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New York’s Corrupt AG

Viva Frei’s David Freitheit tees off on New York Attorney General Letitia James, revealing that her corruption is on full display in what he calls the persecution of Donald J. Trump in his fake fraud trial.

Freitheit says James has shamelessly exhibited her ignorance and willingness to deceive he public with her two-minutes-of-hate summaries throughout the nine-week fiasco, including her most recent update, which is the most outrageous. He explains further.

US: No Peace in Middle East

Greg Reese says despite Joe Biden’s terse statement that there is no possibility of a ceasefire in the Middle East and Donald J. Trump’s unwavering support of Israel, millions of people around the world have taken to the streets in one of the most peaceful anti-Israel peaceful protest ever.

America and its vassals stand alone with Israel. Reese says most people see this for what it is: an illegal occupation sliding toward genocide, which is good. “The world is on the brink of a Holy War and the only way to stop it is a mass awakening,” he says. Here’ his report.

Juan O. Savin: Drama Ahead

Juan O. Savin says there’s huge drama ahead for all us and people need to be ready to spring or move, dodge or dive!

Appearing on “Nino’s Corner,” with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, Savin speculates the petro dollar will be among the first victims of The Storm, which he says will hit full force in 2024. Savin warns for people to begin accumulating things of real value, instead of politicized paper currency or putting any trust in the digital realm.

Savin says the Deep State will not stop with their false flags, and preparation and awareness is of the utmost importance. He explains further, plus also ponders Nino’s concern on whether Donald J. Trump will indeed be the Republican nominee.

AI Fakes Just The Beginning

Glenn Beck says he’s addressed the AI and deep fakes issue for years and adds that the day will come when you can no longer trust your eyes and ears.

He points to Tom Hanks recently warning his fans that a company is using an A.I. version of him to advertise a dental plan without his consent. Says Beck, “It won’t stop at fake Tom Hanks ads. What happens when artificial intelligence is used to create a scandal or crisis?”

Are we facing a truth crisis? Beck elaborates, plus more.

Dems: Purveyor of Fake News

When Donald J. Trump had some fun with the “wandering” stage tactics of Joe Biden at a recent rally, the dishonest Democrats grasped at yet another opportunity of deception.

Liberal Hivemind reports that the Dems took clips of  Trump making fun and pretending to be Joe Biden, then made online claims that it was The Donald who is stricken with dementia! What lengths will these desperate losers go to? “They are the No. 1 purveyor of fake news,” Liberal Hivemind said. Here’s more.

The Trump Surge

Dinesh D’Souza explores the significance of a controversial poll showing Donald J. Trump’s surge in the Washington Post/ABC News poll.

D’Souza says the poll, conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News and showing Trump with a commanding 9-point lead (51-42). is a bit of an outlier, which explains why the mainstream media are telling its viewers to ignore it. He says some leftists are saying the poll should have never been released.

D’Souza has the details, plus gives his take on Sen. Bob Menendez’s indictment and welcomes Virginia Gov. Winsome Sears to discuss how the GOP can win in a toss-up state, plus more.

Prediction: Trump Won’t Run

Derek Johnson added to the mounting intrigue regarding the 2024 Presidential election by boldly predicting Donald J. Trump will not run.

Appearing on NVTV, with host Nicholas Veniamin (0:26:00 of video), Johnson says, “Donald Trump did not leave a billionaire status just to become a president. This was about, OK, we need someone who is strong, charismatic, people love you, then doing this, this and this.” Johnson says he believes this was all part of a controlled operation and by the time we reach the election cycle next year, the country will be in a healing process.

Johnson elaborates, plus brings more intel.

Putin’s Trump Truthbomb

Gary Franchi says the global community is eyeing America’s political turmoil, including Vladmir Putin’s jarring critique of a deteriorating U.S. democracy.

Not one to hold back, Putin called the Democrat Party’s attacks on Donald J. Trump a vendetta. “Everything that’s happening to Trump is persecution for the political motives of his politics,” Putin said. “It exposes the rot of the American political system.”  More from Next News Network and Franchi.

Democrats Stop At Nothing

In spite of the Democrat Party’s assault campaign against Donald J. Trump, he still enjoys a comfortable lead in the Republican 2024 primary race and appears to be the favorite to win back the White House in the general election.

Dinesh D’Souza now reveals how the Democrats are seeking to remove Trump from the ballot altogether, even in the absence of any criminal convictions, because they fear the consequences if he returns to office. D’Souza also delves into the intriguing and terrifying advent of transhumanism with author Joe Allen, plus more.

Foreperson Shatters Trump Case

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow says Emily Kohrs, foreperson in the grand jury that indicted Donald J. Trump in Georgia, all but destroyed the case when she discussed taboo details of the proceedings during interviews with CNN and MSNBC.

Sekulow says Kohrs not only spoke to the media, but spoke to them about things you can’t do, such as jury deliberations and discussions. Jay Sekulow, who formerly represented President Trump, bluntly said, “The case is over. You cannot have deliberations of a grand jury discussed while another grand jury is impaneled to consider the criminal charges that came up in the report that this grand jury foreperson is in charge of.” Team Sekulow explains further.