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George Webb Tees Off!

An animated George Webb tees off on a variety of topics, including Rino Congressman Dan Crenshaw and some members of the Fox News media for criticizing those House members who opposed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

Webb was especially critical of Crenshaw for calling the opposition “terrorists” for not supporting McCarthy. He also lashed out at “Fox & Friends” hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Pete Hegseth for jumping on the Crenshaw bandwagon.  Appearing on the Peter Duke podcast, Webb also blasts the mainstream media for their take on what really happened during the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection, especially those who were not in attendance. Here’s more.

Twitter Files: Pfizer Drop

A new update from The Twitter Files dropped Monday, showing how Pfizer worked to suppress dissident Tweets that challenged the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. The company made billions of dollars off the flawed vaccine, so it had a greedy motive to cap the truth and keep the profits rolling in. Alex Berenson released the new Twitter Files. Here, they are interpreted by Kim Iverson and Ed Dowd.

Kevin McCarthy WINS the Speakership and swears in the new Congress. Rep. Davidson explains the Mouth Grab incident and Dan Crenshaw has heartburn. Justice Scalia shares wisdom and Matt Gaetz welcomes McCarthy.

The GOP launches a new agenda in Congress, including defining the new rules and introducing bills to repeal the 87,000 IRS agents and form a committee to investigate the weaponization of the government. Where does Jim Jordan fit in?

Alex Berenson releases Twitter Files 12 on his substack and we review what’s inside on RUMBLE and TWITTER only. more from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Don’t Forget RINOs, NeoCons

We can’t let the people forget what the RINOs and NeoCons tried to do. Here, Mark Dice takes aim at those in the fake news, like Sean Hannity, who try to sidetrack the conservative movement and lead it astray. There are some reliably conservative and honest pundits at Fox News, but you can’t count Hannity among them.

Likewise, Dice reviews the blatant hypocrisy of Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw might want us to believe he’s a conservative idol, but just Nancy Pelosi, his stock wealth has mushroomed since he’s been in Congress. In other words, stick a fork in this turkey!

McCarthy Squeaks By In House

Kevin McCarthy eked out a slim victory — 215 to 211 votes — over Hakeem Jeffries to be elected Speaker of the new U.S. House. There were five other votes cast, all by Republicans who had opposed McCarthy. But they voted present rather supporting another candidate on the 15th round of voting. It didn’t  wrap up until after midnight Saturday.

The Freedom Caucus, who openly opposed McCarthy, originally included about 20 members, but many of them switched their votes to him after he agreed to a series of rules changes that will provide more accountability over House actions. That left the five remaining holdouts who voted present, including Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lauren Boebert of Colorado,

Here, Robert Gouveia recaps the earlier Day 4 votes in the House Speaker battle as McCarthy tried to close the deal. We review the highlights from the 12th and 13th votes, with appearances from Rosendale, Gaetz, Luna and more from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

We Were Told Battle We Face

You were told the battle we face. It will not be an easy fight, but a long and uphill battle against a multitude of opponents. In fact, it won’t be a single battle, but a series of them — Watergate times 1000.

There are not only bald-faced liars across the different branches of the government, but also within the fake news, the realm of education, the medical establishment, the corporate world at large.

Fortunately, the truth keeps spilling out as the amazing showdown continues over Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker of the U.S. House. More from And We Know.

Battles Rages For House Speaker

#HouseSpeaker #McCarthy #FreeSpeech

The battle for House Speaker rages on as Kevin McCarthy fails to secure the votes after 3 rounds and counting. A recap of the day’s proceedings and the battle against the swamp. Reactions from McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, Dan Crenshaw and others. Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

#HouseSpeaker #KevinMcCarthy #JimJordan

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal rules that MAGA hats are free speech after a teacher named Eric Dodge sued his school district for discrimination. His case was originally dismissed, but a Ninth Circuit panel accepted the matter and entered their opinion.

#MAGA #FreeSpeech #NinthCircuit

More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

RiNO traitors use blackmail and intimidation to corral dissidents and attempt to control the House speaker’s race. More from JustInformed Talk.

New Proof U.S. Is Corporation

Sarge, ICON2020 host, presents new evidence that the United States existed–and still exists–as a corporation, refuting a viewer’s contention to the contrary.

Sarge says his research at Delaware’s Division of Corporations clearly reveals that the U.S. is indeed a registered corporation by an act of Congress. The company corporation of the U.S. today is being run by the Deep State, he says. He explains further, plus reports that 71 legislators have been busted for being in violation of federal law aimed at preventing Congressional members from using inside information to enrich themselves.

Traitors From Within

Beware of the RINOs among us. They’re devious, conniving and traitorous, and these rats are jumping ship. Red Elephants host Vincent James says the America First Movement has warned us about these individuals for a while–smooth talkers such as Dan Crenshaw and his sympathy seeking eyepatch, faux conservative Ben Shapiro, network contributor Charlie Kirk or blogger Matt Walsh, all of them traitors in our midst.

These people, and many like them, have been disguised as Trump supporters, populists and nationalists. Truth is, they have a flawed understanding of what conservatism really is. Says James, “Many people in this country have been convinced to think conservatism is the defense of liberty or this post-enlightenment version of conservatism, or libertarianism, basically classic liberalism.”

Many of these RINOs showed their true colors in 2016 and now that they deem it too costly to support Trumpism, they’re bailing at a record pace. Join James for more commentary in the following video, presented by Free Your Mind.

Tesla Stirs California Backlash

Elon Musk says he’s pulling Tesla out of California and relocating to Texas after California has thrown delays up, slowing the reopening of Tesla’s car manufacturing plant in Fremont, Calif. Lorena Gonzalez, a California Democrat, launched some choice words at Elon Musk shortly after he announced he was suing Alameda County in California over their refusal to allow him to reopen his Tesla plant.

She went on to drag the company even as the local mayor announced her support for Tesla and Elon Musk.

Gonzalez, who is a member of the California State Assembly, has a controversial history as the leader behind the AB5 bill, which cost California thousands of jobs. Progressives were particularly angry with Gonzalez over the bill. It resulted in thousands of journalists getting the ax from their companies.

Now as California faces a $54 billion budget deficit, the last thing they need is to lose more jobs but it seems that many on the left are just fine with the economy falling apart and 10,000 jobs moving to Texas and Nevada. Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted some professional and polite words encouraging the business to come to Texas and I’m sure many unemployed Texans would be excited to get back to work. More from Tim Pool.