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Think Precedent, Do Not Fear

The [Deep State] is panicking. All assets are now being deployed to get Trump. They are trying to create chaos and a civil war. They want the Trump supporters on the street so they can infiltrate the protest.

Trump has been baiting them this entire time. He controlled the narrative and now he is pushing them to arrest him to set a precedent to be used later on, to arrest the former Presidents of the US. Do not fear. The patriots are in control. Flags out. More from the X22 Report.

Santimonious Fauci Gets Blasted

Anthony Fauci goes door to door accompanied by Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. They’re trying to encourage residents to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Neither of the two officials is prepared for the anti-vaxx arguments they get from one Washington DC man who doesn’t trust anything that anyone in the government has ever said about Covid-19, its origins and its cure.  More from Dinesh D’Souza.

Government Censored Truth

A new batch of Twitter Files got released Friday, showing how social media platforms censored documents pertaining to vaccine and covid-19 at the insistence of Joe Biden’s administration.

Twitter Files 19, the latest Twitter dump from Matt Taibbi, covers many documents surrounding Anthony Fauci.  They raise questions about whether social media and the government censored valid information during the COVID-19 pandemic. NewsNation’s Brian Entin reports.

Think Andrew Jackson

Trump is following in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson. He has spent the time getting the people behind him just like Andrew Jackson.

Dan Scavino confirmed this with a Truth post. The [Deep State] is so panicked that they are going to attempt a narrative shift. They are now building the narrative for many different events. This will fail in the end just like everything else. More from the X22 Report.

Flash: What’s Going To Happen?

Christian 21 returns with a military breakdown of the Solar Flash Event! 3-Day Blackout followed by 10 days of darkness! 3D Martial Law! 3D Matrix vs. 5D Enhanced Perceptions! Perfect Bodies!

New Gateways! Galactic protection! People who died from the vaxx are bypassing the Shift! They are waiting for the others to arrive! Positives will help with transports! We’ve already done this before! We’re not on a schedule…We are waiting for them to wake up!

Big questions get big answers! 9-11 was entertainment! Trump stopped child trafficking with covid-tainted adrenochrome! Bush funeral! Over 2.7 million executions already a year ago! Secret “elite” meeting place blown to smithereens! Kissinger executed first…And more from McAllister TV.

The Big Lie Just Imploded

The [Deep State] is panicking. They have lost the narrative. They have lost the people.

The Big Lie the [Deep State] has been pushing just fell apart. The people are learning the truth and the facts and the [Deep State] cannot counter it. Biden is trapped in regards to covid. No matter what he does, it will not turn out well for him.

Justice is coming for the criminals. The system is being exposed and the [Deep State] is going to try take the information war into a physical war. Countermeasures are in place. More from the X22 Report.

Banking Ugly

Clif High is back and warns to brace yourself for The Big Ugly. We will not see one or two bank failures, but a large number of them. In other words, the cookie will keep crumbling. As these failures begin to cascade through the months of April and May, we will not only see banks fail, but many smaller banks scrambling to survive and undergo mergers with larger entities.

The “normies” will come to understand just how deeply they have been maligned, cheated and even poisoned by the Mother Weffers, the Democratic Leftists aligned with the World Economic Forum. Look for these normies to come out swinging.

They will not only bash the Democrats’ pet causes, including trans agendas and climate change activism, but some patients dying from covid vaccines might even start to assassinate doctors and politicians.

That’s why High describes this upcoming morass as an “ugly” showdown. The violence and turmoil will ramp up all summer long. High recorded this audio while in his car traveling to visit an area banker. There is no video component to the talk, so you will only see a static image of High. More from Republic Rising.

Covid Origins Bill: Unanimous!

WOW! Both Houses of Congress agree unanimously to pass S.619 the Covid Origins Act. We listen to Congressional overview and read the details of the Bill. Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to say whether President Biden will sign the bill.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating the Food and Drug Administration over the fast-tracking of the vaccine.

Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger testify in front of Congress about censorship and educated two Congresspeople on journalism. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Another Train Derailment!

Not again! Looks like another Norfolk Southern train derailment has occurred in Ohio —  this time in Springfield, about 25 miles northeast of Dayton. This derailment did not cause any releases of toxic gases or chemicals, and poses no threat to the public, authorities said.

Still, it’s evident that Norfolk Southern should be grilled on its safety record, and no doubt it’s time the incompetent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is fired. Repetitive train derailments following wild fluctuations in gasoline prices and air travel shutdowns signifies a transportation system that’s failing and falling apart.

Black Conservative Patriot gets into the new Norfolk Southern crash, but opens with a humorous note on the Satanic Temple’s upcoming conference in Boston next month. The Satanists promise a weekend of ‘blasphemy,” but won’t allow anyone to attend unless they can prove they have received Covid-19 vaccinations. Just how blaphemous can these Satanic conformists be?

The Coronavirus Was Planned

David Icke reinforces his conviction that the coronavirus and the disastrous pandemic that followed was planned by the globalists.

In an interview with London Real host Brian Rose, Icke explains how governments manipulate their citizens and the wider agenda behind social control and a surveillance society. He emphasizes that the world is controlled by a cult. “It’s a cult that has no borders, it operates in all the countries in the end, particularly in those countries who dictate the direction of the world,” he says. Here’s the interview.