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Ukrainian War’s 666 Code

Matrix Breakout 8’s brings us a slightly different take on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, revealing that all parties are on the same side and it isn’t ours. He says it’s obvious from Freemason hand gestures from Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, which he refers to as the “666 Code.”

He says the conflict is being greatly exaggerated by the press, as well as the Western support, in terms of finance and weapons. Here’s more, including some assistance from the Gematrinator.

Explosive Christmas In Nashville

A huge explosion early Christmas day damages the 33-story AT&T Building, or Batman Building, in Nashville. Apparently a motor home exploded outside, damaging not only the AT&T  Building but also other structures in the vicinity. Fires were reported inside the AT&T Building, so firemen have so far not been able to venture inside and determine the extent of the damages or if any fatalities occurred. There were apparently at least three injured citizens outside.

Was this purely a distraction, or was there some deeper chicanery involved? The building, the tallest structure in the state of Tennessee, has a weird owl-like appearance, resembling many structures favored by the Illuminati. Also, AT&T appears to be experiencing some deep financial upheavals. The company is heavily involved in telecommunications as well as sports and entertainment. More from Memology 101.

(EDITOR’ NOTE: The explosion occurred at 6:30 a.m. outside 333 Commerce Street. Note the numerological correlations. 6:30 a.m. is the equivalent of 3+3+3, equal to 333, the address on Commerce Street. Remember: We are fighting Globalists foes who always abide by certain numbers.)

Global Agenda says AT&T got the contract to audit Dominion Voting machines fraudulently used in the 2020 Presidential election. Says Global Agenda, “So as soon as I heard about the Nashville Christmas Day (morning) Explosion the first thing that I did was punch the key words into the Gematrinator and shook my head knowing that it was an immediate psyop. (My recent videos looking at the ‘American Revolution 2.0 and the upcoming January 6th ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ connected to the Nashville Bombing RIGHT AWAY. So that will be the topic of my next video (to be published on Sunday). In the meantime it did not take too long for several of us to figure out that the Nashville Explosion is a big FBI Cover-Up for the Democrats and there is more shenanigans going on with the Dominion Voting Machine psyop.”

If you play the audio warning message backwards, you can, around the midpoint hear, “Have a merry Christmas. y’all.” This is uttered at least two, possibly three times. There are other expressions earlier, but those can’t be made out as of yet.

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For more on the mysterious messages, visit RedState at https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/12/25/300057-n300057

AT&T Building in Nashville