Buckle Up, Folks!

In an impassioned message to the Democrats Party and D.C. establishment, Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned that Republicans are ready to lower the boom!

Armed with a new GOP House majority in the 118th Congress, Greene says that among the first order of business will be seeking the truth for the American people on a variety of issues, most notably probing Joe Biden’s financial shenanigans with China and revealing why Speaker Pelosi did not activate National Guard troops during the alleged Jan. 6 insurrection. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to get wild! Here’s more from 99Percent.

Biden Regime’s War Of Terror

Mike Adams is reporting from his sources that the corrupt Democrat Party is going to rig today’s election at levels we’ve never seen before. Even bigger than 2020! A level so massive it appears they want to get caught. Their goal: To get Republicans to start an insurrection.

That’s been the Biden regime’s plan all along: Rattle the Republicans and hope for Civil War. It’s Biden’s war of terror, replete with armed militia on the streets, lapped along their radical Antifa and BLM cohorts. Adams fleshes out the details and adds that since the Elon Musk takeover at Twitter, he now has the “goods” on the sinister Democrats–all their conniving tweets that led to the 2020 election fraud.

National Guard To The Rescue

Christian Patriot News reports that the National Guard is activating cyber-security teams in 14 states ahead of Tuesday’s midterm election to counter any possible interference in the vote count. He also shows that a series of four- and five-year Q delta post are forecasting a wild week ahead in the Great Awakening. He explains further.

The Dems’ Worst Nightmare

The shift to the right is so obvious that talk of any sort of blue wave is disintegrating fast. Liberal Hivemind says even leftist anons on social media have been silenced, a key indication that the corrupt Democrat Party is in for a walloping.

Perhaps the key indicator of the left’s demise, Liberal Hivemind says, are what the voters are telling us, especially those in focus groups whose insight gives you a strong idea of what’s coming on election day. He explains further, plus takes a look at some key Congressional races.

Slavery Abolition On The Ballot

The Constitution says you can be made to do labor if you’re imprisoned, but voters in five states will decide whether working prisoners are actually slaves.

Should we put an end to prison industries, or does having a job in jail teach the dignity of work and prepare convicts for return to the free world? The “Right Angle” trio Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the issue on the Bill Whittle channel.

A Double Whammy In Arizona!

Project Veritas has uncovered a surprising Democrat Party strategy to help alter elections. James O’Keefe reports that Arizona candidate Katie Hobbs’ twin sister, Becky Hobbs, told a Project Veritas journalist that the party was supporting Trump-endorsed Republican extremists in the primaries in an effort to give Democrat candidates a stronger chance of winning the general election.

Says O’Keefe, “So which is it? Are Trump-back candidates a genuine threat or is it all engineered by the Democratic Party to alter public perception?” Here’s more.

Student Loan Plan Blocked!

Liberal Hivemind reports that another unconstitutional, illegal move by the Biden Administration has been blocked by a federal court, when the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals gave the thumbs down to Sleepy Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

The decision thwarted the Democrat Party’s attempt to slip one by the public prior to next week’s midterm elections. Liberal Hivemind has the details and the analysis.

Endgame For Schiff, Cuomo Bros

The flood of truth has begun for Adam Schiff and the Cuomo brothers, Andrew and Chris. Blessed To Teach host Rick Rene brings us the details in Julie Green’s prophetic words, plus reports on more stunning Royal Family intel and the impending red tsunami in the 2022 midterms. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

Juan O. Savin: On The Precipice

Juan O. Savin, addressing a small gathering of supporters, says he believes a bizarre, almost unimaginable series of events is about to unfold running up to the 2022 midterm elections. He says it’ll be like a near-death experience for America, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the nuclear stuff. “We are on the precipice of something unfathomable,” he says.

He discusses Joe Biden’s mysterious, classified executive order last March, concerning the midterms and the distressing U.S. Postal Service announcement, creating a special division to handle election mail-in ballots, which the Supreme Court has already ruled unconstitutional. Could there possibly be more mischief and cheating in the air by the corrupt Democrats. Here’s Juan’s fiery analysis, plus more intel.

Punished For Exposing Biden

Tara Reade has seen how terrifying power can get. She was in the Democrat Party “machine” for years, only to find out how unforgiving it was when she accused Joe Biden of sexual assault.

Glenn Beck reports that the machine has been out to destroy her ever since, causing her to lose her house and job, suffer health issues, and receive death threats–even against her pets. Here’s more.