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Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?

Everything Inside Me (EIM) reports that before the 1800s, no one on the planet had ever heard of a dinosaur, nor had any dino fossils been discovered. To this day, EIM says, nobody has ever excavated a complete dinosaur skeleton, hence the various species of the reptiles are all artists’ imaginations.

The story begins with Sir Richard Owen, superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842, who created the term “dinosaur” because he wanted the theory of evolution to be true. Miraculously, the first dinosaur bone was discovered in 1858. Shockingly, only 2,100 dinosaur bones have been found since then and are under lock and key in museum vaults, since most of the reptile exhibits are made of plastic.

Enter Robbin Koefoed, of GVENews.com, who wrote a controversial, and many say conspiratorial piece, stating dinosaurs never existed. He says, “If thousands of longnecks and carnivorous reptiles had really roamed the Earth, we wouldn’t have found only 2,100 dinosaur bone sets, but millions of bones.” Here the rest of the story from EIM, plus more.

Our Distorted Reality

Spiritual author Tiana Islam says The Great Awakening that we have all become a part of has made her question everything. “Basically, everything we know and have held as sacred truth in our lives is just one big lie.”

Think the Big Bang Theory, dinosaurs, the holographic universe, invented diseases, theory of relativity–all of it has come under scrutiny, especially from John Hamer, who’s authored The Falsification of History and The Falsification of Science. He shares a story of a book written more than 100 years ago that has become the blueprint for the New World Order, which accurately predicts what’s going on today. “It’s a blueprint for the subjugation of humanity. It’s a blueprint for where they want to see us as a human race, in a state of complete and utter control.” In the following edition of the “Charlie Ward Show,” Hamer and Islam continue their discussion.

The Aliens Are Here!

In the second, concluding video of their recent conversation, Sarge from Icons and McAllister TV reveal the presence of aliens on planet Earth. More planets exist than we know. Expect a false flag coming or possibly a fake alien switch. Also discussed here: Russian alien footage! Reptilians versus Dinosaurs! The District of Columbia served as the human trafficking capital of the world!


The Hole At The Pole

Going back centuries to the first maps of the full globe, much mystery has surrounded both the North as well as the South Pole. Both are presumed to be covered by a coat of ice. But sometimes, theories have been floated of holes at the poles opening up into Inner Earth. There has been talk of lodestar mountains as well as ancient creatures, even dinosaurs. Here, Woodward TV surveys many of the theories as well as historical maps.

Upright Croc Species Confirmed

A  stunning discovery of 100-million-year-old footprints in South Korea has dramatically captured the imagination of researchers across the planet. For the first time in history, a crocodile has been known to have existed in the remote past that walked upright, on two legs. The creature had features similar to that of T-Rex, walking upright in a hunched-over position, with small hands and was 9-feet-long from snout to tail. One researcher described the discovery as one of the most important clues found in the evolutionary record. BuzWeaver tells us more of the shocking discovery in this episode of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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What Lurks Under the Sahara?

It seems that the golden, majestic dunes of the Sahara Desert have always existed. But this is far from the truth. What secrets does the hot desert sand hide from humanity?

It’s hard to believe, but the arid desert, spanning 3.5 million square miles, was once covered with a thick, green carpet of vegetation, where entire settlements existed, domestic animals grazed and rainfall was abundant. Turn back the clock and you’ll find that dinosaurs roamed the Sahara and giant whales splashed through its seas.

Add to that the mystery of the Eye of the Sahara, a strange geologic formation comprised of huge concentric rings with a diameter of 31 miles. Located in today’s Mauritania, the structure baffles geologists to this day. Learn more about one of  our planet’s treasures in this episode of Riddle.

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Foxworthy’s Facts Of Life

Jeff Foxworthy saunters into the lighter side of life with a slice of his signature comedy. A member of the wildly popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Foxworthy breaks down the facts of life that no one talks about, such as his take on the meanest dinosaur. “The Tyrannosaurus rex was the meanest because his arms were too short to reach his wiener,” he says. “That is a medically proven fact. That will make you angry. And you’ll never watch Jurassic Park the same way again.” Check out the entire act on Netflix Is A Joke.

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Dinos Weren’t Cold-Blooded

For years, scientists categorized dinosaurs as cold-blooded (ectotherms) or, more recently, somewhere in the middle (mesotherms). But new research looking at the chemistry of dinosaur eggshells reveals that these monsters of the Triassic and Cretaceous periods were warm-blooded (endotherms) creatures. Host Stefan Chin gives us more in this presentation from SciShow.

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Shape-Shifting Dinosaurs

In a spellbinding presentation, Vancouver paleontologist Jack Horner explains what many perceive as shape-shifting dinosaurs are actually growth spurts in juveniles. The shocking secret, Horner says, was revealed by slicing into the fossilized skulls of these baby dinosaurs and comparing them to the adults. He explains further in this episode of Ted Talks.

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