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Uniparty: Exposed, Vulnerable

The dustup over the Republican House Speaker has exposed the fallacy that we have two competing parties. We do have a few Republicans trying to establish a clearcut GOP Party.

But much of the Republican House membership remains a bunch of RINOs. They might as well be leftist Democrats, because they sure as Hell do not represent any of us. They are merely in Congress for the graft and corruption — same as their Democratic allies.

At least now, we not only can see the traitors in Congress, but also the deep and duplicitous hands of Big Tech. Google, Facebook, the rest of this insidious alliance can no longer hide. They are losing their ability to control us, as they themselves become exposed.

Yes, Babylon is falling. Biden is seeking billions in new dollars to feather the Democrats’ globalist allies in Ukraine and Israel. Welcome to the Revolution.  Do not conform. We rise or we die! Here’s more from And We Know.

Trump Vows Retribution

President Donald J. Trump has made it crystal clear that he’s had enough! Trump sent reverberations throughout the country over the weekend, firing salvos at NBC News and MSNBC on Truth Social.

The charge? Trump alleges they’re committing what could be described as “country-threatening treason.”  Next News Network’s Gary Franchi says it’s a claim that shakes the very pillars of our free press, making us question where’s the line between freedom and treachery? Here’s more.

The Transformation Of Twitter

Restricted Republic’s Justin Knight warns that if you love China, lost freedom and continual surveillance, then you’ll love what X, formerly Twitter, is becoming.

Knight’s caution comes in light of the recent announcement by Elon Musk of Twitter’s name change. Knight posits it’s the first step in the transformation of the platform into the likeness into WeChat, China’s dominant social media app. He explains further.

Witch Trials Now On Speed Dial

Former President Donald Trump is indicted  in Georgia as the witch trials keep rolling along. The Democrats and their Republican uniparty allies have no intention to stop this charade. They demand all of us do what they tell us to do.

There’s no longer any freedom, as if there ever was any. The corrupt politicians in charge want us to willingly surrender our rights to a fair and free election. They’ve got goons in most states, most certainly Georgia as well as New York and California, doing whatever it takes to subvert the American Constitution. Here’s more from Styxhexenhammer666.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba calls the indictments by Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis  “just a show.” She noted how everything was set up as a publicity machine by Fani and says, “This, to me, disturbed me more than any of the others, to be honest.” Habba speaks with Newsmax TV.

Migration From Madness

Stephen Green cracks out the statistics on the financial cost to the top five blue states as more people make a wild dash for the freedom and sanity of the red ones. And Bill Whittle points out that there’s more than just money at stake in this migration from the madness. Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott debate the issue in this episode of “Right Angle.”

How The Left Hates Patriotism

Freedom is always only one generation away from extinction and we need to be serious about teaching our kids the values that made our country great. Sara Carter welcomes author David Harris Jr. to the program to discuss this theme and the importance of protecting our children from today’s radical-left ideology.

Under A Spirit Of Delusion

Author and Western Journal founder Floyd Brown tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that America has been under spirit of delusion, fostered by a variety of false narratives over the years, perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Brown, whose latest book Counter Punch was recently released, takes a deep dive into who controls America and how we can fight back for our faith and freedom. Here’s more.


The Clowns Keep Losing Control

The CIA, FBI and the whole pack of federal Clowns are losing control. They misgauged events in Russia and underestimated Vladimir Putin. Likewise, these clowns — the fake feds — are being exposed and driven away on the streets of the United States by patriots weary of all the government mismanagement, bureaucracy and corruption.

Now, we need to turn our attention on removing entrenched bad actors in our own government. If you want to lie to the public and treat us like dirt, you and your Deep State allies can count on stiffer resistance! We’re not sitting back any longer, and we most certainly will not surrender our freedoms so the clown show can continue. Here’s more from And We Know.

Trump’s Secret Plan Exposed

Author and researcher Rob Cunningham takes a deep dive into three executive orders instituted early in the Trump Administration that have gone a long way in righting America’s shaky journey.

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Cunningham says the executive orders pertain to our kids, governance and banking. “If we can’t have our own personal property, if we can’t have self-determination and we’re not sovereign, and if we can’t protect the least and most innocent among us, we really don’t have a country,” he says. He dissects the three elements, plus more.

Canada Criminalizes Dissent

The freedom convoy commission has delivered the verdict: Canada has criminalized dissent! Find out about the ruling and what it means for Canadians and freedom lovers the world over on this important edition of The Corbett Report.