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2023: The Year Of Contraction

Natural News’ Mike Adams proclaims that 2023 will be the year of contraction! This after living most of our lives in a world of expansion, which has led to increased globalization, supply chain and wealth.

“I’m hear to tell you that it’s been an artificial expansionary blip in the history of the world,” Adams says. He explains further and touches on how the new era of contraction will affect the food crisis, the economy and tyranny.

Power Grid False Flags

Josh Sigurdson reports the number of false flags on power grids has increased dramatically, signally possible disaster in the diesel crisis.

He says that while the mainstream media has finally picked up the story, they are promoting the notion that right-wing extremists and Russia are the culprits. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Trump’s Major Announcement

The [Deep State] is panicking over the information that Elon Musk has been releasing. Elon Musk says that they now have communications between Fauci and Twitter.

The election rigging has now been brought out into the open. People see how the elections were manipulated. Kari Lake’s case might end up helping Trump. Slowly but surely, the [Deep State] crimes are being exposed: Child exploitation, child trafficking, pedophilia, election rigging, overthrowing the U.S. Government, pandemic fraud, etc.

The [Deep State] is a trapped animal and Trump is making an announcement. America needs a hero, he says. [Deep State] readies ammunition. [False Flag]. More from the X22 Report.


Massive Supply Chain Crisis!

Maersk, one of the top shipping container companies in the world headquartered in Copenhagen, warns that the supply chain is in for a massive crisis, larger than most can understand.

Josh Sigurdson reports that the pieces of the crisis puzzle that are the plandemic, supply chain, the energy grid, the economy and the real estate market all lead to the biggest puzzle piece of all–the complete compliance of the masses under a technocratic new world government system tied to a cashless society. Here’s his report.

Biden Created Energy Crisis

Sara Carter welcomes energy philosopher and author Alex Epstein to discuss how Biden Administration nonsensical policy toward reliable fuel sources is directly responsible for the disruptions in our economy and national security.

From relying on our global enemies for energy to crushing developing countries, Epstein explains how green policies are designed to stifle human flourishing. Here’s more with Carter, including an update on the FBI and Hunter Biden fiasco and the New York governor’s race.

Bizarro World: CNN Flips

CNN hasn’t exactly turned Republican, but they are starting to flip and actually tell the truth for a change. Listen as a CNN analyst dissects why Republicans are likely to do much better than Democrats in the upcoming midterms elections. More from Ovation Eddie.

Crashing Economy On Purpose

Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the shocking move by the globalists to crash both the stock market and the economy on purpose in order to get us into the Great Reset agenda.

Sigurdson says the establishment has worked hard to commit people to subservience and eugenics in the last two years, which includes the faux Covid-19 pandemic, which Bill Gates says is far from over. Here’s more.

dojo -> [CB]

The [Central Banks], set up and run by the Rothschilds, are being exposed. As a result, they are fading, cracking and crumbling. We are learning how twisted, evil and corrupt these establishments have been. The handiwork of the Khazarian Mafia might disappear before our eyes. The fight in Ukraine is certainly taking out their home bases as well as the biolabs. More from Clif High.

Another Banker’s War

Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin, returns to Sarah Westall’s program to discuss geopolitics, money and the art of war. We discuss what is going on behind the scenes as everyone everywhere is sidetracked with the details of the Ukraine Russia war.Don’t be fooled by the propaganda!

What you do not see is what is important. It’s critical to be prepared and to understand the real ramifications to the dollar and the economy. You can learn more about Andy Schectman and get links to his ongoing shows at https://MilesFranklin.com.

Sarah Westall has split this interview into two parts. We present each of the the two videos below so you can watch it in its entirety, dividing it up as you see fit.

Inflation In Danger Zone

Trish Regan is sounding the alarm on our collapsing economy, which has now seen inflation soar to 7.5 percent, while the “misery  index” has plummeted to its worst level since the recession of 2008.

Despite  the poor numbers, Lyin’ Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge the danger, promising America the inflation is transitory and announcing that experts expect the levels to ease by the end of the year. Trish Regan explains further.