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Let’s Just Feed Him To Max!

China Lake! Daryl James! Solar Warden! Human Robots! Tom Hanks! Tom Cruise! Kids in “Woodpecker Grid Cages!” A Half-Man, Half-Spider named “Max!” More from McAllister TV.

Esoteric Templar Science

Jack Parsons was an American rocket engineer, chemist, and occultist. Associated with the California Institute of Technology, Parsons was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation.

Here, author and anthropologist Robert Sepehr explains how Parsons got mixed up with Aleister Crowley as well as L. Ron Hubbard.

Crowley was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He was the head of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O or or ‘Order of Oriental Templars’) and founded the religion of Thelema, with the stated goal of guiding humanity into the Age of Horus in the early 20th century.

Hubbard was an American author of science fiction, Naval Intelligence Officer during WW2, and student of the occult who founded the Church of Scientology. In 1950, Hubbard authored Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and established a series of organizations to offer spiritual services, similar to past life regression.

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Scientology, UFOs And JFK

Michael Shermer, historian and founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, refutes many of the conspiracies that have stirred our imaginations for decades. Appearing on the Shawn Attwood podcast, Shermer touches on a variety of topics, including scientology, cults, UFOs and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

About Kennedy, he says, there’s no doubt in his mind that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. “The only real question is, was he the lone shooter?” he asks. He says there are logical explanations for allged UFO sightings, including Roswell, and has an unfavorable opinion of L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology. Here’s the interview.

Gitmo Expansion! Missing 411!

Gene Decode! Black goo! Vax Delta variant! Two timelines! AI System of the Beast! DUMBS and National Forests! Med Beds! GITMO expansion! More from McAllister TV.


McAllister TV is so popular among Call Me Stormy readers that today we bring you a double-dose, including this week’s Beyond the Headlines video bringing together Linda Paris with TRUreporting. The focus here is on Scientology and its occult roots. Specific topics covered include: L. Ron Hubbard and Black Magic! Occult rocket scientist Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley! NASA connections! The friendship between Hubbard and Parsons! And, finally, how Hubbard stole Jack Parsons’ wife!

Church Of Scientology Exposed

Mike Linder, who was raised in the Church of Scientology from an early age and eventually became a senior executive member, says the the movement, or cult, was the be-all and end-all of existence. He says the lure to the cult, established by L. Ron Hubbard, is the promise to solve your personal problems, as well as those of the world. Veering from these tenets meant your personal destruction.

Linder, who left Scientology in 2007, says that shortly after graduating high school he joined the Sea Organization, an elite group who dedicate their lives 24/7 to accomplishing the principals of Scientology. “You sign a billion-year contract to commit yourself to eternity in achieving the aims of Scientology, because scientologists believe you live lifetime after lifetime,” he says.

Linder says he finally woke up to the dark side of Scientology, following an interview with BBC’s John Sweeney, in which he lied about the violence in the organization. He left Hubbard’s office with a briefcase, two blackberries and the clothes on his back. Here’s more of his fascinating story on the Shawn Attwood channel.

Exposing More Night Cheese

More Hollywood secrets exposed! Handlers and pecking orders! Holographic concerts! Actors bred like race horses! Dilara Esengil joins McAllister TV in the second and concluding video getting into the death of Hollywood! Here we begin to see the insidious role of the CIA, as well as the medical establishment and even churches, like the Scientologists, with their Celebrity Centre on Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles.

Dilara and McAllister host Linda Paris also return to the sordid Instagram account of Washington DC restauranteur James Alefantis. If the NSA has it all, then by now, they should have rounded up and exterminated Alefantis’ low-life “friend” werkinonmahnightcheese. Here, Mr. nightcheese demonstrates a few of his pint-sized caskets.  Talk about child abuse and sadism!




End of Scientology?

Is this the beginning of the end for the ugly Church of Scientology? The church and its leader, David Miscavige, have been accused of child abuse and human trafficking.

The Church of Scientology International and its leader have been accused of child abuse and human trafficking by several members who have left the church, according to a team of lawyers who filed the “first of many lawsuits” against the “religion.” The suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday and seeks unspecified general, special and compensatory damages from the church and its “ecclesiastical leader,” David Miscavige, and 25 unnamed co-respondents at a jury trial.

The team of eight victims’ rights attorneys filed the suit on behalf of defectors who say they suffered a range of exploitation from child abuse, human trafficking and forced labor to revenge tactics related to the church’s Fair Game policy.

More from Lions Republic Entertainment.

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In related news, it looks like Stormy Daniels — the porn star who accused President Donald Trump of infidelities — was a member of the NXIVM sex cult. She has the branding of the cult on her hip, conveniently covered up by a tattoo. More from CFP.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence, we present Titus Frost on Bitchute, discussing the evidence suggesting that Stormy Daniels might be a member of the NXIVM cult.)


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