If We Reacted Like Libs

Can you imagine the surprise if conservatives reacted the way leftists do? More from The Babylon Bee.

Elon’s Amnesty For Twitter

Elon Musk will be removing restrictions for most banned Twitter accounts, starting this coming week. First, he lifted the bans for former President Donald Trump, Project veritas and top conservatives including Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now, he will be restoring accounts for most of the other conservatives banned by Twitter’s former leftist regime. Only those who have broken laws or practiced shilling will remain banned. More from Mark Dice.

Elon Musk is about to reveal dark secrets inside Twitter. He is disrupting the hegemony required by the globalists, while disclosing just how extreme and ominous the former employees have been. More from Steve Turley.

Mark Zuckerberg On Way Out?

The Quartering delivers a bombshell report, concluding that Mark Zuckerberg could be gone as CEO of Facebook in early 2023. Zuckerberg has alienated Facebook’s stock holders by pumping tons of money into Meta, a virtual reality system that seems to be going nowhere fast.

He also has alienated many conservatives by openly supporting leftist and Democratic causes. The Quartering sees the handwriting on the wall, although the company vehemently denies that it will let Zuckerberg go.

How Conservatives View Musk

This is what conservatives are saying about Elon Musk taking over Twitter! More from Awaken with JP.

The FBI’s Dark Agenda Exposed

Peaceful, pro-life Americans continue to be targeted by the FBI. Many of them were arrested for praying inside or near abortion clinics, which the federal government says is a violation of the FACE Act.

But, Glenn Beck argues, this NEVER should have become an issue for the FBI or the federal government to begin with. In this clip, Beck exposes the FBI’s current ‘agenda,’ which could be coming directly from the White House. Plus, Beck plays a related political ad from Eric Swalwell that’s SO outrageous, he can’t even watch the whole thing…

Targeted Digital Herding

The majority of people don’t ask questions. They just blindly do what “authority” figures — whether politicians, doctors, scientists, journalists or teachers — tell them to do.

But how do you reach those who question authority, the naysayers and dissidents?

Here, Hugo Talks explores the realm of targeted digital herding as it applies to Christians and conservatives. Figures including Kanye West, Candace Owens and Sherri Tenpenny receive closer scrutiny.

Notice, for instance, how Kanye West just bought Parler. He purchased the social media platform from George Farmer, the husband of Candace Owens. Meanwhile, Owens and Tenpenny are linked through their promotion of the new credit card supplier GloriFi. Small world…

The War On Conservatives

Sen. Marsha Blackburn sounds off on the continued weaponization of government agencies under the Biden Administration to relentlessly go after conservatives. She tells ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow, “When you’re a conservative you’ve got a target on your back.” She explains further.

Sweden Turns To The Right!

Italy and Hungary aren’t the only European nations turning to the right. Now, a political earthquake has led to a sea change in Sweden.

Voters on Sunday appear to have turned out the long-dominant leftists, and given the government to a new right-leaning coalition under the control of Jimmie Åkesson. More from Steve Turley.