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Is it Too Late To Save America?

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney about current affairs.

Gen McInerney says there seems to be a rising, and direly needed, awareness among Americans that the national disaster caused by the Democrats, the Woke and their Billionaire funders is coming to a head. Where once stolen elections were not talked about in detail, everyday Americans now know 330,000 votes were shifted from Oz to Fetterman in Pennsylvania and that several states counted larger numbers of votes than they had registered voters.

The citizenry is also becoming aware that more than 200 food-processing plants have been burned down or destroyed by explosions since Biden entered the White House, and that not a single FBI investigation seems to have been started on any one of them. Americans are also seeing that the allegations against Trump about his presidential papers were written by a lawyer so corrupt that the law he based the case on is the 1917 Espionage Act and not the Presidential Papers Act. Why, because the former is a criminal law and the latter is an administrative affair.

General McInerney also suggested that this growing awareness is accelerating and may have been started by the unbelievable half-assedness of the manner in which Biden retreated from Afghanistan and left $85 billion in top-shelf arms and other military equipment for the Taliban and their Islamist friends across the region. The question remains if there is time for a full awareness and consequent liberating actions by Americans before Biden and his globalist masters destroy the United States?

Feds Raid Amish Farm

Marshalls from Joe Biden’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Division have raided an Amish dairy farm in Leacock Township, Pennsylvania.

Is our food under attack? Quite possibly. If Biden and his dirty globalist henchmen started with large farmers and large processing plants, it makes sense they might now be moving to organic farms and smaller farmers.

The ATF is remaining mum about the reasons for the raid, although there are hints involving gun trading. More from Riverside Homestead Life.

The Big Ugly

The BIG UGLY is rapidly approaching. Get your paradigm in place and locked down…More from Clif High.

Jab Approvals On Satanic Dates

Dr. Lee Merritt notes a strange “coincidence.” Both dates when vaccine use for younger kids was approved fall on Satanic holy days.

Likewise, attacks on food processing plants could be attempts by Satanists to create mass animal sacrifices to appeal to Baal. In other words, these attacks aren’t necessarily designed to cause starvation, as to honor the twisted Satanists’ deity. Sherri Tenpenny joins the conversation as well.


Food Processing Grinds Down

Why does the mainstream media keep lying about all of the fires, explosions and “accidental mishaps” at major food processing plants across the United States?

For two years running now, these mishaps have been occurring with increasing frequency. It’s almost as if someone wants to starve us out. Here, Really Graceful delves into the issue.

Next Scare Event Falling Apart

The next scare event is already falling apart as the Monkey Show is getting ridiculous. Kash Patel shares 17. Also, what’s happening to our food processing plants? Our cattle, being struck down en masse? Gold, journalists down! More from And We Know.

Mysterious, Mass Cattle Deaths

Mike Adams reports that the thousands of cattle dropping dead in Kansas alone–seemingly all at once last weekend–is being blamed on heat and humidity,

Is there a more sinister explanation? “In my view, I’m not buying it,” Adams says. “And there are a lot of people wondering if these cattle are being poisoned.” Adams says the deaths might be eerily tied to the massive fires–now totaling 94–that have devastated food-processing plants across the country in an attempt to sabotage the food-supply chain. He explains further.

Tom Vilsack Sentenced To Hang

Martin Brodel reports that military tribunal has sentenced Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to hang for his role in the destruction of several food-processing plants across the country.

Vilsack, who denies culpability in the incidents, told the tribunal that “people have too much food as it is and a little combustion isn’t a bad thing.” In one incident, when a commuter plane crashed into General Mills plant in Covington, Ga., the NTSB and FBI said pilot error caused the accident. The report was quickly rebuked by an FBI whistleblower, who said the plane was pilotless and remote-controlled. Here’s Brodel’s report on the story, plus more, and please judge the material for yourself.

Nothing To See Here

Food processing plants are closing across the United States. Some have been hit by planes. Others by unexplained fires or mechanical failures. Initially, only rightwing news outlets reported this string of incidents. Now, of course, the mainstream media is following up, fact checking the irregularities and proclaiming there’s nothing to see here, as the fake news always proclaims. More from The Salty Cracker.

Engineered Food Scarcity

We are entering an era of engineered food scarcity and can expect political instability and quite possibly upheaval as well as a clampdown. That’s the analysis of the Ice Age Farmer Christian Westbrook, speaking here with Mike Adams of Natural News.

Westbrook says the Globalists have long been aware of the natural cycles, where the changing sun lengthens or shortens the growing season and levels of production. Now, we are seeing this knowledge exploited as a weapon to control humanity.

Three more food plant/ farm processing fires just happened around the United States, involving Cargill, JBS Meats and Nestle Hot Pockets food plants. Fires are destroying food processing plants, leading to a food supply chain collapse. More from The Economic Ninja.

The container shipping supply chain remains in the deepest crisis it has ever seen. As the massive backlog of containerships stuck outside Chinese ports is cleared to start sailing again, disruptions are rippling globally, and industry executives are warning that it will take several months to unwind the catastrophic logjam that is now forming. 

US ports are already scrambling with record volumes of cargo, a shortage of manpower, and truck drivers to deliver the goods across the nation. So if you find empty shelves again in the coming weeks – don’t be surprised.More from The Epic Economist.