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Operators Guard Witnesses

Government workers and the Biden Crime Family getting exposed.

Epstein flight logs. Let’s discuss Pizzagate and the child trafficking crimes.

Golden calf destroyed. Serving with honor. The agony of defeat.

Small town victory. Vivek Trojan horse. Adam Schiff grilled on Steele dossier.

Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Dirty Judge Hit With Complaint

Judge  Arthur Engoron is officially slapped with a judicial complaint from Rep. Elise Stefanik, making her one of few politicians doing anything concrete to draw attention to the Democrat-run trial in New York. Will the pendulum swing the other way? Trump contemplates “indictments in reverse” after winning in 2024.

Judge Aileen Cannon DENIES Trump’s request to continue his trial past the election (for now), but modifies other deadlines that may have consequence when the time comes. Former Trump Lawyer James Trusty considers the possibilities and spars over other Trump prosecution issues with CNN.

Curious to see 70 Republicans who rejected an amendment to defund a $300 million-dollar new FBI headquarters monstrosity at the same time the Department of Justice announced a high-end brothel network that serviced the D.C. area had been busted. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Vance To Block Biden Nominees

U.S. Senator J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, promises to stonewall future Department of Justice nominees in Congress unless the prosecution of former President Donald Trump stops. Vance is joined by other Senators in the call to support Trump against the continuing onslaught of government-sponsored legal attacks by the corrupt Joe Biden Administration.

Biden might think censorship and prosecuting his political opponents are smart ways to do business, but he’s dead wrong. Hey, Joe! Hope you enjoyed life in your basement back in Delaware, because that’s where you’re heading soon — if you’re lucky, you dirty scumbucket! Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Former President Donald Trump was ordered to testify in Leticia James’ circus trial in New York City and Alina Habba explains the insanity that occurred inside. During court, ring-leader Judge Arthur Engoron snapped at Trump for not falsely incriminating himself and went on to scold his defense team for doing their job. We review the show trial proceedings and Trump’s testimony courtesy of various “X-Script” reports of the trial.

Transcripts from the latest motions hearing in the Trump Classified Documents case reveal there is much more collusion between the Biden Administration and the Special Counsel’s office than previously known. Following @julie_kelly2’s reporting, we review what went down in Judge Aileen Cannon’s courtroom as Jack Smith and Trump’s defense battled over scheduling and more.

Even Politico is having a hard time burying Biden Crime Family evidence, now writing about “inconsistencies” in the White House response to questions about Hunter Biden. Is this part of an effort to push Biden out? Rep. James Comer explains there is much more to come.

Here’s more from the very-busy Robert Gouveia on his invaluable Watching the Watchers channel. Those of you who haven’t subscribed, should definitely check out his channel. It’s one of the most informative on the Internet with a lively and vocal following.

Trump Takes The Stand

Explosive day in Court after Judge Arthur Engoran ordered President Trump to the stand to explain his comments to the AP. After Alina Habba got convicted perjurer Michael Cohen to admit he is a convicted perjurer, Engoran denied Trump’s motion for a Directed Verdict. Trump’s reaction to the ruling left the courtroom in gasps.

Trump’s defense filed a 34-page Motion to Dismiss his January 6th prosecution, alleging massive defects in Jack Smith’s indictment under U.S. law. We review the filing, which argues that Biden’s DOJ has illegally perverted the U.S. Code to indict their top political opponent.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has already released his plan for the immediate future under his gavel. We review the document that was circulated amongst members prior to Johnson’s election and hear reaction from President Trump and others. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

We Must Fight The Police State

Republicans must adopt different tactics to hold the police state politically accountable. Here’s Dinesh D’Souza, discussing how Joe Biden’s  Department of Justice, under the direction of fascist Attorney General Merrick Garland, has borrowed tactics from Adolf Hitler’s Nazis. D’Souza shares his thoughts with Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Jack Smith Withholds Evidence

Trump’s defense says they are entitled to documents that Jack Smith is withholding in the Florida Prosecution. We review the latest filing, including Trump’s request for a revised schedule that would postpone the trial date. Meanwhile, Jack Smith hires a new prosecutor who is busy “scouting” the competition, including prospective D.C. jurors in the Peter Navarro case. Former Trump Official and victim of Department Of Justice prosecution Peter Navarro shares his take on the pending Trump trial.

