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Panic In DC!

Panic in Washington DC! The Brazilian election opens eyes! The [Deep State] lies no longer work! More from And We Know.

Dems Becoming Republicans 4-1

Democrats are leaving their party and becoming Republicans by a 4-1 split in the state of Pennsylvania. Similar margins are occurring in other swing states, including Wisconsin and Nevada.

What this suggests? Republicans could well be on the winning side of the ledger in this November’s mid-term election. They will likely retake the U.S. House, and quite possibly the Senate as well.

Black Conservative Patriot touches on these issues, also addressing the factors that will influence whether President Donald Trump runs again for the office in 2024, as well as the Chinese lockdown of Shanghai and the super-shady Bush family.

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The Tide Is Turning

Scott McKay welcomes fellow bloggers Ann Vandersteel and Mike Jaco to discuss the Great Awakening and how the public is becoming more cognizant of what’s really going on in our country.

The conservative trio give their take on looming current events that will go down in history as things never witnessed until now, such as unwinnable elections, political seats being turned over and the accelerating police state. What else is down the road? McKay, Vandersteel and Jaco fill us in on the details.

The Truth Is About To Shine

The [Deep State] just played their hand. They pushed a [False Flag] event in Afghanistan, but their real mission was to create a distraction and use this event for additional distractions. The other part of this is preparing for elections. Now, they are bringing in thousands of refugees into this country, just like the open borders. This was always part of the [Deep State] plan. Now that everything is in motion, the [Deep State] has set up the narrative for a cyber attack/communication blackout and riots. The patriots already know the playbook. “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” The truth is about to shine. More from the X22 Report.


Dominion Execs Running

The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] were rushed into their reset. They were not planning on moving up their agenda, but they had no choice. They were running out time. Trump and the patriots trapped them in the reset. Once it has begun the [CB] cannot stop it. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in.

The evidence is now pouring out and Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are presenting more and more facts and truth. This is not about Rs vs Ds. This is about the American people. This is about how the [Deep State]/[Central Bankers have stolen our right to vote.The Dominion executives are now on the run.

Back in 2012 Trump sent a message: Future really does prove past. The patriots are preparing to take down the entire [DS] system. The people will no longer be divided. This will bring the people closer together. The [DS] will try to stop the people uniting. More from the X22 Report.

Officials under President Donald Trump have confirmed an Army Special Ops raid on a CIA-run computer headquarters in Germany. Also, let’s explore Socialist command and control systems as they apply to Covid-19. More from JustInformed Talk.

Have elections been rigged, not only across the United States, but globally for several decades? More from And We Know.

Sidney Powell and the Trump Legal Team released the Kraken today with a lot of evidence of election fraud, and the mainstream mockingbird whore media is trying hard to downplay all of it. Here’s the update. More from the SGTReport.

We Have To Stop This

Mark Dice is a funny guy. He promises to make plenty of hilarious videos over the next four years. But today he is dead serious. If you believe in America, if you oppose censorship, if you don’t want to live in a Socialist shithole like Venezuela or Cuba, get out and vote today. Vote for President Donald Trump! Vote for Republicans down on  the ballot! Send the donkey Democrats, like the corrupt Joe Biden, to Hell!

Democrats Sow Election Chaos

Democrats Are Destroying Our Election On PURPOSE, Leftists Sending Out BUNK Mail In Voter Forms. A group focused on marginalized people sent out bunk voter information.

Marco Rubio warns election night will be chaotic but his proposed solutions are too little too late. We have seen nothing but mail in voter chaos yet Democrats are still adamant about pursing this broken system.

Now a leftist group is sending out voter applications that appear to be incorrect and misleading which will only result in more chaos. Already 21% of mail in ballots in NYC were disqualified for no fault of the voter. Think about how it will be all over the US

Based on the fact we know these systems are broken, I can only surmise it’s all on purpose. More from Tim Pool.

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Who will dominate the streets of Americas in the future: Law Enforcement or hardened criminals out to turn every one of our cities into burned-out refuses? What’s going on in Seattle, Washington — the home of Antifastan? Who benefits from this current distraction? More from JustInformed Talk.

The people are now seeing the big picture. They understand the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media objective. They see how they are using the virus event, how they are using the riots. The picture is being painted and more and more people are waking up. Once awake they cannot be put back to sleep. The patriots knew all of this. They are 5 steps ahead. More from the X22 Report.

Docs unleashed. Virus or election? No [Deep State] electronic cheating? Are we winning yet? More from And We Know.

In addition to being the Queen of England, Elizabeth II claims to be the Queen of Canada and the Queen of Australia, and her prime ministers swear an oath to her. And as you’re about to discover, it’s all a corporate fraud. More from the SGTReport.

Weaponized lost souls. They have stolen the souls of our children. It’s ending now! More from Craig Mason.



Biden Doesn’t Lead By 11 Points

One poll being cited by CNN maintains that Joe Biden has an 11 point lead over President Donald Trump. Here, Styxhexenhammer666 explains why that poll is a big pile of pig’s manure  Could the race be close at this stage? Perhaps. But citing Poll Analysis 101, Styx explains why an 11-point lead is an anomaly at best, and more likely a bald-faced lie by a network that lies more often than it ever tells the truth.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is saying he wants Michelle “Mike” Obama as Vice President. Bill Gates is pushing for the global population to be injected! Human DNA is being found in meat! More from TRUreporting.

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President’s Approval Surges

President Donald Trump’s approval numbers continue to surge. Why? Because folks are at home and have plenty of time to see how the Leftist and biased mainstream media mistreats the president, while pushing baloney and openly advocating for the Democrats. This is not what the public had in mind when it comes to a free, unfettered press. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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