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Now Jankowicz Sues Fox News

Nina Jankowicz, the bizarre Minister of Truth appointed by the Joe Biden administration, is now suing Fox News on defamation charges. Jankowicz held the position of executive director of the Disinformation Governance Board. She’s suing Fox in the same Delaware court where Dominion Voting Systems brought its suit against Fox News.

Wonder if they have any authentic jurists in that branch of the judiciary or just a bunch of Leftist shills!?! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Dominion Fraud Aided By AI

Artificial intelligence expert David Hawkins says that Dominion Voting Systems applied for and received a patent in 2012  for a device used for electronic correction of voter-marked paper ballots.

Appearing on A Warrior Calls, with host Christopher James, Hawkins says that someone in U.S. government incredibly outsourced the operation of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to British conglomerate Serco Group. “Why, in heaven’s name in the United States, would you allow the outsourcing of the patent office where the crown jewels of American technology are stored, where they might be manipulated?” Hawkins asks.

Hawkins said that after getting the device through the patent office, they needed a remote location or system to perform the electronic corrections via AI. Hawkins says that unbeknownst to the voter, he/she goes away thinking, hypothetically, that they voted for Donald J. Trump, but the artificial intelligence coming from a source is able to switch that vote from Trump to Joe Biden. “And that’s how they executed an extraordinary fraud in the November 2020 election in the United States and the equivalent in Canada.” Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: CIA Our Enemy

An animated Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the intelligence community has been weaponized against the American people. “That’s what Eisenhower told you: Beware of the Military Industrial Complex,” he says.

Savin touches on Tucker Carlson’s recent report of the CIA’s alleged involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy, calling it a “coup against America.” He also says the American Southwest is now a captured operation, under the thumbs of the unions and Mexican cartels, updates the Brunson election fraud case and reveals the revelation that Dominion Voting Systems was recently purchased by UBS, a northern European entity financed by the Chinese!

J6 Shysters Go After Trump

The [Deep State] has now made their move. They are forwarding criminal charges to the [Department Of Justice] against Trump. The patriots were expecting this.

The [Deep State] is now setting up for riots. The patriots have all the leverage. The [Deep State] never expected to lose Twitter and now people are seeing who was behind the election manipulation.

This is just the beginning. Wait until the Fauci files drop. This is all connected, Trump is showing the people how they overthrew the US government. More from the X22 Report.

Arizona AG Demands Answers

Catching up on the days news, FTX updates, Paul Pelosi attack, Twitter madness and a report has been revealed on the suppression and illegal activity in Maricopa County on Election Day with the Arizona AG’s Election Integrity unit demanding answers. Do-over coming? More from RedPill78.

Q: Time To Show The World

Is Q trying to show the world who stole the 2022 midterm election and how they did it? Apparently so, says JustInformed Talk host Craig James, after Q’s most recent post last Friday.

Odds are the steal was definitely on after Republican candidates appeared to underperform in heavily conservative districts, especially in Arizona. James says the first clue to Q’s intention to spill the beans is the mention of “Runbeck,” which leads off his post. Runbeck refers to Runbeck Election Services, who were not only responsible for monitoring and counting votes in the recent midterms, but they were also involved in printing the ballots.

James further reports that Runbeck, based in Phoenix, actually became the hub for the country’s mail-in ballots and is connected to Dominion Voting Systems! Is Q suggesting they were compromised by the wily Democrats and their election-fraud agenda? It certainly looks that way. Here’s more with James, plus an update on the FTX scandal and an interview with special guest, Collin Plume, CEO of Noble Gold.

The Stage And Trap Are Set

The [Deep State] is now left with only one option: Force the people to comply, Trump and the patriots have brought the [Deep State] down this path so everyone can see who and what they really are: Traitors.

The [Deep State] is now building the narrative. This will backfire on them. How do you navigate around a corrupt [FBI]/[Department of Justice]? Stealth bomber. The trap has been set. This is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. This will not end well for the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

The Pit: A Postmortem

Patriots attending The Pit learned how the Communist Chinese Party has been manipulating and attempting to control American elections to secure results favorable to them. The corruption is extensive, at least “10 times bigger than 2000 Mules,” those attending The Pit were told.

The Chinese keep US elections data in computer servers in Wuhan, China. This not only includes names and addresses of all American elections workers, but even the names of all their children!

There  are several corrupt US firms helping feed these creeps. Much of the discussion at The Pit focused on Konnech Inc., a firm out of Michigan. There are also corrupt international firms involved, such as Dominion Voting Systems. More from the Christian Patriot News.

Zac Paine from RedPill78 attended The Pit training sessions, presented by True the Vote. Here, he begins to present the tools that you can use to help thwart election cheating in your city or your state.

Rest assured, the Democrats will try to cheat and attempt to steal the election, just as they did in 2020. But with an informed and active public, the odds of cheating successfully will be greatly reduced.

True the Vote is under the direction of Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips. We have covered their efforts many times here and will continue to do so until we once again have fair and honest elections across the United States.


Dominion Operative Exposed

Sourcing a report in the Gateway Pundit, podcaster Nick Moseder says that a man known to give expert testimony on voting machines has been exposed as a Dominion Voting Systems political operative.

Alleged expert Ryan Macias was not only set to testify in the Arizona lawsuit to ban Dominion voting machines, but he was also used to interfere with the election discrepancies in Antrim, Mich., and helped block the Senate from auditing results in Pennsylvania. Macias is connected to the States United Democracy Center, headed by Norm Eisen, whom Moseder says is “bad news.” He brings us up to date on the blockbuster development.

The Most Evil Woman In Politics

Dominion Voting Systems whistleblower and political activist, Melissa Carone, tells Pete Santilli that the level of corruption in Michigan is beyond the pale, inundated with fraudsters, a good many of them Rinos.

She exposes Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, whom she calls “the most evil woman in politics,” and former Secretary of Education Secretary in the Trump Administration, Betsy Devos, a died-in-the-wool Deep Stater and Rino, who is opposing and financing all Trump endorsements in the state. Here’s more with Carone and Santilli. Please use your own discernment when watching the video.