Former DOJ Attorney and frequent Trump commentator Andrew Weissmann is SUED by Cassidy Hutchinson’s ex-lawyer for an allegedly defamatory tweet. Cassidy Hutchinson (aka Clavicle Girl) is back in the news with a new book and controversy. We review the lawsuit against Weissmann, brought by Stefan Passtino, for defamation.

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., who allegedly had a relationship with a Chinese Communist Party spy, says Republicans pushing the impeachment of Joe Biden are continuing the Insurrection in America. Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee prepares for the first Impeachment Inquiry Hearing in the House. We get reaction from Reps. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., and Byron Donalds, R-Florida. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Supremes, DOJ Compromised?

Kerry Cassidy takes dead aim at the Department of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court over their shenanigans revolving around the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election and recent wave of false flags.

Cassidy tells Free Range host Gail of Gaia that SCOTUS has denied more than 50 cases regarding the 2020 election, including the notorious Brunson vs. Adams lawsuit. She says more times than not, the Supremes’ judgement that the cases lack standing sends chills up her spine. “In reality, every single American should have standing because we all voted and that gives us automatic standing,” she says. “This kind of technicality, which allowed them to throw out all the cases, is an indicator to me that they’re on the side of the Cabal, which runs our government.”

Cassidy says the same is true of the DOJ. She says President Trump has been saying for months that Space Force has all the evidence of election theft, but getting through to the courts and the roadblocks of the DOJ is another matter. She explains further and discusses her thoughts on the whirlwind of false flags that have hit our nation, which she says has us on a precarious path to World War III.

Juan O. Savin: Counter Punch

Juan O. Savin tells Michael Jaco that after months of enduring the best Deep State efforts to derail the Great Awakening, we’re about to experience the counter punch from the White Hats.

Savin says it all begins when Congress returns from their brief summer hiatus and the focus centers around the CEFC, a China energy company that Hunter Biden was involved with and where massive amounts of money went to the Biden Crime Family.

Savin explains further and also breaks down how the FBI was briefed and failed to act on the Hunter Biden laptop months before the story hit the mainstream media, how the 2024 Presidential election is in danger of being paused, plus more intel. Buckle up, folks. The push-back is about to become a tidal wave!

Joe Biden: A Purple ‘Peter’ Eater

A Georgia State Senator named Colton Moore submits a letter initiating an inquiry into Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis over the political prosecution of Donald Trump. Newt Gingrich shares inside knowledge that Fani got an interesting directive from Washington and we contemplate Trump’s options in response.

MSNBC presents data on the financial attack being waged against Trump, the Trump campaign, Trump allies and co-defendants, and it doesn’t look pretty. Meanwhile, Democrats are exploiting “charitable” IRS loopholes to create infrastructure for the 2024 election.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sends a subpoena to the FBI and the DOJ to demand records related to the government’s censorship and cover-up attempts. We review the letters sent to DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Rep. James Comer reveals Joe Biden used a fake name and email address to conceal his conversations. Comer is demanding more information from the National Archives. Did Joe Biden’s pseudonym “Robert L. Peter” show up anywhere else? Rep. Nancy Mace explains the position of the Oversight Committee.

We Need To Make Voting Count

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are trying to stop Trump from releasing the election fraud information. The people are learning the truth about election interference, which will then feed into the rigging of the 2020 election.

The how for some people is very had to see and understand. The why is much easier.

It is all happening right in front of the people’s faces and they are seeing it. Soon, the people will have enough ammunition to throw off the tyrannical government with their vote. Trump will make sure their vote counts. More from the X22 Report.