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Trumps Says He’s In 2nd Term

The patriots are in control and they are bringing the people down a path they need to see in order to make the final battle decision.

Donald J. Trump says he’s been preparing for this battle his entire life. He says the military approached him to run for the presidency and they have protected him all along. In his most recent rally, in Michigan, Trump might have admitted that he still is the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States in his second term.

The plan was not traditional and this is not just another four-year election. More from X22 Report.

Dems Dump Joe For Michelle?

Gary Franchi reports that Sen. Ted Cruz, in a jaw-dropping assertion that sets the stage for the 2024 Presidential election, has left the political world thunderstruck.

Cruz predicts there’s a strong possibility that the Democrat Party is pondering whether to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama as their torch-bearer. Here’s are the juicy details from Next News Network.

Secret Of How Masks Work

“Mask up” was the battle cry of world puppet masters through the Covid-19 pandemic. Mask shaming was in fashion on social media, but the truth is, it was never about keeping people safe and it goes deeper than you think.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, host of The Truth Central, delves into the dirty secret of how masks really work (:09:58 of video) and also breaks down the Democrat Party’s marching orders to the media over Joe Biden’s impending impeachment, the coming eco-terrorism and Ukraine’s attack on Russia’s navy port at Sevastopol.

Putin’s Trump Truthbomb

Gary Franchi says the global community is eyeing America’s political turmoil, including Vladmir Putin’s jarring critique of a deteriorating U.S. democracy.

Not one to hold back, Putin called the Democrat Party’s attacks on Donald J. Trump a vendetta. “Everything that’s happening to Trump is persecution for the political motives of his politics,” Putin said. “It exposes the rot of the American political system.”  More from Next News Network and Franchi.

Impeachment In Texas

Just in case you haven’t had your fill of impeachment trials, following the two debacles the Democrats attempted to pull off on President Trump, another one has surfaced in Texas aimed at Attorney General Ken Paxton.

This week’s installment of the Cavalcade of Impeachments is the debate topic for the “Right Angle” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott, who bring us the details.

Democrats Stop At Nothing

In spite of the Democrat Party’s assault campaign against Donald J. Trump, he still enjoys a comfortable lead in the Republican 2024 primary race and appears to be the favorite to win back the White House in the general election.

Dinesh D’Souza now reveals how the Democrats are seeking to remove Trump from the ballot altogether, even in the absence of any criminal convictions, because they fear the consequences if he returns to office. D’Souza also delves into the intriguing and terrifying advent of transhumanism with author Joe Allen, plus more.

Dems Cheat In Own Primaries!

Specializedtom reports that Hinds County, Miss., Democrat County Supervisor, David Archie, is challenging his party’s primary election results after discovering massive election fraud.

“We have video tapes of someone going into boxes and bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into the machines,” Archie said, referring to the Hinds County Democrat Party chair Jacqueline Amos. Yazoo City resident Cynthia Walker, who aided Archie in the ballot recount, said many of the voting-machine safeguards to ensure results could be verified were not in use during the primary election.

Says Specializedtom, “It sounds exactly like what happened in the 2020 election and 2022 election in Arizona. If Democrats are rigging their own primaries, imagine what they’re doing in general elections.” Here’s the report.

Gene Decode: Military Unready

Gene Decode joins the NVTV podcast to warn of the unpreparedness of the U.S. military, the fast-moving BRICS movement, DUMBS update and the alarming number of children who have vanished in Ukraine, which now numbers 60,000!

Decode also discusses how the fourth indictment and the arrest of Donald J. Trump backfired on the Deep State and Democrat Party. In an overwhelming display of support, Decode says the Trump campaign raised more then $4.1 million in the 24 hours after his mug shot was splashed throughout the mainstream media–a political campaign record! More from Decode and NVTV host Nicholas Veniamin.

Juan O. Savin: One Shot Left

The wily Deep State-laced Democrat Party isn’t through harassing President Trump by a longshot! Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the state of Michigan is next on the indictment carousel, possibly followed by Arizona.

But Savin notes many of these case will be dismissed because of standing. He says the one case that’s more important than any of them is the Loy Brunson case, or Brunson vs. Alma Adams Supreme Court case. “When the Supreme Court cannot, or will not, hear a case and, in certain types of cases that involve treason, in that situation it goes to a military court. You have one shot left, then it’s all military.” He elaborates, plus reveals more intel.

Will The GOP Fight Back?

Dinesh D’Souza warns that Democrat Party political and legal aggression against President Trump and other Republicans will continue unless the GOP fights back. He reveals how the Republicans can retaliate, but asks, “But will it?” Here’s his report.