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Are We Nearing A State Of War?

Why the sudden flurry of news reports about space aliens and UFOs? We all suspect that’s a ruse. But what if the ruse is meant to hide an actual buildup in war readiness as we prepare to fight the Russians?

Here, Canadian Prepper issues a “Red Alert” and warns of impending of “DEFcon,” the breakout of World War III with the Russians. He says, by extension, the war could entail hostilities as well with various Russian allies, including the Communist Chinese, North Koreans and Iranians.

The silly alien prattle is just meant to sugarcoat how serious the situation actually is. If Joe Biden or America’s European allies told the truth, imagine the state of panic that would ensue. Could the stock market could bust? Would there be runs on bank funds or grocery supplies?

Truth Reaching The Masses!

Truth is reaching the masses as key pundits speak out, including the courageous journalist Lara Logan and financial advisor Robert Kiyosaki.

Winter is coming! It’s looking like a brutal season. Especially vulnerable are many Europeans. Will they secure enough food and energy to survive?

The time is late, but people are indeed waking up and now informed and ready to challenge the globalist monsters. More from And We Know.

Food Shortages Intensify

Josh Sigurdson reports that the supply chain crisis is intensifying, as the Deep State marches forward with their plan to usher in the Great Reset.

Sigurdson says India, the world’s largest rice exporter, warns of an output crisis, France is facing massive milk shortages and the state of Nebraska’s corn yield has dropped dramatically. “And imagine this,” Sigurdson says. “The establishment just happens to have a replacement system ready to go.” He breaks down the technocratic government approach in this episode of World Alternative Media.

The Truth Is Spreading

The [Deep State] is trapped in their own agenda. They know they cannot control the narrative. The agenda is falling apart. The people are questioning everything they do. The precipice is meant to wake those people up who are in a deep sleep. A scare event will be necessary to snap them out of it.

What will the scare event be? WAR, will we go to war? No. The corrupt politicians are pushing everything they have and now the people can see this very clearly.

Trump readies the replacements. The [Deep State] will be so desperate that they will push a communication blackout, but this will not stop the patriots. Countermeasures are in place. Buckle up. The ride is about to get really bumpy. More from the X22 Report.

The death cult’s insane policies are creating the perfect storm, which will destroy them in November with a red wave at the ballot box that will remind people of the red wedding in Game of Thrones. Bob Kudla is back to discuss. More from the SGTReport.


Deep State Global Chessboard

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist Show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity. Faced with rising food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, government efforts to silence free speech, and the destruction of culture in the US and abroad, she outlines a potential road back to constitutional principles in governance. More from Daniel Liszt, The Dark Journalist.

Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes reports that President Biden has declared a state of emergency, citing looming power outages around the country and massive food shortages.

Parkes says the purpose for the declaration, which is documented on the White House website, is to bring the military into the arena. “Neither of those are actually going to occur,” Parkes said of the outages and food shortages. “That’s just a smokescreen given to the unawakened, unaware in America, to give them an excuse why they will see more military on the streets.” Parkes explains, plus brings intel updates on the Quantum Financial System, and more.

Economic Doom Is Here

Bright Insight’s Jimmy Corsetti warns that the dire economic forecasts for the planet are actually happening. He says the cost of everything is going to skyrocket far more than it already has and there are going to be food shortages worldwide, the likes of which are going to be horrifying.

“It’s already happening. It’s a mathematical certainty and it’s going to affect everyone,” he says. He digs into why this is happening and more.

They’re Causing Food Shortages

There have been multiple fires at food processing plants around the country lately. What is going on? Here’s everything you need to know…More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News.

There were even Biden administration officials blaming the food processing fires on Russian agents inside the United States. We buy that one. Yeah!

Unconventional War To Escalate

Zach Vorhies rejoins the show to discuss the realities of what we are witnessing around the world. We consider the possibility of mass starvation, food rationing, soaring prices, and more that is coming soon to America and other countries around the world. He suggests that what we are witnessing is the next phase of the war and the world titans are now coming to fight it out. This means it will only get more intense as we witness the globalists fight for power. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.


How To Survive Food Shortages

Inflation is high in America, but that’s not the only place. Other countries — like Peru, for example — already are experiencing some terrifying consequences from high prices around the world. That — coupled with the war in Ukraine — means we could be facing not only food shortages, but shortages in fuel, fertilizer, aluminum, and neon as well. So, what can we do NOW to prepare? Glenn Beck lists 14 WAYS to prepare for food shortages, inflation, and unpredictability TODAY. More from Glenn Beck.