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Fraud Underlies Leak Story

Judge Andrew Napolitano interviews former CIA operative Larry Johnson about the recent arrest of Jack Teixeira, a young National Guardsman, on charges of leaking deep Pentagon secrets. Johnson says there has been a lot of smoke surrounding the case, but much of it’s been shown to be false or exaggerated.

‘This is too tidy a package,” he says. “It’s like an episode from Law and Order.”

Johnson believes the leaks were “controlled,” and not likely perpetrated by Teixiera, but rather by higher-up management within the intelligence agencies. The purpose? To begin to prepare the public for much greater hardship and risks ahead.

“What’s coming is worse than a world war,” says Johnson. “This is serious.” More from XAndrewX drawing from red pilled tv.

Top Secret Means Very Little

John Stossel says classifying genuine secrets can keep us safe. Overclassifying makes us less safe.

We’ve heard about the top secret documents found at the homes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which the media called a national security crisis. Bunk. The truth is, Stossel says, the word classified usually means very little.

Government classifies three things every second. “A lot of top secrets are nothing of the kind,” historian Matthew Connelly says. Many classified “secrets” are nonsense or embarrassing proof of government incompetence. More from Stossel.

New IRS Agents: Take A Hike!

Joe Biden and the Democrats hired 87,000 new IRS agents to bilk and milk the American public. Now, the Republicans in the U.S. House have voted to cut funding for that derelict agency. Looks like the House is making waves!

Meanwhile, investigations have begun looking into the many corrupt practices perpetrated by the Leftists. We learn, for instance, how Joe Biden squirreled away top-secret documents while he was vice president. But don’t hold your breath awaiting an FBI raid on Biden’s homes. He’s their man! More from And We Know.

CBS reveals Former Vice President Biden allegedly took confidential and top secret documents to his Penn Biden Center offices in violation of U.S. law. U.S. Attorney John Lausch is appointed to investigate. Who is he? Biden’s prior statements come back to haunt him and CNN reacts to the news.

Republicans spring into action on news of Biden’s hoarding of illegal documents in a closet. MTG says Biden may have stolen these documents and we hear from James Comer, Steve Scalise and Byron Donalds. Andy Biggs and Trump react.

Democrats try to explain away Biden’s document theft while Biden ignores questions from the media. Former J6 Committee member Pete Aguilar tries to answer questions and we see how MSNBC and CNN are reacting to the news. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on his channel Watching The Watchers.

Outrage, Justice, It’s Happening

Trump and the patriots have brought the [Deep State] to exactly where they want them. The public must know the truth, they must see the real crimes. The people will get angry as this builds. There will be outrage and the people will demand justice. This is all playing out right now.

The people are watching the treasonous criminals cover-up their own crimes as their crimes are being exposed at the same time. Soon, the people will not be able to take it any more and they will push for justice. Up until now, the criminal syndicate has been putting on a show of justice. This is about to change. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Narradigm: Errata

Clif High touches on: Errata: Cancer, Khazarians , Tavistock, CIA classified shit that really ain’t & some stuff.

CIA’s TV, Phone Spyware

Josh Schulte, the CIA programmer accused of leaking Vault 7 classified documents to WikiLeaks was found guilty of espionage by a New York jury this past week.

The case has drawn national attention, not only because it exposed the CIA’s massive cyber wing, but also revealed the intelligence agency was using phones and TVs to spy on Americans. Alison Morrow welcomes investigative journalist Christina R., aka Radix Verum, to discuss the case.

Arizona Audit Exposing Fraud

The Arizona Audit has just begun but already, ample evidence of election fraud has been uncovered. The fake news, of course, is lying about the audit and trying to hide the results from the public. But President Donald Trump is reacting, calling the evidence proof of a “scam election.” Of course, we still have the commander in cheat, Joe Biden, controlling the phony federalists in Washington DC. More from JustInformed Talk.

The patriots are in full control. The audit moves forward. The [Deep State] is trying everything to block the audit. If this fails, they will try to block the audit information. [John Kerry] has been trapped with leaked info. Judicial Watch confirms the government is colluding with Big Tech to censor the people of this country. Flynn sends a message: That the patriots are fighting for this country and it will be ok. Scavino sends more messages. Trust the plan. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode we take a close look at the claims from IRAN itself, that John Kerry passed along damaging classified Intel to Javad Zarif and the methods being employed in the Maricopa Forensic audit, along with breaking news from the court battle ensuing now! More from RedPill78.

Privacy: Who Needs It?

American whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked highly classified information from the NSA and is now marooned in Russia, tries to convince John Stossel not to worry about privacy. “They’re trying to shape your behavior!” he warns. Stossel shot back with: “Americans by and large don’t care, and I mostly don’t care. I figure that teenage boy across the street could be picking up the stuff I send. The cork’s out of the bottle. What difference does it make?”

Snowden says Americans don’t care, because they don’t realize how the system and information is being used against them. He points out that we will feel pressured to “constrain our intellectual curiosity and, even frankly, our weirdnesses, because we could potentially someday be judged on the basis for it.” Tune in for more of this lively debate on the John Stossel channel.

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Snowden: Traitor Or Hero?

Eight years ago, Edward Snowden revealed government secrets, telling the world that America illegally spies on Americans, and most everyone else on the planet. Some now call Snowden a traitor, others say he is a hero.

Snowden, who copied and leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency, has been exiled in Moscow since 2013. He says that while government spymasters told Congress and the public that the NSA did not spy on Americans, he worked on the inside and could see the truth. “I saw everything. We were capturing everything that your family is doing online, that your friends are doing online,” he says. “This became such a concern to me, that I was willing to risk a great deal to tell people.”

So which one is he–traitor or hero? Investigative journalist John Stossel sat down with Snowden to discuss the circumstances.

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Senate Was The Target

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have fallen right into the constitutional trap. Trump and the patriots are dripping out the classified information. People are learning the truth. The focus is now on the Supreme Court and it seems the Supreme Court is now compromised. Sometimes you must show the people. Dan Scavino releases a Tweet with a pic of Trump in the Oval Office. On the flags there were a couple of words. Lexington and Abeyance. Message received, the shot heard around the world. More from the X22 Report.

Sparks are flying as the truth is beginning to be unveiled! The fightback is starting to unfold! Hold the line! More from And We Know.

Robert Beadles the creator of the Monarch crypto wallet and CryptoBeadles YouTube channel joins SGTReport to discuss the attempted coup against the United States of America and the one man at the right time in history standing to defeat it and save the Republic, Donald J. Trump. NOTE: We discuss Bitcoin and cryptos for the first portion of this interview so fast forward to the 19-minute mark if that topic doesn’t appeal to you.