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What’s Bizarre About DePape

There are many oddities surrounding David DePape, the illegal migrant from Canada charged with striking Paul Pelosi over the head with a hammer. Besides being a nudist who has been accused of pedophilia, DePape’s landlord is Malcolm Lubliner.

Lubliner’s a photographer who has worked for many rock and roll bands over the years, including The Grateful Dead. This should come as no surprise, seeing as how at least two of the members of The Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, have been regulars at the pedophilia-marred Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco.

So, is this just another case of six degrees of separation, or is there a deeper connection between The Grateful Dead and the Pelosis?

Here, The Outer Light notes that Nancy Pelosi, along with Barack Obama and John Podesta, signed a Grateful Dead guitar auctioned off at a charity function. And Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia — Mr. GAR CIA — also signed the guitar.

We bring you a pair of The Outer Light videos here. The Outer Light is produced by a Christian researcher who says his mission is to “try to shed light on the darkness that surrounds us.” We’ve run the shorter video first to whet your appetite. The longer, second video is more loaded with information, but runs more than an hour, so will take some time to digest.

Mystery Of The Standard Hotel

Natly Denise explores the many mysteries surrounding The Standard Hotel, a chain of hotels managed by Andre Balazs, and funded by a large bloc of Hollywood celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio. While the chain is expanding to new locations around the world including Ibiza and Melbourne, two of its signature locations — in downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood — have closed.

Were these closing meant to hide criminal activities? This is a hotel chain, after all, that has been shrouded in mystery, sex, and even deaths for many years. The West Hollywood location flourished in a district known for its “sex dungeons,” for instance.  One billboard placed by the company, while the facility was undergoing construction, touted, “We’ll put up with your banging if you’ll put up with ours.”

Balazs himself has sparked controversy with his longstanding association with Marina Abramowitz, the Spirit Cooking queen. But what of the others who hung around the Standard Hotel, like convicted murderer Ed Buck and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, who represents the Los Angeles district where the now-closed hotels were located? We could go on and on, but better if you jwatch Natly Denise, listen and learn!

Michael Malice calls out the fake news as one of the biggest culprits allowing Jeffrey Epstein and his rich guests to prey upon children.  Says Malice: “Kevin McCarthy … fired off an angry letter, demanding ABC [come forth], saying, ‘Wait a minute. You guys had the goods on this child predator, and you sat on this? You never called the authority? Answer me!’ Have you heard anything about that since? It’s all for show! They don’t care about the most depraved behaviors of people who are powerful.” More from Red Voice Media.

Cyber Task Force Activated!

The [Deep State] is panicking. They have proceeded with the Jan 6th committee to push the idea that Trump supporters are terrorists. They are planning for the release of the election audit information. Trump and the patriots know the playbook. Countermeasures in place.

Meanwhile, the [Deep State] is continuing to push their 16-year-plan. This will fail. Prepare for zero day. This is important. US cyber task force has been activated. We, the people, only have one chance to get it right. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we look at some propaganda on Twitter designed to scare you into the jab, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s troubled relationship, Ed Buck is found guilty and they FOUND FRAUD IN WISCONSIN! More from RedPill78.

Covid-21 tyranny. They stole the election. Your freedom is next. More from JustInformed Talk.

Pyramids In Antarctica!

McAllister TV unveils new video showing icy pyramids in Antarctica. How did these get there? What purpose do they serve? The video comes to her from Gene Decode, who often appears on the channel Blessed To Teach. Also, game over for Adam Schiff. He’s been hanging around with mega-Leftist donor Ed Buck. But where will they be after news leaks of their Egyptian necro parties?

Peddy Krueger

Let’s explore the pedophilia surrounding the series A Nightmare On Elm Street. Not only was the A-list series creator and director, the late Wes Craven, implicated, but others as well. In other words, we should probably call Freddy Krueger something different instead, say, Peddy Krueger. More from Jamie Dlux.

Vincent Vendetta has a brand new show that delves into the Demonrat Donor Ed Buck as well as Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist denying charges of pedophilia. Also in this edition: Bill Clinton and the Royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Vincent Vendetta is always so good, this week we give you a double dose of his wit. In this second episode, he touches upon the court battle brewing this week between lawyers for Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell. At stake, whether a lot more Jeffrey Epstein documents get released. Also, Vincent delves further into the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama, which he calls a staged  event. Otherwise, we hear more about the disgraced Prince Andrew and the Department of Justice probe into the Clinton Foundation.

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The Quick Fire News

Vincent Vendetta offers a new “quick fire news” segment, a rapid-free succession of stories and clips, delving into shyster serial killer Ed Buck, shyster congressman Adam “Shifty” Schiff, shyster lawyer Michael Avenatti and Prince Andrew, who proves even someone from the royal class can descend into shysterism. Also we hear about the grubby leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, the apologist for Pedophiles. Also, Vincent joins us here at Stormy in calling for all righteous conservatives to abandon YouTube and explore new platforms, be it Bitchute or Brighteon. Buckle up! This is a fast ride.

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Demon-crats Looking Skivvy

The Demon-crats are looking mighty skivvy. Ed Buck gets arrested for his involvement in running a drug house. Kevin Spacey’s accuser dies mysteriously. Hillary Clinton, the skanky witch, still can’t get over her defeat. Also, in this episode, Vincent Vendetta tackles: Justin Trudeau’s Arabian Nights costumes, Prince Andrew’s shaky loyalty to his friends and Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators. Buckle up!

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Creepy Bears! Creepy Places!

Instead of talking about Epstein Island or Los Angeles’ oh-so chic Standard Hotel, McAllister TV devotes this video to creepy bears and creepy people. She turns her attention to two individuals in particular — Ed Buck, the big Los Angeles Democratic donor who keeps having black prostitutes found dead at his home, and Terry Richardson, the fashion and portrait photographer who goes by the nickname “Uncle Terry.” Buckle up. You’re in for a wild ride!

Julian Assange extradition hearing has begun. Panic in DC. Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose. Why are they screaming, the hammer is about to come down. May begins the offensive, the [Deep State] will be defending everything that his thrown at them. We are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

CNN speechless, Huber meets with someone special, Nellie Ohr to be indicted and Barr don’t take no mouth! More from RedPill78.

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What do the Karate Kid and KFC chicken have in common? Watch Cobra Kai on In Pursuit of Truth and find out.