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The Final Countdown

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now planning the red mirage operation. They will not concede the election. Their plan is to drag it out as long as possible, create chaos and push their agenda. Trump and the patriots have known their playbook for a long time. Countermeasures are in place. Red wave coming. Nothing can stop this nothing. How do you stop a D5 landslide? You can’t. More from the X22 Report.


We are entering the final countdown for the 2020 Presidential RE-ELECTION of Donald J. Trump. Quite Frankly and Corey’s Digs join me for the first 18 minutes of this SGTreport.tv EXCLUSIVE.

Victory is near! We are in the hands of God now! Pray for our salvation and for the future of the greatest nation in the history of the planet. More from And We Know.

Two of our favorite content creators, RedPill78 and Lori Colley, are now on Rumble. We are still working on adding Rumble videos here. Until then, follow these links to go directly to the videos. Here, Lori Colley discusses the Red Mirage, anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga stumping for the wimp Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and a fake Kamala Harris campaigning in Florida. Lori Colley also discusses the Shutdown DC radicals organizing to create chaos in Washington DC. Lisa Fithian is in charge of maneuvering the anarchists:


POTUS is looking good heading into the 2020 election, with a 52% approval rating, despite the best efforts of officials in Pennsylvania who appear to be attempting to intimidate voters into skipping the most important election of the century. The Department of Justice is sending Federal officials out to 44 jurisdictions to ensure election integrity. We have new info from the Hunter Biden laptops and some explanations as to that strange Finger Lakes tattoo on his back. And finally, the FBI has been caught hiding ADDITIONAL Seth Rich documents, but they will soon be revealed! More from RedPill78.


Trump’s Creepy Halloween Ad

It’s a fact that when Sleepy Joe Biden remains on the campaign trail after 10 a.m. disaster ensues. And supporters at his rallies, which average mere double digits in most cases, are becoming woke. His bumblin’ and stumblin’ stage presence has Americans on both side of the political spectrum scratching their heads, wondering, “What the …?

There were more “scratchers” in Pennsylvania, where President Trump showcased his Halloween Day campaign ad to a fervent crowd of supporters. The ad features a brief history of Biden’s miscues and bloopers, including his final debate disaster on fracking and the fossil fuels issue, and concludes with a creepy trick or treat scene. Tune in to see what happens, courtesy of Breitbart News.

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Democratic Party Wisdom

Tony Heller from realclimatescience.com explores the insane Democratic policies calling for an end to fossil fuels, allowing our oil and coal resources to go untapped and unharvested. Not only are they opposed to fracking but seemingly straightforward drilling for fossil fuels. Do they want a future that looks like Mad Max? Crazy Leftist party, run by imbeciles.

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Defending the Frack Attack

Fracking protests from loony progressives have taken left-wing fanaticism to a ridiculous level. Among their refrains are that fracking is causing genetic mutation of our children and that is causes earthquakes. Their solution: fracking bans and more government intervention. Talk about delirious.

In an interview with John Stossel in this edition of LibertyPen, Steve Everley of Energy in Depth says, “Look at what the Obama Administration has said about this. EPA has said there is nothing inherently dangerous in fracking that sound engineering principles can’t fix.” He says the oil and gas boom has been great for workers and consumers, and bringing government into the mix is a big mistake.

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Fracking Up a Storm

It’s a fact that fracking–the process of pumping chemicals and water into the ground to fracture rock and produce oil and gas–produces fuel that’s cheaper, plentiful and beneficial for everyone on the planet. But the liberal left is waging an all-out assault to ban the drilling technique. Fox News’ John Stossel examines the controversial process and the left’s attempt to ban it permanently in this episode of LibertyPen.

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Unemployment Rising Again

Let’s get started…America’s unemployment went up to 7.8 percent last month. “Which can only mean one thing,” says  Jodi Miller. “The election’s over.” In this episode of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on a New Hampshire lawmaker who wants to ban conservatives and growing evidence that fracking is environmentally safe, never mind the protestations of Matt Damon and the usual assortment of leftist Hollywood dingbats.

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Energy Independence Near

Canada and the United States are on a path to achieve energy independence, pundit Charles Krauthammer tells Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun News. Canada will do so first, owing to the Obama Administration jumping into bed with radical environmentalists who have impeded the pace of energy development in the United States. As a result, Obama has gutted the coal industry and not allowed natural gas fracking to proceed as quickly as it could.

But Krauthammer predicts Obama will begin to modify his failed energy policies during his second term to help turnaround the anemic economy. The pundit even believes a reversal is imminent on the Keystone Pipeline, and advises Canadians to wait a few months before committing to send vast oil resources to China. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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