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The Universe Speaks In Numbers

In-depth description of the frequency fence and how it works! This is how we learn to communicate with positive ETs! Channel Update! The universe speaks in numbers! Oblowzo from Placeboing! More from McAllister TV.

Prince Working With White Hats

New Christian 21! JFK Sr. kept his promise but couldn’t do it “alive”! Reptilians will not eat adults! Tom Cruise and Beyonce related to Windsors! Potus is the king!

Restaurants serve you underneath if you have the Golden Card! Vril Lizards! Star Wars Chewbacca! It’s easy for them to kill another species!

JFK Sr. is Q! Positive families are thousands of years old and seek justice! Prince working with White Hats!? More from McAllister TV/


Project Looking Glass: ET Tool

Kerry Cassidy says Project Looking Glass, in theory, was based on technology secured from extraterrestrials, is based on probabilities and today is referred to as AI.

Appearing on Breaking the Matrix, Cassidy explains the  purpose of Project Looking Glass, how it works and which groups are using it. She also discusses what many believe was a Nazi victory in World War II and their breakaway civilization that has been hidden from the world, plus updates current events.

Exposing The Alien Agenda

In this vintage video footage, the late radio personality and author William Cooper, who most certainly had Q-type level clearance, relates his extensive research into extraterrestrials and their threat to Planet Earth.

Believed by many in the field to have exposed the complete alien agenda in 1997, Cooper was called the “most awake person I have run across,” by Before It’s News. In the following feature, he also reveals his knowledge of the truth behind the John F. Kennedy assassination, how George H.W. Bush practiced black magic and was into Satanic rituals, and explains the globalist plan to depopulate the world, which is now a viral topic on social media. Video, courtesy of Chembuster.

The Last Card

Patty Greer returns to SGT Report to discuss what Wernher von Braun warned would be the last card the New World Order would play: The extraterrestrial threat – UFOs — and as Wernher repeatedly warned his assistant Carol Rosin, it will ALL be a LIE.


Unlocking Our DNA!

Daryl James from the Super Soldier Program makes a guest appearance on today’s edition of McAllister TV. Among the many topics discussed: More about Reptilians and Greys! 20 years and back explained! Retro German Planet with advanced Tech! Q-Anon is part of the military! The shift will unlock our DNA! Human DNA can be used by many ET races! Life in 5D! The best is yet to come!  Here’s more from McAllister TV.

How Pike Introduced Satanism

Christian 21 Update! The Baphomet is how they in! Albert Pike brought Satanism into the Freemasons! Antarctica Wikileaks photos! The Navigator who crossed the Ice Walls! Margarita Minute! John Kerry! Christian 21’s Map Update! More from McAllister TV.

Here is a copy of the Nos Confunden Map, as discussed in this edition of McAllister TV.


Pyramids Built With Levitation

Christian 21 New Update message! Close-ups of the map! Demonic negative portals closed! Barrier put up by Galactic Federation! Trump mentions “positives here to help”! Pyramids built with levitation! More from McAllister TV.

Bermuda Triangle Secrets

Christian 21 returns for another installment. The Bermuda Triangle hides a draconian base below! Bermuda Triangle explained! All disks are run like the cartels and dirty government!

Biden, Branson and Epstein are all hundreds of years old! 9-11 breakdown! Negative ETs were there! Michael Jackson saved by Trump! More from McAllister TV.

The “Woo” Redpill Video

Sarge from Icons shares a powerful video that strongly suggests we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Either that or the U.S. Air Force has some new spacey creations that they have yet to divulge to the public.