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Vance To Block Biden Nominees

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, promises to stonewall future Department of Justice nominees in Congress unless the prosecution of former President Donald Trump stops. Vance is joined by other Senators in the call to support Trump against the continuing onslaught of government-sponsored legal attacks by the corrupt Joe Biden Administration.

Biden might think censorship and prosecuting his political opponents are smart ways to do business, but he’s dead wrong. Hey, Joe! Hope you enjoyed life in your basement back in Delaware, because that’s where you’re heading soon — if you’re lucky, you dirty scumbucket! Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Former President Donald Trump was ordered to testify in Leticia James’ circus trial in New York City and Alina Habba explains the insanity that occurred inside. During court, ring-leader Judge Arthur Engoron snapped at Trump for not falsely incriminating himself and went on to scold his defense team for doing their job. We review the show trial proceedings and Trump’s testimony courtesy of various “X-Script” reports of the trial.

Transcripts from the latest motions hearing in the Trump Classified Documents case reveal there is much more collusion between the Biden Administration and the Special Counsel’s office than previously known. Following @julie_kelly2’s reporting, we review what went down in Judge Aileen Cannon’s courtroom as Jack Smith and Trump’s defense battled over scheduling and more.

Even Politico is having a hard time burying Biden Crime Family evidence, now writing about “inconsistencies” in the White House response to questions about Hunter Biden. Is this part of an effort to push Biden out? Rep. James Comer explains there is much more to come.

Here’s more from the very-busy Robert Gouveia on his invaluable Watching the Watchers channel. Those of you who haven’t subscribed, should definitely check out his channel. It’s one of the most informative on the Internet with a lively and vocal following.

Cannon Stands For America

Trump team drops huge bombshell in classified docs case and Judge Aileen Cannon continues to excoriate Jack Smith’s Special Counsel team. Meanwhile, members of Congress created a subsidy fund allowing them to withstand the insane inflation generated by Joe Biden’s leftist Administration. Here’s more from RedPill78.

Don Jr. and Eric Trump take the stand in the prosecution of Donald Trump’s businesses by Letitia James. Those inside the Courtroom (where cameras have been prohibited) say the exchanges between the sides were fiery. We review the day’s courtroom activities courtesy of @KlasfeldReports.

Trump’s defense files their reply to their request for subpoenas to access the January 6th records that appear to be “missing.” Meanwhile, Judge Tanya Chutkan DENIES Trump’s defense team access to secret government filings concerning classified documents and to a review of the classified documents themselves.

Rep. Ken Buck testifies in the Trump Colorado Removal Trial, slamming the January 6th Committee Hearing process as being “not complete” without a minority report being included. We learn more about the crowd from those who were present on January 6th as Trump defense presents their case in Day 4 of Trial. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Trump To Drop A Bombshell

Trump’s recent filing raises eyebrows after his lawyers provide notice he will be using classified materials in his defense during the January 6th trial. Trump’s attorney provides little details, only that the materials with show evidence of 2020 election interference and more to support Trump’s actions.

Trump’s defense submits their final reply in support of their Motion to Dismiss the January 6th case based on Presidential Immunity. The filing is joined by Jack Smith’s opposition and off to Judge Tanya Chutkan for a ruling.

The Oversight Committee demands answer from the White House Counsel’s Office about Joe Biden’s alleged “loan” to his brother James and the supposed repayment via a $200,000 check. Rep. James Comer explains the details behind the effort while he demands an apology from Rep. Jamie Raskin. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Let The Unsealing Begin

The patriots are in complete and utter control. Trump and the military are calling the shots. This is a mission that has never been tried before: A military and civilian alliance.

Trump sends a message that the Republicans should use the 25th amendment on Biden. The D’s will try to beat them to it. The election fraud case will allow Trump to present classified evidence. Let the unsealing begin. More from the X22 Report.

