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The Army Is A Cult

Join the Army… and lose your soul. Doesn’t matter if you’re becoming a member of the U.S. Army, the British army or the Communist Chinese military. You can expect isolation and indoctrination, and surrendering to the military, its leadership and a new code of ethics. Here, Hugo Talks reinforces how the Army is, indeed, a cult!


Think Andrew Jackson

Trump is following in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson. He has spent the time getting the people behind him just like Andrew Jackson.

Dan Scavino confirmed this with a Truth post. The [Deep State] is so panicked that they are going to attempt a narrative shift. They are now building the narrative for many different events. This will fail in the end just like everything else. More from the X22 Report.

The Cult Of Tesla

Electric vehicles are stupid and the people who buy them are dumb and mean. Let’s have some laughs at their expense. More from Amazing Polly.

YElon Synthesis

BOOM! Ye is revealing the method. I go over the symbol that got him banned from Twitter and the tentacles that come off of it. This is DEEP!

Much focuses on the obscure Raelian Movement, founded by Claude Vorilhon, as well as a New World Order synthesis that combines elements of technocracy and a New Age. More from Amazing Polly.

Scientology, UFOs And JFK

Michael Shermer, historian and founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, refutes many of the conspiracies that have stirred our imaginations for decades. Appearing on the Shawn Attwood podcast, Shermer touches on a variety of topics, including scientology, cults, UFOs and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

About Kennedy, he says, there’s no doubt in his mind that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. “The only real question is, was he the lone shooter?” he asks. He says there are logical explanations for allged UFO sightings, including Roswell, and has an unfavorable opinion of L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology. Here’s the interview.

History: A Different Perspective

Juan O. Savin explains that some of history’s most dramatic and tragic moments weren’t happenstance, but actually preprogrammed by demonic entities beyond our control and comprehension.

Savin joins Thomas Sidney Bushnell, aka Tom Numbers, and Rachel from Writeside Blonde to talk gematria and discuss the real story behind watershed moments, such as the 9/11 attack on America, the predisposed birth of Prince William into British royalty, which he defines as manufactured events by wizards, magicians and Merlins, dating back millennia. Here’s the fascinating interview.


Mystery Religion Of Atlantis

Mystery religions, mystery cults, sacred mysteries or simply mysteries were religious schools of the ancient world for which participation was reserved to initiates. These cults offered individuals spiritual experiences and esoteric insights not provided by the official public religions. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.



The Characteristics Of Cults

People are becoming monsters. People are becoming shadow versions of themselves. Now, out on the fringes, where the Greyhound bus stations used to be found, the cult leaders still wait to draw in the weak, the confused and those with unanswered questions.

More from the Truthstream Media, delving into the studies of Janja Lalich. She is a professor emeritus of sociology at California State University in Chico, Calif., who specializes in the dynamics of cults and cult leaders.