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McCarthy Caves On Debt

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reach an agreement on raising the debt limit in exchange for some reductions in spending. We review the terms of the deal and check the reaction from members in Congress.

Lindsey Graham visits with Ukraine and Zelensky and tells him that sending money to Ukraine to eliminate Russians was the best money ever spent. Meanwhile, the United States keeps spending!

New evidence is released in the Kari Lake case that purport to show people adjusting machines after they were certified and sealed. Arizona officials react and the corrupt Katie Hobbs suffers another major blow to her “administration.”  Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Twas Night Before Christmas

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, humiliates traitors in office with his rendition of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” The resounding chorus:

“Now McConnell, now Schumer, now Pelosi and Vixen! On Biden, on Stupid on Dumber and Blitzen!”

“To debt, to bankruptcy, to free money for all. Now dash away, dash away, more cash for all.” More from Red Voice Media.

Is America A Failed State?

It’s hard to be optimistic about America’s future given the harsh realities we face: Horribly over-indebted at every level, industry hollowed out, infrastructure in terrible shape, universities are indoctrination centers, the cities are absolute crime-ridden hellholes, a rapid demographic shift towards the Third World.

President Donald Trump is helping to restore some sense that we have a fighting chance to survive and thrive in the future, but the reality remains: The United States is in a deep crisis. And a vote for Joe Biden will push us over the brink back into the downward slide that marked the Obama years. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


Where Did The Trillions Go?

So we all know about the missing trillions by now, but where is that money going? And what can Americans do to reclaim that money that is rightfully theirs? Join Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com and James Corbett of The Corbett Report for this wide-ranging discussion on the most important topic of our time that no one is talking about.

Myths About Our Debt

Perhaps the lamest myth about our government debt is that it’s about $20 trillion. “In reality, it’s much more,” says Antony Davies, an American economist, speaker and author. Davies says trillions more from federal agencies and government-sponsored enterprises and unfunded obligations from the state and local level have pushed the debt to a staggering $150 trillion! Davies presents a stirring visual of our out-of-control debt and unfunded liabilities, and a possible solution, in this episode of Learn Liberty.

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Why the Debt Doubles

“Present debt is no more than future taxes,” says Mario Villareal, professor of economics at George Mason University’s Institute for Humane Studies. That’s his prelude to the daunting question: Why does the debt double for every president and will eventually double twice in a single term?

“A very sophisticated tool we economists use to think about how individuals make choices is very powerful: common sense,” Villareal says. “Politicians respond to incentives and when facing choices will do what is likely to advance their own objectives.” Villareal explains further in this edition of Learn Liberty.

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Dieting Not Kind to Al Gore

“In a recent speech, Al Gore said that all snowstorms are caused by global warming,” reports Jodi Miller. “He also claims that all the weight he’s gained is caused by dieting.” Miller also features Bob Schieffer, the Census Bureau, the federal debt, the drought in California and underage sex in this edition of NewsBusted.

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Our Future in Peril

Spending in our country has always spiked to exorbitant levels during wars, but settled in peacetime. But after dropping following World War II, spending has spiraled out of control. Political pundits are forecasting the destruction of our society, or worse yet, another depression. “We are going broke, and the response of our politicians is not to cut anything, it’s to double down on idiotic policies that will increase our debt,” consumer and investigative reporter John Stossel says. Stossel points out the culprits threatening our future, then focuses on the forces that have made life better in this edition of LibertyPen.

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There’s a Riot Going On

Demonstrators and police clashed in Athens Wednesday, with tens of thousands gathering in front of the Greek parliament to protest austerity measures. With Americans already shouldering a larger per capita federal debt than the Greeks, and with the re-election of a spendthrift president who is certain to add immensely to that debt load over the next four years, we can expect to see similar scenes stateside in the not-so-distant future. Footage from RT, the Russian global news network.

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