Space Force installation at the U.S. Naval Base, in Maui, and also to thwart the White Hats from liberating children from a massive sex-trafficking operation in tunnels below the area. Parkes said the second aspect of the attack was the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii has asked to leave the United States. He alleges that it has been agreed upon, so they will leave and become their own sovereign kingdom, much to the chagrin of the Deep State. That is why the native areas were attacked. Here’s more from Parkes on the Laura Eisenhower podcast. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

Hunting Child Sex Traffickers

Leigh Dundas is a human rights attorney and abolitionist. A decade ago she joined an anti-slavery NGO as their General Counsel. While there, Leigh liaised with foreign governments to allow undercover surveillance of child brothels by former US law enforcement assets, and also worked closely with NGOs on a plan to have on-ground investigators amass evidence of money laundering by human traffickers – and then securely relay that data to world banks so they could flag accounts suspected of criminal activity.

In recognition of her extensive knowledge on slavery matters, Leigh was appointed ten years ago to the Congressional Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking, where she further assisted in identification of these problems, and helped formulate US response to same. Leigh has also devoted significant time to a modern-day “Sodom & Gomorrah” region comprised of 140 child brothels along the Thai-Malay border – traveling in excess of 100 mph to avoid roadside bombers, in order to provide assistance to the children trapped there and embed a film crew to document the horrors of the child-sex trade. Here, she appears on The Kim Iversen Show.

Read about her experiences in her new book JUST STAND UP My Fight for Freedom: From the Brothels of Asia to the Streets of America. http://freedomfighternation.org/.

Child Sex Trafficking In Ukraine

Sourcing a report from Global Research, Riss Flex reports that high-ranking officials from international governments are allegedly involved in child-trafficking operations in Ukraine.

The report reveals that several cases of crimes against children were taking place in private clinics in the Kiev and Kharkov regions. The practice involved Ukrainian women being hired as surrogate mothers for a lofty sum, then selling their babies after birth to foreigners. Flex digs into the details.

The Sound Of Media Meltdown!

The mainstream media is melting down like never before, in light of the huge success of the child sex-trafficking film, Sound of Freedom.

Not only is the film devastating to the leftist narrative about open borders and sexual liberation, but it strikes a blow to the filmmaking cabal that is supposed to stop wholesome, articulate films like this from being made. Here’s Sara Carter with more on the story.

Mel Gibson: Took Who Down?

Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad says Hollywood actor Mel Gibson has been extremely helpful, but did not produce a documentary the group is making about child sex trafficking.

The four-part series includes footage shot in Ukraine that shows operations of a child trafficking ring. Gibson supplied some of the background information that Operation Underground Railroad used to help break up that ring and save kids from abduction and trafficking.

However, Ballard says the documentary series as a whole is being produced by Nick Nanton from DNA Films with help from a number of executive producers including Kyle Cease, and Tony and Sage Robbins. Here’s more from Natly Denise.

Massive Chaos In July

The Inspired Channel’s Sean Nolan says July 4 will be an extra-explosive month, because America will finally get the release of the film, Sound of Freedom, which will expose the big picture on child-sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Nolan says the film, starring Jim Caviezel, will unleash an avalanche of information, including high-profile players whose names were never officially released. He warns that Team Darkness will do everything in their sinister power to distract from the movie, including igniting a world war. “The big picture will soon hit the airwaves and will hit people in a way that’s never been done before.” Nolan says.  Here’s more.

Spiritual Warfare Unmasked

Dr. Len Horowitz joins me to discuss the plague of pedophilia and child sex trafficking at the very highest levels of society. We also discuss reawakening spirituality and your soul with God’s most healing frequencies. As we cover in this interview, the battle line are clearly drawn. Which side will you live and die on? More from the SGTReport.

Justice Looms For Clintons

Christian Patriot News (CPN) digs into the sordid world of child sex trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, and to their very real connection to the Clinton Crime Family, complete with confirmation from Q 4- and 5-year delta posts.

“Sex_trafficking_is_real,” reads a Q post from March 20, 2019. While another from March 21, 2018 states: “Down she goes. Nobody escapes this. NOBODY.” The general consensus, says CPN, is that the “she” refers to Hillary Clinton. CPN flushes out the debauchery and further analyzes the Q posts.

Hillary’s Crime Video Release!

Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that the stage is set for the release of the Hillary Clinton crime video and the unimaginable treason committed by the Deep State players.

Sourcing 5-year delta Q drops, CPN says the child-sex trafficking video will be played in Times Square! He explains further, discusses how America has been sold to the highest bidder by these rats and the shameful complicity of the media through all the chaos.

Government’s Cartel Link

Bazzel Baz, former CIA Special Operations officer and founder of the Association for the Recovery of Children, tells Riss Flex that he believes the enormous flight of undocumented children crossing the southern border is the largest, organized child-trafficking movement in the history of the United States by a government entity or corrupt members of a bureaucracy.

He claims the border is purposely being opened up by the Biden Administration, who have dealings with the Mexican cartels. “We know for a fact, as does the FBI, as does the CIA, as does those who are downrange that there are people throughout America, as well as in Washington, who are on the Cartel’s payroll,” Baz says. More with Rex and Baz.