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Biden: Year Of The Boomerang

The [Deep State] / [Fake News] are caught in another trap. Trump baited them to raid Mar-a-Lago. If Trump knew that Biden had classified docs and he wanted to control the narrative, would you not bait the [Deep State] into the raid?

The [fake news] and the corrupt politicians are trapped in their own narrative. The President has the ability to declassify, which Trump did. The VP does not have this ability. Trump also pointed out that they held this information back and only released it after the midterms. Election manipulation once again. The pattern is set. This is the year of the boomerang. More from the X22 Report.

J6 Shysters Go After Trump

The [Deep State] has now made their move. They are forwarding criminal charges to the [Department Of Justice] against Trump. The patriots were expecting this.

The [Deep State] is now setting up for riots. The patriots have all the leverage. The [Deep State] never expected to lose Twitter and now people are seeing who was behind the election manipulation.

This is just the beginning. Wait until the Fauci files drop. This is all connected, Trump is showing the people how they overthrew the US government. More from the X22 Report.

World War WEF

From Australia and Brazil to the United States, people everywhere are turning against the crazed leftists from the World Economic Forum. No more should these WEF idiots “guide” our national policies nor try to control our governments or run our courts. We must drive them into the sea. More from Clif High.

All States Need Forensic Audits

Data analyst Seth Keshel says he believes that forensic audits are needed in almost every state. He found that only 10 states progressed normally as Presidential elections go. “My information is not polling based or crazy based, it’s just open-source intelligence that show where trends have been seriously disturbed.”

Keshel, formerly an Army intelligence officer, says he predicted all states correctly in the 2016 election and, after assessing the 2020 election, he found that not only was Donald Trump on pace to get re-elected, he also was on pace to win large landslides in the contested Midwest states and the Rust Belt. Many swing and bellwether states had horrific numbers that suggested systemic fraud via different methods. In Democrat counties, it was good old-fashioned ballot stuffing, counterfeit ballots and votes from dead people. And there was more of the same in red counties.

Kesler says the Democrats weren’t ready for what Trump pulled off in 2016, but last November, they expected him to get around 66 million votes. When the totals moved closer to 74 million, that’s when the count stopped. “I believe the election was absolutely engineered from the beginning, based on how many votes Trump might get,” Kesler says. “Georgia was a surgical removal for three days and Arizona was engineered from the get-go.” He joins the Dark to Light crew to further discuss the manipulation of the 2020 election and how it was done.