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Bill Gates Hates Trees!

Not surprisingly, Bill Gates went off on another of his nonsensical rants, this time taking dead aim at trees!

Turns out that during a recent interview with The New York Times, Gates went nuts over the prevailing narrative by climate change deniers that planting enough trees would offset the CO2 in the atmosphere and tame global warming. Gates’ response: “That’s complete nonsense. Are we the science people or are we the idiots.”

Jim Lee, visibly upset by Gates’ soliloquy, fires back in this animated episode of Climate Viewer.

Bill Gates’ Chopping Spree!

As if he hasn’t done enough damage to the planet, Bill Gates is now bankrolling the destruction of 70-million acres of tree cover in the name of saving climate change!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Gates has seed-funded $6.6 million into Kodama Systems, which plans to cut down the trees and bury them in hopes of stopping the carbon from being  released back into the atmosphere. Sigurdson explains further in this episode of World Alternative.

Weirdest Weather Phenomena

In a rare event, Hurricane Hilary hit the west coast, leaving parts of the desert covered in water. Although it was weaker than what was originally thought, some areas of California got more rain in two days than what they would normally see in a whole year. On the same day, an earthquake hit LA and created the term “hurriquake.”

Now, another tropical storm, Harold, has hit Texas. With the Maui fires and a weird pattern of strange weather all over the world, is this really just a result of climate change?

Could weather manipulation like HAARP technology be a part of disasters? How is China working on its own weather modification program? What would be the motivation behind controlling the weather anyway?

In other weird news, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found what might be the most substantial Bigfoot video they have seen yet. Join this Edge of Wonder live show as they go deeper into the weird weather the world is experiencing, plus a Rise.TV-exclusive Q&A and a meditation/prayer.

Driving Us Into Depopulation

You’ve probably seen animals herded into slaughter pens. That’s what the Deep State is now attempting with the human population. They are using extreme climate events and DEW weaponry to herd us into digital cities. There., they will use social credit scores to control us and vaccination drives to drive us into depopulation. Here’s more from Michael Jaco offering us the straight scoop.

Climate Crisis? Or Hot Air?

This episode is all about the current ‘mega-crisis’ that will make the Covid-crisis pale in comparison: The Climate emergency that will destroy our planet and humanity, unless we pay a lot of CO2-tax.

How did the Cabal get us to believe their impertinent CO2 lies? By using fraudulent ‘scientists’ and the MSM, as always.

Does Climate Change exist? Of course! It’s a natural phenomenon.

Is there a Climate Emergency? No. You don’t believe us? Then let’s listen to the real scientists, the ones who refuse to be bribed into silence and who risk their careers by sticking to the Truth. It’s about time they get to tell their side of the story, don’t you think? Here’s another Sequel to the Fall Of The Cabal from Janet Ossebaard  and Cyntha Koeter.

Bill Gates Has Lost His Mind

The European Union is interested in a scheme to block out the sun to change global weather patterns. According to a document seen by Bloomberg, the European Union is developing a framework for looking into these idea in order to combat climate change.

Global scientists have called for an “international non-use agreement on such solutions” for many reasons. Chief amongst them: We don’t know what undesirable chain could be set in motion by messing with the global ecosystem.

This sun-blocking scheme has been promoted by Bill Gates and George Soros. It involves pumping white clouds into the atmosphere to block the sun. Here’s more from Clayton and Natali Morris on Redacted.

The Hits Keep Coming

Drones hit inside Moscow as Zelensky states “It’s natural, fair that war is returning to Russian territory.” Was is a false flag or Ukraine? New CDC Director says annual covid shots will be recommended. Rep Jim Jordan unveils the Facebook Files showing the Biden administration pressured the social media company into censoring Americans. WEF Agenda advisors foresee Climate lockdowns and “carbon swapping.” Here’s more from the Kim Iversen Show.

Yet More Mother Weffers

Keep your eyes peeled on the Mother Weffers — the political hacks like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden under the control of the World Economic Forum (WEF). One by one, we are exposing these corrupt leaders. We are wearing them down and knocking them out. But this is not going to be a battle won overnight. It might take months, even years, to fully rid the planet of this vermin.

Clif High says the Mother Weffers are now trying to lock down the planet again — this time supposedly to combat climate change. John Kerry, the special presidential envoy for climate, has been spinning a web of lies in an attempt to achieve what he calls “net zero” emissions. The net impact of his proposals? He would literally destroy America’s agriculture industry and decimate the world’s food supply.

So while we are making headway, we still have Mother Weffers to send to Hell! John Kerry most certainly needs to burn!

August: Traditionally Very Hot

The [Deep State] has lost all control. The patriots are now allowing the people to walk through the darkness and they are being educated on classified docs, J6, election fraud and much more.

This will boomerang on the [Deep State] later. Trump and the patriots are removing the old guard. The operation continues and the [Deep State] will use the fake climate warming to push riots. The patriots are prepared with countermeasures. More from the X22 Report.

Satanic Media Pope

How will climate change be used to implement the beast system? That’s the system that will be used to control what you can say and do, and even think, all hours of the day.

Here, we learn how the Pope is working in tandem with the media to further entrench the state propaganda. This Pope isn’t a man of Christ but a Satanist through and through.  Here’s more from Hugo Talks.