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Tesla And The Pyramid Mystery

We’re not a science blog, so we generally don’t cover heavy-duty physics here. But there are times when every general rule requires an exception or two. This is one of those times.

What we bring you is a discussion between the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and physicist and historian Joseph Farrell that delves into the electromagnetic wave theories of the great wunderkind Nikola Tesla. Why get into this subject now?

Because this will open doors for you in understanding so much about the universe — so much that remains unknown or barely recognizable. The conversation lasts an hour and a half, but you don’t need to soak it all up in one sitting. In the course of this talk, you’ll get a much better grasp of the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, notions of time travel and why nuclear weapons might have focused alien attention on Earth.

Most of all, you’ll see how our planet, our sun, most of the stars, are akin to living organisms. Our stellar environment will begin to come alive. You’ll see space not as a cold, mechanical place, but something much more spectacular, mirroring in so many ways the deeper, biological patterns of species and life itself.

The Simulation Architect

David Icke says we are living in a simulation that is not confined to Planet Earth. He says there are other levels of it, which we call the spirit world, which entail the frequency bubble that the simulation is.

Icke suggests to London Real host Brian Rose that could it be when we die and leave our bodies, and we are not at a level of  enlightenment to leave the frequency bubble, do we just go back into the cycle and keep re-incarnating from other levels of the simulation to our current level?

Finally, Icke ponders that if, in fact, we are in a simulation, who created it? And why can’t we see that which is manipulating us?  He answers the questions and explains further. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Hollywood’s Gender Conversions

Christian 21 update! The rise of the Baphomet! Demonic Reptilians! Sports figures, musicians and Hollywood…All demonic conversions! Conversion surgeries! Goals of the New World Order to depopulate the planet! Agent Margaritaville. More from McAllister TV.

Mazes R Evil! Demon Planet!

Christian 21 preview! Giant Voice military alert system! Negative orbs! Draconian Royalty! Mazes are evil! Seven messages! The Big Wheel Ride! Demon dumping grounds! More from McAllister TV.

The Cosmic Con

Gigi Young offers a new chapter in her Mars Mysteries series: The Cosmic Con. Here, she dives into the Nazi’s Thule Society and its ideas that Mars, and eventually Earth, were settled by aliens from the planet Aldebaran. She covers varied theorists and propagandists, ranging from Erich Von Daniken to Zecaria Sitchin.

Were there actually ancient gods in ancient times, who guided thinking and progress on Earth, while also pillaging our planet? If so, what are the relics they left behind? Gigi Young explores the myths as well as the possibilities.

The First Dinos To Last Days

It took nature nearly 30 million years to recover from the biosphere catastrophe, known as the Triassic Extinction, ushering in the Mesozoic Era, second of Earth’s three major geologic eras.

The Mesozoic was the rebirth of nature, where the ancestors of major plant and animal groups that exist today first appeared, and was more popularly referred to as the age of the dinosaurs, whom ruled Earth for the next 160 million years. The following documentary, courtesy of Undeniable Truth, takes a comprehensive look at the Mesozoic Era, a critical time in our planet’s evolution.

Simon Parkes: Alien Talk

Simon Parkes joins Patriot Party News (PPN) for his latest release of intel, including his take on the ever-conscious alien presence.

Parkes tells PPN that he has, in fact, traveled off world and speaks of alien beings, such as the Starsees children from the upper-fourth dimension, who incarnate on Earth and grow up very differently from humans. Parkes also gives his take on recent world events, including the alleged assassination of former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which says was a definite Deep State operation and posits that he may still be alive. Here’s more from PPN.

Sixth Mass Extinction Coming

Dr. Bruce Lipton tells London Real that scientists recognize that human behavior today is destroying the web of life. If this isn’t corrected, he says, evolution is going to eliminate humanity within a century in the sixth mass extinction of life on Planet Earth. Here’s the rest of the story.

Earth’s Magnetosphere Shifting

Space Weather expert Ben Davidson discusses how the Earth’s magnetosphere is shifting and could lead to a die-off of many humans, as well as individual animal and plant species. In a talk with Natural News, Davidson also gets into the recent spike in solar flares as well as a dimming of the sun’s powers. Davidson runs a website on space weather called Suspicious Observers at https://suspicious0bservers.org

Alliance Firmly In Control

Martin Brodel says the Alliance, aka the White Hats, are firmly in control of The Great Awakening. He says intel from his source and reports from Tarot by Janine  suggest the Alliance has quelled the threats from Big Pharma, Big Tech, major corporations and Hollywood, and D.C. has been shut down.

“This has been going on for a while,” Brodel says. “What the Alliance did, not only here on Earth but with the off-world beings as well, they went in and they just cleaned out everything.” Here’s more from Brodel and, as always, judge the material for yourself.