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Election Hangover

Chuck Woolery says after “a night of binging on the news feeds, drinking in the commentary and stumbling around the contradictory polling numbers,” he’s nursing a post-election hangover. But he anticipates a fast recovery, so he can roll up his sleeves and return to the task at hand, “getting out the truth and holding our leaders accountable.”

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Our Disability Crisis

In his one-minute “Save Us Chuck” radio spot, longtime game show host Chuck Woolery reflects on the month of June, when only 80,000 new jobs were created, yet 85,000 Americans applied for disability. Woolery opines that we’re in the midst of a disability crisis, noting, “It seems we’re injuring people 19 percent faster than we’re creating jobs.” H/T Capitalist Preservation

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America’s Biggest Hypocrite

Chuck Woolery, longtime game show host for Lingo, Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune, takes down Michael Moore in a sumo grudge match. Woolery describes Moore as “America’s biggest hypocrite” and calls him “a wolf in sheep’s clothing — extra, extra, extra-large clothing.”  The savagery reaches a delirious peak as Woolery recounts rumors of the corpulent Moore sleeping “on a bed made of money being hand-fed deep-fried Twinkies by Princess Leia on a floating barge made of gold.”  Kudos to Woolery, waging the good fight and saving America one hypocrite at a time. Visit his website at http://saveuschuckwoolery.com/

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