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An Empire You Can’t Always See

Joining me today to discuss war, peace and the future of humanity is Daniele Ganser, an historian, author, energy and peace researcher and head of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER).

He is the author of the groundbreaking book on Operation Gladio, NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe. He joins us to today to discuss his latest book USA: The Ruthless Empire. Here’s more from The Corbett Report.

The Business Plot

Here’s a new Mr. Truthbomb video called The Business Plot, with a subtitle The White House Coup. It’s a fascinating step back in time to 1933 when a group of business conglomerates conspired to have the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt assassinated and replaced by a retired general, Smedley Butler, who would usher in a new totalitarian regime. Adolf Hitler had already risen to power in Weimar Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy. The industrialists wanted a similar fascist regime in place in the United States.

Much of the story revolves around an actual attempt on the president’s life by Giuseppe Zangara, an unemployed Italian bricklayer, who fired a pistol at FDR while he was delivering a speech in Miami, Florida, on Feb. 15, 1933. FDR escaped the fusillade of shots, but Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak, who was accompanying the President, took a bullet and died later that same night at a hospital.

Tiny AI

Smart and decentralized. Here’s a review on automatons, artificial intelligence and what kind of limits face software.

There are two videos to watch, as the creator, Clif High, had to break to entertain a visitor. The second video is a little longer than the first, so watch one, and then decide if you want to see the whole nine yards! More from Clif High.

Hitler, Holocaust, The Holy Land

Here’s a Christmas gift to us from Sir Patrick Mack at In Pursuit of Truth. His new Pop video, Episode V Acts III and IV, is entitled Hitler, Holocaust and The Holy Land. 

Sir Patrick Mack opens with the closing days of World War II, the Allied bombing attacks over Germany.  Learn how the Allied and Communist fighting the Nazis weren’t heroes, but rapists and cold-blooded murderers, who even butchered children and zoo animals. We also see the machinations among political leaders — Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Josef Stalin of Russia — to divide the lands and regions formerly within the Nazi sphere.

Among the many controversial positions: Has the Holocaust against the Jews has been fabricated and blown out of proportion? Was the concentration camp at Auschwitz a sordid death camp, or was it actually quite different, and much more amendable, involving even bordellos for inmates?

This video isn’t restricted to World War II. Sir Patrick Mack also gets into the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, the establishment of Israel, and even Jewish mysticism embodied in the Talmud and Kabbalah. There are also sinister hints of deeper, darker rituals, touching upon Moloch and child sacrifice. Buckle up. This is an in-depth work — nearly two hours — but quite riveting and revealing, as all of Sir Patrick’s works always have been.


Mystery Surrounds Navy Death

James Forrestal was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense. Born in New York, he was the youngest son of Irish immigrants, an amateur boxer in his youth, and later nominated to be Undersecretary of the Navy by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940, where he led the national effort for industrial mobilization for the war effort during World War II. He was named Secretary of the Navy in May 1944, and the first Secretary of the newly created Defense Department in 1947 by Roosevelt’s successor Harry S. Truman.

Forrestal was a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers, which brought him into a close relationship with Admiral Richard E. Byrd, an American naval officer and a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics, becoming the first to lead expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic poles, as well as leading a massive post WW2 military force to invade Antarctica called Operation Highjump. So what happened to James Forrestal? More from Robert Sepehr.

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History’s Most Powerful Orators

There have been many famous orators throughout history, but only a few transcend time. Take Ronald Reagan. The 40th U.S. president may have first found fame as an actor, but his legacy in the White House earned him the moniker, The Great Communicator. He had a knack to connect with the audience during his speeches, largely due to a perception that he came across as sincere, simple and honest. Among other masters of the lectern were Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Check out who ranked in the top three of all time, as WatchMojo.com counts down 10 of the greatest speakers in history.

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Communist Subversion of USA

American Betrayal is America’s lost history, a chronicle that pits Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, and other American icons who shielded overlapping Communist conspiracies against the investigators, politicians, defectors, and others (including Senator Joseph McCarthy) who tried to tell the American people the truth.

American Betrayal shatters the approved histories of an era that begins with FDR’s first inauguration, when “happy days” are supposed to be here again, and ends when we “win” the Cold War. It is here, amid the rubble, where Diana West focuses on the World War II–Cold War deal with the devil in which America surrendered her principles in exchange for a series of Big Lies whose preservation soon became the basis of our leaders’ own self-preservation. It was this moral surrender to deception and self-deception, West argues, that sent us down the long road to moral relativism, “political correctness,” and other cultural ills that have left us unable to ask the hard questions.

Diana West is a journalist and the author of The Death of the Grown-Up: How America’s Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character and The Rebuttal: Defending ‘American Betrayal’ from the Book-Burners. Here, she joins Stefan Molyneux for a fascinating discussion.

New Deal Wasn’t a Save All

The notion today is that President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal worked, ending the Great Depression and rolling back unemployment. Political commentator Dick Morris says the New Deal had some merit, but some of its accolades were unfounded. Morris explains in this week’s history lesson on Dick Morris Reports.

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The Cold, Beer Facts

Want to sound like a genius next time your pounding down a beer at your favorite bar?

In this edition of Mental Floss, John Green  provides 26 facts and tips about beer that you probably weren’t aware of, such as beer and marijuana are basically plant cousins. You probably know that FDR ended Prohibition, but it was President Carter who legalized home brewering in 1978. Check in as Green takes us through 24 more amazing facts.

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