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Pelosi Attack Video Released

Paul Pelosi ATTACK Footage from the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco RELEASED. The insane video raises more questions about Pelosi’s assailant, David Depape.

Tim Pool calls the video “super weird,’ noting it shows “Paul holding a glass and the hammer with Depape as both answer the door together.”

Pool continues, “The oddity can be answered by saying Depape is simply insane but it seems like a catch-all explanation is a stretch. The 911 call does lend itself more to Pelosi’s story but still seems odd. Nancy Pelosi and family reportedly held an exorcism of the house after the attack for some strange reason and Depape’s son previously said his dad may have been a slave. Absolute insanity.”

Watching the video, we get no clarification on rumors floated, suggesting this was a quarrel between two gay lovers. Were they playing a game of hide the salami with the hammer?

Facebook: Gateway To Hell

Facebook is a hellhole! Potus rally clues! Nuclear threat talk! Gender jokes! The Talented Mr. Ripley! Children of Cain! More from McAllister TV.

Here is Art Bell’s 1996 conversation with Malachi Martin, a priest known for performing exorcisms. Is this Nancy Pelosi as, aka ‘Eva,’ who called in from San Francisco to speak with exorcist Martin about possible harassment from demons, a pact with Satan, and the authority of Christ as a Savoir.

Dramatic Rise of Exorcisms!

Dr. Steve Turley discusses two trends that no one expected to see, but now, they are converging. 1. The dramatic rise in exorcisms. 2. Hollywood’s fascination with conjurings and the supernatural, with the latest example being the film Annabelle Comes Home, which opened as the No. 2 new release — behind only Toy Story 4 — last weekend.

Hollywood’s new obsession: Turning out PC remakes of old classics. Like the new Terminator, due out this fall, that looks to have a Lesbian heroine. Now that’s eye-appealing. Not! More from Mark Dice.

How is this film a thing? Computing Forever  explores Charlie’s Angels. Just another feature to add to the pile of woke feminist trash in 2019.


Italy’s Exorcist Priests

There’s been a ten-fold rise in the number of Italian priests authorized to conduct exorcisms, a response to growing incidences of dark, demonic forces possessing the young and the weak. Nick Lazaredes profiles a few of the priests on the frontlines, fighting skirmishes and protracted battles in a war against the Devil.  Whether superstition or gospel truth, this rare glimpse inside the practice makes one thing clear: the ritual is hugely traumatic for all of the individuals involved. H/T Journeyman Pictures

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