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Climate Lockdowns Begin

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) insanity has escalated to the next level! Josh Sigurdson says the WEF has implemented its “15-Minute City Project” into multiple areas around the world.

Sigurdson explains that the project is basically the creation of climate lockdowns, cordoning off neighborhoods into sections and banning the movement outside of those zones without a permit from the government. “It’s not just an idea,” Sigurdson says. “They are actually rolling out this legislation, all under the guise of saving the climate.” Here’s more.

Winter Blackouts Coming

Josh Sigurdson reports that 25 percent of Americans face intermittent winter blackouts, as the energy grid crumbles at the seams, thanks to the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies. He also reports on the Cabal’s Great Reset agenda and the early stages of food rationing across the globe. More from World Alternative Media.

Massive Supply Chain Crisis!

Maersk, one of the top shipping container companies in the world headquartered in Copenhagen, warns that the supply chain is in for a massive crisis, larger than most can understand.

Josh Sigurdson reports that the pieces of the crisis puzzle that are the plandemic, supply chain, the energy grid, the economy and the real estate market all lead to the biggest puzzle piece of all–the complete compliance of the masses under a technocratic new world government system tied to a cashless society. Here’s his report.