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Off-Planet Sale Of Scientists

Are brilliant scientists being kidnapped and sold off-planet?

Christian 21 returns with more details on the galactic war. He explains how portals are used in the trafficking of scientists and how some are kidnapped and then sold off-planet.

The domes can be turned on and off to access different portals. Ice is created to hide bases!

More Admiral Rogers memes! Flash memes! They never thought she would win! More from McAllister TV.

Are We In A Galactic War?

Are we in a Galactic War? Nino’s Corner TV, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, welcomes proclaimed starseed Ismael Perez to discuss the possibilities.

Perez, who has researched the Galactic Federation for more than 20 years and author of Our Cosmic Origin,  says on our level of reality, it seems like we’re in a war with the Cabal, the Deep State. “Considering the fact that through quantum physics, there is evidence that there are other dimensions out there,” he says. “We’re really at war, technically, with the Reptilian races.” He brings more detail on the different alien factions and the spiritual aspects of the evolving multiverse.

Aliens And The Garden Of Eden

In Part I of an interview with Patriot Underground, Gene Decode lays out his scenario of what happens next in The Great Awakening, as he ponders a huge “Red Sea moment” that will turn the tables on the Cabal. He believes the devastating fire that destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was supposed to be the red-pill event that shook the world, but it wasn’t to be. The fire, of course, was a false flag perpetrated by the Alliance to thwart the arrival of Lucifer through a huge portal in the cathedral catacombs.

Decode, whose wheelhouse are the many alien species in our realm, also updates the ongoing galactic war in our universe and reveals some surprising facts about the Nazis and the Cold War. In a shocking revelation, he details the fascinating story of how the Anunnaki civilization, the seventh planet from the brown dwarf Nemesis, re-engineered the birth of Cain in the Garden of Eden in an effort to form a species that would be subservient to them. Here’s more with Patriot Underground.