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China’s Population Vanishing

China’s population is vanishing at a rapid rate, which could bring down the Chinese Communist Party and the global economy.

Chris Chappell reports that for the first time in 60 years, more people are dying than being born in China, according to official statistics, which means it’s probably way worse than we know. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chappelle explains what’s going on, how it will affect the economy and what the government is doing to prevent more of a decline.

What Is China Hiding?

Chris Chappell says China has been trying to convince the world that only a few dozen people have died since it ended its zero Covid policy on Dec. 7 of last year. But satellite images reveal a much different story.

Chappell reports that massive crowds can be seen outside funeral parlors and new parking lots being built to handle the influx. And, in case you’re wondering, this isn’t normal for China. Here’s more from China Uncensored.

What Happened In China?

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell says something major is currently going down in China, which YouTube is attempting to censor. He says it revolves around mass protests in China last weekend, when protestors called for Xi Jinping and members of the Chinese Communist Party to step down.

Chappell says that a full episode on China Uncensored covering the demonstration appeared on the channel earlier this week, but it was age-restricted by YouTube. “What that means is that YouTube will bury the episode so that no one sees it,” he says. “The point is, intentionally or not, YouTube is helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up their crimes.” Here’s more.

Investors Aiding China’s Abuses

Chris Chappell reports that woke investors are funding China’s human rights abuses. The plan is part of a big movement in the investment world to screen investments based on environmental, social and governance criteria.

Chappell says that while investors care about the impact of their investments, what’s not good is that those same investors are funding China’s human rights abuses and environmental destruction. More from China Uncensored.

China Is Screwed!

Is China really backing off its zero Covid policy? That’s the big question, after news of some Covid restrictions being lifted.

It may seem like a victory for the protesters, but they may have just handed the CCP a useful scapegoat instead. China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell explains further.

Revolution Brewing In China

Following decades of abuse, Chinese people are calling for the CCP to step down. Chris Chappell reports the protests over recent Covid measures sparked the discontent and discusses how YouTube censored the dissent, and why worldwide solidarity with Chinese citizens is so significant.

YouTube Censorship!

Chris Chappell reports there are big things happening in China right now, but the flow of information is being censored by none other than YouTube. Chappell says the social media giant has joined forces with China to cover up its crimes, whether intentionally or not. Here’s his take on the situation.

Protests Erupt In China!

Chris Chappell reports that an already unpopular Covid lockdown turned deadly when a building caught fire in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. The fire quickly became a rallying cry for protests, which had already started to foment.

In this episode of China Uncensored, Chappell looks at what protesters are demanding, the scale of the protests and how authorities are responding.

China’s Role In Brazil Elections

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that Communist China played a key role in Brazil’s presidential election, despite all candidates talking tough on the CCP.

But  if you look at the two frontrunners’ track records on China, Chappell says, their actions tell a different story. Here’s his report.

Chinese Police In America

Chinese police stations have been cropping up all over the world, and doing so without the permission of the host country.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that Safeguard Defenders, a  human rights organization, uncovered 53 police stations in 30 countries. Here’s more.