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Trump’s Brutal Honesty

On The Fringe’s Dan RadioStyle says Donald J. Trump’s responses during his recent deposition in the E. Jean Carroll sexual-assault trial proves how honest he is.

Trump, who is the defendant in the case, told Carroll’s lead attorney that she wasn’t his type, which sent the counsel off on a tangent. Later in the deposition, when again belabored by the same questions, Trump said, “You wouldn’t be my choice either. I hope you’re not insulted. I would not, under any circumstances, have any interest in you.”

RadioStyle digs more into the case, plus also offers his thoughts on Hunter Biden’s mounting legal problems, the chaos at the southern border and more.

Biden Dominoes Collapsing!

Dan RadioStyle reports we are witnessing a major collapse of the Joe Biden dominoes. He says the Deep State is bleeding people quickly and they are running out of options and money.

RadioStyle dives into the details, features some prophetic words from Gen. Michael Flynn and Elon Musk, plus more.

Handcuffs For Fauci?

Dan RadioStyle says we’re getting closer to witnessing Dr. Anthony Fauci get hauled away in handcuffs. He reports that more evidence is quickly surfacing, revealing the the extent of his guilt.

Did Fauci actually try to deflect the truth by releasing a fake paper on the origin of the coronavirus? What about his incessant lying about gain-of-function research on the virus?

Was former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe a player in the cover-up? Says RadioStyle, “The power of what is coming out right now is crazy. We are in a heavy-duty race. Are we going to be able to take back the world and country, or are they going to manage to literally push us off the edge?” Here’s his analysis, plus more intel.

Is DeSantis Part Of DS Plan?

Dan RadioStyle reports that the Deep State is losing control and rapidly running out of options. “That is what is shaping 90 percent of the news stories out there,” he says.

Perhaps the most startling revelation, according to RadioStyle, is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ connection to the Deep State’s backup plan! Their goal: Get President Trump to back down, endorse DeSantis, who will surely go on to win the Presidency, paving the way to continue the Deep State agenda. RadioStyle brings the details, calls out the bad guys and more.

Fauci In a World Of Hurt

Dan RadioStyle reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci is in a world of hurt and is slowly being destroyed after adamantly denying any knowledge of any virus leak from a Wuhan lab.

“Fauci is screwed. He’s getting in every lie all over the place,” RadioStyle says. “Learning Fauci over the years, one thing that he will do that he should not do is more TV interviews, trying to get in front of this. He will create more lies and he will only help destroy himself.” RadioStyle further analyzes Fauci’s predicament, discusses Fox News’ apparent censorship of Tucker Carlson, the possible China-Taiwan conflict and more in this episode of On The Fringe.

Major False Flag Immiment

On The Fringe’s Dan RadioStyle reports that the Deep State is in a real panic over the Jan. 6 tapes released by Tucker Carlson. And many people fear a false flag will be used by the bad guys to distract the world from Carlson’s reporting.

RadioStyle explains further and also talks about World War III ramping up, and yet another rail accident in Ohio, plus more.

Russia Warming Up

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that Russia is deploying ships with tactical nuclear weapons for the first time in three decades.

He says these are not necessarily “big boom” weapons, but smaller yields that can be used in smaller locations. “Little fuss, little muss, if you get the drift,” Radiostyle says. “Russia is ready.” He explains further, plus also reports that the Deep State has painted themselves into a corner, now realizes their predicament and are causing as much damage and mayhem as possible on the way down.

Brunson Case Revived?

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that the controversial Brunson v. Alma Adms case, surrounding the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, might be headed back to the Supreme Court.

Raland Brunson, one of the defendants in the lawsuit,  says if the case gets four votes from the court at a Feb. 17 conference, then the petition to reconsider a hearing will be granted. This means the solicitor general, along with a team of expert lawyers, will battle it out with the Brunson brothers to determine whether it is worthy to be heard by SCOTUS. More on this with Radiostyle, plus an update on current events.

Trump’s Cryptic Speech

OnTheFringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports that what President Trump didn’t say in his campaign-launching speech earlier this week told us more than what he did offer to supporters.

Radiostyle, like many Americans, says he was disappointed in the announcement, expecting something more dynamic and earth-shattering. He takes an in-depth look at why the speech was so subdued, plus offers four key points to ponder: 1. Is Trump really on our side, or just another pawn of the globalists; 2. Is Trump cryptically telling us something by what he didn’t say; 3. Fraud is still rampant in our elections, especially in Arizona; 4. We actually stopped the globalist agenda. Here’s more.

Deep State Overwhelmed!

On The Fringe host Dan Radiostyle says things are getting kinetic in a non-kinetic way. And the manner in which it’s playing out is destroying the Deep State from so many angles. It’s overwhelming, to say the least, much like being whipped  thousands of times. “That is their fate,” he says. Radiostyle explains further.