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Another Covid Scare Coming?

Mike Adams says his intel sources tell him another major Covid-style emergency will be announced before the end of the year. He says this is why the Biden Administration extended the Covid-emergency powers.

Adams reports that the looming pandemic will go through the winter and into early 2023. His source says hospitals across the nation have already begun activating emergency protocols, which will safeguard them from being sued by people who lose loved ones. Adams says additional intel points to an imminent attack on the U.S. by Russia, huge industry layoffs in the coming months and a worsening food-supply chain. More from Natural News.

Factory Fires Intensify!

The world’s largest wholesale fresh-produce market in Paris was the latest victim of the Cabal’s ongoing effort to disrupt the planet’s food supply chain. The blaze adds to 750-plus fires worldwide, including more than 150 in the last year.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that while some fires may have been accidental, it’s not logical  to claim that all of them were. Add to this mayhem in the Netherlands, Canada and Ireland, where governments are shutting down and confiscating farmlands. Here’s more.

The Geoengineering Kill Switch

Natural News’ Mike Adams welcomes science researcher and podcaster Dane Wigginton to discuss  the engineered collapse of the biosphere system that supports life on our planet.

Wiggington says the Deep State has activated the geoengineering kill switch, dispersing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, including the ever-lethal graphene. Here are the details from Natural News.

Elites Seek To Control Food

The Davos elite plan would “fundamentally change the way food is produced and consumed.” In other words, these World Economic Forum members no longer are trying to guide us. They are ready to browbeat and imprison us if we resist their plans. More from Truthstream Media.

Farmers Riot In Netherlands

In perhaps a precursor for the United States, farmers are rioting in the Netherlands, after government quashed their ability to provide sustainability for the food supply chain.

Josh Sigurdson reports that Holland’s Bilderberg Prime Minister Rutte, who loves technocracy, has pushed forward insane agendas that aim to eliminate a third of all farms in the country, or 50,000 farms to be exact. Could this be heading our way? Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Now, A Cooking-Oil Shortage

As if there wasn’t enough chaos in the food supply chain, there now appears to be a global cooking-oil shortage.

Adapt2030 reports that with areas of the western United States and Canada experiencing frost conditions over newly emerging plants, global shortages now include sunflower oil, palm oil, olive oil and canola oil, which will drive already record-high wheat prices even higher. Here’s his report.