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The Truth About France

What’s the point of mass migration? To foment chaos and open rebellion. Take a look at France, for instance. Can someone wave a white flag? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Marine Le Pen sees her popularity surge as race riots engulf much of France. Le Pen has been defeated three previous times in presidential races in France, but the abject failure of French President Emmanuel Macron to control the riots has opened the door for Le Pen and her right-leaning National Rally party. Next presidential elections take place in 2027. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

China Ready For Taiwan Fight

Admiral John Kirby answers questions from the media on the leaks of classified documents spilling sensitive U.S. Intelligence details.

Will the U.S. go to war with Taiwan against China? China says they are ready to fight. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

The leak of classified documents pertaining to the U.S. military in the Ukraine not only touched off debate about World War III, but also, not so surprisingly, another mass shooting incident — this one inside a bank in Louisville, Kentucky.

How many false flags do the FBI and CIA have lined up for just the proper emergencies? How come these false flags happen so frequently under the administration of Joe Biden, yet were totally snuffed out under President Donald Trump?

Also, could a war break out in China over that nation’s brazen and rapacious acts of sabotage and violence against Taiwan. Here’s more from JustInformed Talk.

Why would Americans give up their guns now that the Democrats are turning loose thousands of criminals from prisons while their president, Joe Biden, has opened the borders to allow thousands more global criminals to flood into our nation? And almost assuredly, the leftists are behind the rash of false flag incidents and mass shootings as well.

Here, Michael Jaco — a former CIA officer — talks about our nation’s 2nd Amendment and why it is so important to preserve, especially with lunatic Democrats in charge of much of the asylum. Jaco is interviewed by Nicholas Veniamin on his NVTV channel.

It Happened At Standard Hotel?

Bichute is censoring again with their algorithms! Not a “free speech” platform at all! I’ll have to start writing articles about the bald turkeys and their pedo-loving friends if they keep it up and send them all across the Internet. Shamey, shamey!

Otherwise, in this episode: People’s revolt against Macron in France! Bogdanoff Brothers deep dive! Castles all over the world! Akhenaton Kuru clones? Omicron reptilians!

Standard Hotel deep dive! What happened at that hotel? Obama and Wendy! Adreno smoking gun! More from McAllister TV.

God’s Vengeance On The Wicked

Dr. Lee Vliet and attorney Todd Callender return to SGT Report for oue week-end wrap. And Todd has exciting news to share.

The full title of this video is Sodom & Gomorrah: Destroyed by God For Their Wickedness. The two guests, Vliet and Callender, draw parallels between our corrupt society and the ancient villages that God punished and destroyed.

World Vs. The Khazarian Mafia

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss World War 3 and the counter war that is being waged against the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Zionist Khazarian mafia. It’s not game over for humanity just yet.

Deep State Overwhelmed!

On The Fringe host Dan Radiostyle says things are getting kinetic in a non-kinetic way. And the manner in which it’s playing out is destroying the Deep State from so many angles. It’s overwhelming, to say the least, much like being whipped  thousands of times. “That is their fate,” he says. Radiostyle explains further.

The End Of Plenty

Middle-class citizens around the world have enjoyed a robust system of plenty for many decade. But the ruling elite are now trying to batten down the hatches and dispatch a large number of us. They foresee a world with a much smaller population, a world they control while we work for them as serfs, same as in the Middle Ages.

Will we stand by and allow this transformation? How can we fight it? Here are pertinent thoughts from Computing Forever in Ireland.


Putin Pulls Off Shock Win

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pulled off a shock win, as Russia lays waste to the arguments of the World Economic Forum and its Western allies. The WEF might control the finances of the world, but Putin is the master of its chief commodities — food and fuel. Now, we see the specter of weak Western leaders, like French President Emmanuel Macron, arguing how all of us must suffer because of Putin. More from Steve Turley.