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Is Stonehenge Just Another Lie?

Science has marveled at the composition of Stonehenge, an alleged prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England? But is the entire Stonehenge story just another lie?

Free Your Mind features a telling video, taken from Instagram, that will blow your mind, contending that Stonehenge is not thousands of years old, but was built in the 1950s. “Our history is a collaboration of lies,” the video submits. Here’s the clip and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Did Bush Sr. Try To Kill Reagan?

Roger Stone exposes the real George H.W. Bush and the Bush Crime Family for who there really are–corrupt, anti-American minions of the Deep State.

In his latest book, The Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of An American Dynasty,” Stone shockingly reveals that he made a compelling case for how George H.W. Bush tried to arrange the assassination of President Ronald Reagan and adds that Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the family and H.W.’s father, was Adolf Hitler’s banker, essentially arranging the armament of the Third Reich. “The Bushes are not conservatives or constitutionalists, but crony capitalists, who financed Planned Parenthood and were great advocates of abortion,” Stone says.

He joins Patriot Streetfigher Scott McKay with more details, including his 42-year relationship with Donald J. Trump, whom he advised to run for the presidency as far back as 1988.


The Awakening Is Unfolding

Dr. Michael Beckwith delivers a powerful message about what is unfolding right in front of us throughout the world–the transformation of what’s happening right now.

He says despite the crazy government policies and mandates, we are in the middle of a great awakening and the crumbling of the old paradigm. “The higher frequencies always win and the frequency of love is the most powerful,” he says. Here’s his mirrored address on Free Your Mind, courtesy of the Laura Aboli account on Telegram.

Wood: Covid Was Plan All Along

Lin Wood says the enemy planned to release Covid in the fourth year of Hillary Clinton’s first term had she defeated Donald Trump in 2016. Trump, of course, beat the Deep State’s algorithm and defeated Hillary, but they went ahead with the plan anyway.

“Covid is the flu, though a virulent flu that attacks your lungs,” Wood said. “It’s a manmade flu patented in 2001. The vaccines for Covid were patented in 2017, 2018 and 2019.” Wood says the Deep State’s idea was to control us with fear, but the Deep State had a back-up plan of producing paper ballots in the 2020 election, just in case Trump beat the algorithm again. Which he did and is therefore still the president.

In another stunner, Wood tells Thrive Live Show host Clay Clark whomever ever is in the Oval Office isn’t Joe Biden, but an imposter. “If you look at this character that’s playing Joe Biden, every time he goes out in public he  makes a fool of himself, doesn’t he?” Wood says. “Do you think handlers of a legitimate president would allow him to continually go out and make a fool of himself? I don’t think so. Something’s not normal. Something’s not right. The Biden character looks different at different times. Use discernment.” Stay tuned as Wood also gives his take on “Dumb Ass” Gen. Milley, the re-emergence of John Durham and says the jury is still out on whether Bill Barr is a traitor or a patriot.

Spock, Capt. Kirk To The Rescue

“We don’t have a political position,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer claims. “Democrats think reporters are on their side. They expect it,” says Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

What’s this, liberal bias infiltrating the media? The mere thought of the media taking sides doesn’t sit well with the Star Trek crew, sending Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk into action to save the world from the scheming Democrats in this political parody on the lighter side of life. The Ovation Eddie video is courtesy of Free Your Mind.

Massive Evidence Dump Coming

Pillow Man Mike Lindell is fired up and says there’s no backing down from the truth.  Bolstered by the addition of Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz to his legal team, Lindell is ready to unleash his next salvo in his defense against a Dominion Voting Systems $1.3 billion lawsuit regarding the 2020 election fraud debacle.

Appearing on the Annette Cividanes podcast, Lindell says that Dershowitz described the upcoming legal battle as perhaps the biggest case in the history of free speech for the 1st Amendment. And to reinforce his defense, Lindell is debuting a brand new social media platform–FrankSpeech.com–joining a massive movement underway to build a woke-free world. “It’s like a YouTube and Twitter combined,” Lindell says. “We’ve been working on this for four years. It’s the most secure platform ever.”

Lindell promises that over the next five to six weeks, all the election-fraud evidence that will be dumped on FrankSpeech.com “will make Wikileaks look like a Tinkertoy.” He says there will also be a sequel documentary to his Absolute Proof, which will reveal even more damning evidence against the likes of Dominion and the fraudulent manipulators in the swing states. Here’s more detail on the Cividanes podcast, courtesy of Free Your Mind.

Traitors From Within

Beware of the RINOs among us. They’re devious, conniving and traitorous, and these rats are jumping ship. Red Elephants host Vincent James says the America First Movement has warned us about these individuals for a while–smooth talkers such as Dan Crenshaw and his sympathy seeking eyepatch, faux conservative Ben Shapiro, network contributor Charlie Kirk or blogger Matt Walsh, all of them traitors in our midst.

These people, and many like them, have been disguised as Trump supporters, populists and nationalists. Truth is, they have a flawed understanding of what conservatism really is. Says James, “Many people in this country have been convinced to think conservatism is the defense of liberty or this post-enlightenment version of conservatism, or libertarianism, basically classic liberalism.”

Many of these RINOs showed their true colors in 2016 and now that they deem it too costly to support Trumpism, they’re bailing at a record pace. Join James for more commentary in the following video, presented by Free Your Mind.