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What’s Bizarre About DePape

There are many oddities surrounding David DePape, the illegal migrant from Canada charged with striking Paul Pelosi over the head with a hammer. Besides being a nudist who has been accused of pedophilia, DePape’s landlord is Malcolm Lubliner.

Lubliner’s a photographer who has worked for many rock and roll bands over the years, including The Grateful Dead. This should come as no surprise, seeing as how at least two of the members of The Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, have been regulars at the pedophilia-marred Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco.

So, is this just another case of six degrees of separation, or is there a deeper connection between The Grateful Dead and the Pelosis?

Here, The Outer Light notes that Nancy Pelosi, along with Barack Obama and John Podesta, signed a Grateful Dead guitar auctioned off at a charity function. And Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia — Mr. GAR CIA — also signed the guitar.

We bring you a pair of The Outer Light videos here. The Outer Light is produced by a Christian researcher who says his mission is to “try to shed light on the darkness that surrounds us.” We’ve run the shorter video first to whet your appetite. The longer, second video is more loaded with information, but runs more than an hour, so will take some time to digest.

Let’s Just Feed Him To Max!

China Lake! Daryl James! Solar Warden! Human Robots! Tom Hanks! Tom Cruise! Kids in “Woodpecker Grid Cages!” A Half-Man, Half-Spider named “Max!” More from McAllister TV.

Boob Bomb

Surprise! The video showing Miss Ukraine picking up an AK-47 to kill Hitler Putin is a fake. Anastasia Lenna, Miss Ukraine 2015, joined the army to fight Russia. More from The Salty Dog.


The Knockout Punch Is Coming

The [Deep State] is panicking like never before. They are desperate and they are now making a final push. They are using fear: WHO, FDA, CDC and the fake news are pushing it hard.

The [Deep State] will demand people get vaccinated. This never had anything to do with the virus. They are now panicking that in the end people are going to see the truth. The unvaccinated don’t test positive and the vaccinated do.

Dan Scavino sends more message and they all tell the same story. This is not about a 4-year election. It’s about long-term solutions. Proof to begin 11.3. Devolution. Iron Eagle. The knockout punch is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Are we watching a brilliant chess match? Why all the confusion! Who is the real Prez? Pray. More from And We Know.

Could It Happen This Year?

Is this the year that some Deep Fake news will go viral? If so, who will be behind the hoax? Terrorists and interlopers, or actual new organizations? More from Mark Dice.

Follow the Watch

There has now been a special prosecutor assigned to handle the Jussie Smollett case. The Judge has now ordered Roger Stone to answer her about his latest contempt. The [Deep State] is pushing their agenda with another wrap smear campaign. Text messages were released between Hannity and Manafort. Trump has no preconditions with Iran. He is ready to talk peace. Everything is now building. The [DS] is pushing their agenda hard with deep fake videos, impeachment, wrap-up smear, events and much more. We are coming to an inflection point. Timing is everything. Follow the watch. More from the X22 Report.

The Deep State is all atwitter! They were hoping to see the United States embark on a costly war against Iran. But instead, President Donald Trump pulled back from a war, leaving the Deep State, Democrats and Never Trumpers aghast. Meanwhile,  the fake fraud CIA news hit new all-time lows. More from McAllister TV.

I have never had THIS happen to me when trying to do an interview. Pastor Caspar McCloud and I were prevented from having a full discussion about the recent passing of a dedicated truth teller, and the spiritual war that’s being waged against humanity. More from the SGTReport.

Destroying the Illusion presents the Battle for Disclosure. Jordan Sather explains, “This is a presentation about QAnon and the current climate of “Disclosure” that I gave at Joan Ocean’s Cosmic Waves event in April 2019 on the Big Island of Hawaii.”

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CNN Keeps Nosediving

Ratings for CNN keep plunging. Now, the Leftist news channel is attracting fewer viewers than home improvement channels. In other words, people know CNN’s news reporting is phony, fake and one-sided, so more often than not, they are skipping over the drivel. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

CNN’s ratings have dropped 33 percent in the past year. Dr. Steve Turley explains why, speaking outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta. In a nutshell, most Americans aren’t anywhere close to being as Leftwing as CNN. If the CIA wants a media outlet maybe they should pick one with a more moderate, and believable, newscast — shunning the nutballs at CNN.

Deep fake videos are starting to sprout up, proving you, too, can become the next CNN. Mark Dice shares the news.