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Prepare For A D5 Avalanche!

More Intel! When it comes, it’s coming all at once! WW3 Scare Scenario! Many of the most awake will shyte their pants!

Help will come! We will see 137 militaries from 137 nations! The stress and trauma will rattle many of those injected! Many of the vaxxed will fall!

Does the Draconian Omicron Overlord reside within the Sun? What about the Fallen Angels? More from McAllister TV.

Floods, Freezes Ruining Crops

As Brazil gets hit repeatedly by unusually low temperatures, destroying crops, the flooding in China, including Henan province — which accounts for 10% of their grains production — has damaged wheat, infrastructure, and thousands of large hog farms. All hopes are on US, which is also having its own issues.

This signals a huge red flag for worldwide production as these are the #1/2/3 producers/exporters of many grains. In fact, Brazil has started importing! Christian Westbrook explores what this means in this episode of the Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Floods: Sign Of Global Warfare

Sarge from Icons returns to McAllister TV. This is part one of a two-part series. We’ll bring you the followup when it’s released — possibly tomorrow but more likely Monday.

In this opening video, the discussion turns to flooding that’s transpiring around the planet. The Deep State used HAARP — the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program — to unleash torrential floods. The patriots have been working to deflect the damage, and to try to redirect the flooding against the Globalists. Witness the massive floods in Communist China.

Also, discussed: The Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs, where the Globalists have been engaged in child torture and hideous genetic experiments. Are these DUMBs also housing aliens from space? (See our video Sunday exploring the alien presence at the Dulce site in New Mexico.)

Otherwise there are military updates here, as well as talk of the Earth’s near-death experience!



Grow Your Own Food Now!

Wheat crops are failing in the US, Canada, and Russia–the “breadbasket” top exporters that feed the rest of the world–as other exporters like Kazakhstan restrict their exports to protect their own people. Engineered attacks on supply chains continue from South Africa to Vietnam. Food prices are exploding as shortages can no longer be hidden, and the true crisis of global food shortages lies ahead. Grow your own food now! More from the Ice Age Farmer.


Hanks Flees To Greece

Updates to both the Epstein and Maxwell cases. Severe Anon targeted. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson run to Greece. Portland unrest continues, Devin Nunes investigating the Brookings Institute & China floods trigger massive global food shortages. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream media narrative is now falling apart. American Front Line doctors are now making a stand telling the truth about the pandemic. Everything is about to change. The evidence is being dripped out. People are learning that Attorney General William Barr was right. The Trump administration was spied on. The patriots are now tracking the rioters. They are being arrested. This is a coordinated and strategic move to remove the leaders of these groups. Flags out. The patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

Now that’s savage! The Trump campaign is offering to pay for Biden’s first Texas ad! Also, more on China and Covington from the Black Conservative Patriot.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

Have you noticed how so many of the Antifa Leftists are not only infused with rage, but they are filled with the spirit of the AntiChrist. More from SGTReport.

They mock the world! Do as I say…not as I do! Hell awaits those who black out our history, tear down the statues of our leaders from the past, and try to deceive young protesters.

Here is the latest video from And We Know. We offer you the link to watch the video on Parler. The reason: We could send you to YouTube, but they have marked this video as restricted for adult viewers. It’s funny how YouTube can restrict a Christian-themed video, while running Satanist drivel all the time on its platform!

The Google channel needs to be seriously fined after President Trump wins re-election. In the meantime, go watch the video on Parler and be sure to sign up if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel. It’s similar to Twitter, but designed to appeal to conservatives and Christians.