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Is Jeff Sessions An Elf?

The Military Justice Act is why 2018 was glorious! Is Jeff Sessions an elf? What exactly happened in 2018? What’s happening now? Covfefe!

Secret tribunals are legal! Q mega memes! Tribunal law! Why are celebs acting so weird? Who has been executed? We are watching a show! Who are the actors? More from McAllister TV.



Mass Executions For Black Hats

Daryl James, from the Super Solider program, says mass executions await the Black Hats. They are being shown evidence of their criminal deeds. They have a choice: Plead guilty and agree to death by lethal injection or face execution by firing squad. No reloads!

This game is being played in 5D! Old Reptilians get slaughtered after a certain age! Telepathy is possible in 3D! The name of Jesus Christ is prohibited in underground facilities controlled by the Reptilians!

Some off-planet Germans were raised by reptiles! There are no portals left for them to escape through! White Hats control the Moon! Learn more about these villains, including the former Air Force pedophile creep Michael Aquino! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Is Final Countdown At Hand?

Tick, tock…Are we nearing the final countdown? Q-drops might suggest we are approaching the end. Is it the end of the planet or the end of the corruption?

what’s happening with the deceiving players — like the Democratic oligarths and censors? Trump has said several times that Joe Biden is shot. Is Trump referring to Biden’s addled mental state? Or has The Resident already been shot for his crimes, leaving us with an actor in the White House? Have there been behind-the-scenes executions? If so, who is gone and for what reasons?

Here, Christian Patriot News explores many relevant Q-posts and deltas, giving us a sense of the multiple possible meanings and interpretations. Time will tell which actually apply, and which are lose ends. But the Q-posts suggest we should remain vigilant and watchful, especially around March 16.

Galaxy’s 1st Looking Glass War

Christian 21! Negatives and positives using Looking Glass! We’re seeing a Looking Glass War! The Trump Family (including, Tesla and Assange) are known as “the Time Travel Family.” We will become closer to Trump and Family in 5D! First time this has been done in our galaxy!

People on house arrests…The most “public” people…they will be the ones to be publicly disgraced through live trials and executions! New vessels are waiting for people who die from the vax! The kindness of 5D will blow your mind! More from McAllister TV.

Prepare For Live Executions!

Christian 21 upintel! Thousands of kidnapped kids recovering! Parents think they are all dead! Kids being reunited with their families! The 20 percent have been waking up since before 2016! Gary Glitter on house arrest! House arrests will be executed live! New map updates! Tribunals and executions live worldwide! More from McAllister TV.

Are The White Hats In Control?

Laura Greenwood visits to discuss Potus speeches and latest headlines! Is Trump telling us what’s happening in his speeches? Who’s been executed? Who’s worshipping Satan? Stiff person syndrome or Kuru? Do the White Hats have control over the media? More from McAllister TV.

Up Next: Televised Executions!

All “House arrests” will be a live tribunal with swift executions — all televised! Two shots to the head! Video will be shown of tunnels full of kids! Morphing and shape-shifting will give some heart attacks!

Ten-day lockdown! Humanity has been enslaved for 6,000 years! More intel from Christian 21!

Truthers Ready for Big Event

Martin Brodel brings us his thoughts on the big booms looming in the coming weeks and months. He says alternative media is talking about proof of Deep State arrests and executions and more grizzly clips.

Says Brodel, “We don’t believe the big event, whatever it is, is going to shake up the truthers. In fact, we welcome this movie going into a whole new chapter.” Here’s his analysis.

McStain Execution!

JSR-23 Q Decode! McStain Execution Was 1ST! Q post 977! Crimes against humanity! HRC 2 12 09, very bad! Brett Kavanaugh paved the way for legal executions in 2018, saying US citizens can be tried and executed in military tribunals! More from McAllister TV.