Key Trump Witness Flips

Judge Chutkan issued a surprise ruling in the Trump J6 prosecution that caught the defense off guard. Trump’s team filed an emergency motion to undo the Judge’s ruling. Prosecutors responded in opposition. We review the filings and hear reaction from Chris Christie and Chip Roy.

Wolf Blitzer nearly blows a gasket after hearing news that a key witness in the Trump Classified Documents case has “flipped.” CNN gets more leaks by the day and we check in the latest, including rumors that Trump is going to be indicted AGAIN. What are Trump’s chance in Washington D.C.? We see what potential jurors think.

New emails obtained by the Daily Caller reveal an interesting payment request made by Biden crime family associates. According to the documents, instructions were sent to Biden financial advisers to move money from Joe’s account to Hunter’s account in the amount of $100,000. What was this money for?

Rep. James Comer demands the National Archives turn over unredacted documents related to the Biden crime family. Will the National Archives comply? Comer reacts as the National Archives blow past deadlines. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


August: Traditionally Very Hot

The [Deep State] has lost all control. The patriots are now allowing the people to walk through the darkness and they are being educated on classified docs, J6, election fraud and much more.

This will boomerang on the [Deep State] later. Trump and the patriots are removing the old guard. The operation continues and the [Deep State] will use the fake climate warming to push riots. The patriots are prepared with countermeasures. More from the X22 Report.

Leftists Now Targeting Trump

Leftist groups are ramping up efforts to get Donald Trump removed from state ballots in 2024. Mi Familia Vota and Free Speech for People are sending letters to State Attorneys General seeking to remove Trump from all state level ballots.

Government prosecutors object to Trump Co-Defendant Walt Nauta’s request for a continuance of an upcoming classified documents hearing.

Conservatives group sue the Justice Department over Freedom of Information Act violations in an effort to get more information to stop Hunter Biden’s sweet heart plea deal from being entered.

Hunter Biden prosecutor David Weiss responds to allegations that he is involved in a cover-up of the Biden crime family. Weiss responds to Senator Lindsey Graham as Senator Chuck Grassley demands more and the IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley’s team responds.

Rep. Jim Jordan is demanding more information from the FBI regarding agents who may have covered up key portions of the Hunter Biden investigation during key Senate inquiries. Rep. Jordan prepares for a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray where he expects to get more answers. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Deep State Reign Coming To End

The [Deep State] is failing. Their attacks are not working. The [Deep State] has released an audio recording of Trump discussing classified docs, but he never mentioned classified docs. Trump most likely set them up.

Trump lets the people know that the [Deep State] is real and soon their reign will be coming to an end. Trump has them where he wants them and following the path to war, which is the final battle. More from the X22 Report.

Milley And Pelosi Exposed

CNN publishes audio from the leaky DOJ’s prosecution against Trump, purporting to be audio of a conversation between Trump and others about allegedly classified materials. We review the impact of the audio on the Trump prosecution.

Trump responds to the CNN audio leak, saying he hasn’t listened to the audio but defends his actions and behavior in all circumstances. The audio itself exposes the Hillary Clinton double-standard and the Gen. Mark Milley-Nancy Pelosi insurrection plot against the President to smear him with false Iran attack plans.

The White House replaced Karine for a press briefing where the media asked questions about Biden misconduct. Jen Psaki and the rest of the media continue to cover for the Biden Crime Family and the double-standard in the criminal justice system.

The House Oversight Committee releases new texts from Hunter Biden and evidence showing transactions between the Biden Crime Family and Chinese businessmen. Pelosi can’t be bothered by the Biden questions and Jordan continues to press for answers from David Weiss and Lesley Wolf. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

People Awaken To D Party Con

The [Deep State] is in panic mode because Trump has all the evidence against them. The patriots are in control and the [Deep State] will do anything to get Trump.

Trump is baiting them in. He needs the players in the light so people can see who what they are.

Trump sends a message and he might be pointing to Adam Schiff, who gave classified docs to Joe Biden. People are waking up to the [D] party con. More from the X22 Report.