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The Final Countdown

Four-year deltas from the Q posts suggest we are in the final countdown, adding the next 21 days may well be historic.

Christian Patriot News (CPN) says the Q posts, dated Feb. 26, 2019, is especially cryptic: “It’s going to be HISTORIC. Planned long ago. [-21] Within the next 21 days BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place.” Are we really in the final stages of the Great Awakening? Only time will tell, says CPN. Here’s more.

Rinos Being Booted En Masse

Rino politicians are leaving Congress and state houses en masse, opting instead to work in education systems. In light of the Republicans reclaiming the majority in the House, and the Senate primed to do the same thing in 2024, do these flip-flopping Rinos see the writing on the wall?

Riss Flex reports it’s not surprising that many of the faux Republicans being booted into the private sector are rabid anti-Trumpers, including former Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, who voted to impeach Trump. Sasse has been named the next president of the University of Florida.

Then there’s outgoing Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, who’s resigning amid accusations of being too far to the left. He’s possibly returning to his former job as a Cook County prosecutor. And former Massachusetts GOP Gov. Charlie Baker is leaving to head the NCAA! Who’s next? Flex digs into the meltdown with more details.

SCOTUS Decision Tuesday

Truth Rising TV reports that the U.S. Supreme Court has reached a decision in the Brunson v. Adams case’s petition for rehearing, but will likely make the announcement Tuesday morning (Feb. 21) due to the Presidents’ Day holiday.

He’s also reporting that Loy Brunson believes SCOTUS will not deny the case and will proceed to trial. Brunson told Truth Rising TV that Congress has been acting strangely lately, suggesting the decision was leaked over the weekend and they are aware of it. Here’s more.

Brunson Decision Due This Week

Ann  Vandersteel, of The Zelenko Report, says the petition for a rehearing of the Brunson v. Adams case is now safely in the hands of the Supreme Court for consideration.

The petition would require only four votes from SCOTUS to advance to hearing. According to the BrunsonBrothers.com website, the results of Friday’s conference have been delayed to this week, possibly as early as Monday, which is Presidents’ Day. In the following video, courtesy of Kek-Check, Vandersteel welcomes Loy Brunson to the podcast, who explains the case in detail.

Trinity UFO Preceded Roswell

Sara Carter reports that lawmakers are taking reports of UFOs more seriously than they did before. So much so that the new Congressional budget is requiring that the Department of Defense investigate a 1945 UFO crash landing at Trinity Site, New Mexico, two years before Roswell!

Carter is joined by former British Defense Ministry official Nick Pope to discuss the implications of the latest Defense Authorization Act, which requires the DOD to reopen every UFO investigation since 1945, including the mystery New Mexico crasj in August 1945, known as the Trinity Incident, a crash that occurred at the site of the atomic bomb test site. Pope points out how far the debate has come, with talk of UFO’s moving from fringe conspiracy theories to open discussions in Congress and the Pentagon. Here’s more.

House Targets CDC, WHO

While Joe Biden announces the coming end of the Covid public health emergency in the United States, the new Republican majority in Congress appear to not be letting agencies off the hook.

The past three years of remarkably poor public health policy have placed the CDC, WHO and social media companies directly in the crosshairs of numerous committee investigations, and new legislation seeking answers and medical freedom.

The Highwire’s Del Bigtree welcomes investigative journalist Jefferey Jaxon to discuss all the cards on the table.

Christian Patriot: Shockwave!

Christian Patriot News (CPN) revisits several key Q deltas, including the warning on Feb. 8, 2020, that “The first [arrest] will send a shockwave.” The post came in response to a tweet from an anon, who tweeted: “Listen: Half the people involved in the Russian investigation are going to jail.”

Q later confirms that the Guantamo Bay will be at maximum capacity and another prison is being prepped. In a 3-year delta from Feb. 11, 2018, Q concludes: “These people are really stupid. End is near. The media cleanse/JFK.” CPN explains further, plus dissects more Q deltas surrounding all the activity involving China, adding that Trump was the first to warn us of the CCP threat in 2015.

House Exposing Government

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that major government exposures will begin on Thursday, when the House Select Subcommittee conducts the much-anticipated hearing on the weaponization of federal government.

Restricted Republic’s Justus Knight reports that Congress is dead-set on exposing the largest government censorship system in American history, including the FBI’s role in the many scandals. The corrupt Democrats, of course, are writing off the hearings as the MAGA obsession with conspiracy theories. Here’s Knight’s report.

The Pelosis’ Blatant Cheating!

The Pelosis–Nancy and Paul–continue to turn a blind eye to stock-trading regulations, which stipulates it’s illegal to benefit from inside information.

Nevertheless, Matt Kohrs reports they continue to cheat with no regard for rules and regulations. Their latest caper came four weeks ago, when they sold $3 million in Google stock, avoiding a major hit to their portfolio. They conducted sales in $10,000 chunks following the report that the DOJ was filing a lawsuit against Google to break up its ad technology monopoly. Hmm, I wonder where the Pelosis got that piece of info in advance?

Kohrs says that despite the blatant and massive insider-trading abuses by the Pelosis and many others in Congress, the SEC just doesn’t care. Why? Because Congress writes their paychecks!. Here’s more from Kohrs.

Juan O. Savin: Decision Time

Juan O. Savin tells Unrestricted Truths that the Supreme Court decision on whether to hear the Brunson v. Adams election fraud case is rapidly coming to a head.

Savin says the SCOTUS decision is expected on Friday, Jan. 6. The case revolves around whether Congress violated their Constitutional oath by certifying the 2020 presidential election without first investigating a charge by 154 Congressional members surrounding the validity of the vote in six states, and whether there was foreign interference. He explains further and updates the details.