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Weaponized 5G Streetlights

It seems like everything is being weaponized nowadays, including something as simple as LED streetlights. The following video, presented by the Dustin Nemos channel, points out that those weird streetlights illuminating our roads are actually 5G weapons, transmitting dangerous electromagnetic waves. Here’s more.

Nothing Shall Remain Hidden!

Saturday Intel! Crash before DeClass! Mayan tablets? Higher Dimensions! Ascension symptoms! Planetary changes! Ancient battles! Final stages! Nothing shall remain hidden! More from McAllister TV.

Trump Time Travel Miracle

Nicholas Veniamin shares a video that explains how Donald Trump gets so much right — he’s able to travel through time and see the future in advance, as well as go back in time to survey history. Veniamin says the author of the hour-long video remains unknown, but watch it, and you’ll come to understand a lot of the political miracles we are witnessing.  The time travel machine came from the inventor Nikola Tesla.

Here is the side video mentioned, spelling out more about Nikola Tesla, Tesla’s working relationship with John G. Trump and how they designed and built the New Yorker Hotel in 1929 to not only provide a venue for their time travel experiments, but also to power these ventures. The video is called “The Tesla/New Yorker Hotel Theory.”


5G A Deadly Weapon

EMGScientist.org, a group of 220 doctors from 39 countries, is warning that wireless radiation can lead to cancer, immune-system disorder, neurological problems and reproductive harm. And perhaps the biggest threat today, according to the California Brain Tumor Association (CBTA), is the rollout of 5G technology.

The CBTA says the new 5G technology comes with ultra-high frequency and intensity, using 24 to 90 gigahertz, which is akin to 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second pounding your body. Here’s more on the @Freedom4CM channel.