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Did Durham Do Enough?

Sara Carter, one of the first journalists to blow the lid off the totally fake and fraudulent Russia collusion investigation, posits that the recently-released Durham Report and his testimony before Congress was underwhelming.

Carter says the good news is the report proved there was absolutely no corroborating evidence regarding the Steele dossier. The bad news is that many Congressional leaders were disappointed Durham’s failure to probe other suspicious events, such as the wiping of cell phones that occurred among staff working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“There is just so much that Durham failed to investigate–knowingly failed, in my opinion,” Carter says. She explains further.

The Military Is The Only Way

Rogan O’Handley, aka DC_Draino, is a patriot and lawyer, involved in exposing corruption. Rogan begins the conversation explaining how important the Durham report is.

Trump has now been completely exonerated. Trump has the leverage and he put everything into place for trap the [Deep State].

He tweeted the mechanism to spring the insurrection act. He used Space Force to monitor the overthrow of the government.

Once the insurrection was complete, the military intelligence took over. The military is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Leftists Rebuff Durham Report

The Durham report is in and the government is scrambling! All of the leftists, even the filthy FBI agents, are aghast. Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Windfall For Epstein Victims

Deutsche Bank is settling a lawsuit that claims they were complicit in Jeffrey Epstein’s  sex-trafficking ring, awarding victims a whopping $75 million.

Real AF host Andy Frisella and D.J. report that the suit, which was filed in New York last November, claims Deutsche Bank was involved with Epstein for five years and were well aware he was using funds to support his abuse of women and girls. Frisella and D.J. give their take on the turn of events, plus also discuss why whistleblowers are facing devastating retaliation for speaking out against their agencies and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s resolution to expel Rep. Adam Schiff for pushing false narratives on the Durham Report. Video courtesy of Inglorious Patriots.

Public Opinion Changing

The [DS] is panicking and the people now see the treasonous acts and want accountability. Public opinion is changing and the people will be pushing for justice.

Soon the [DS] players will not be able to walk down the streets. Everything the [DS] has done is being exposed, including their criminal syndicate. The military has captured all the evidence and the [DS] ship is about to sink. More from the X22 Report.

Nunes: FBI Misled House Panel

Former California Congressman Devin Nunes says the House Intelligence Committee was unaware of the recent Durham Report bombshell that Rodney Joffe, aka Tech Executive-1 and chief technology officer at Genuity, was spying on President Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign and into the first few months of his presidency.

Nunes says the FBI covered up the information, failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas and misled the House committee. Nunes joins the Sara Carter podcast with more on the Durham Report and also discusses his new position with Truth Social.