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Time To Apply The War Paint

The [Deep State] is in the process of removing Biden. The fake news has been instructed to report on the classified docs. The Department of Justice has blocks in place to prevent the House from following the corruption and reporting it to others. Will this stop the House? This is why they are removing Biden.

Trump is ready for the next phase of the information war. He has now changed his profile. He has applied the war paint. These are the days of days. You can hear him screaming FREEDOM!!!! More from the X22 Report.

McCarthy’s Fate At Stake

The fate of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is at stake today, when a slim Republican majority takes control of the chamber’s reigns.

Ron Paul, host of The Liberty Report, ponders whether there is a conservative case for the GOP to make McCarthy their majority leader. He explains further, plus discusses whether admitted liar George Santos will end up being the most truthful member of the House and the possibility of the new majority launching an investigation of the FBI.

Biden Falling Into Every Trap

The [Deep State] is panicking. The people are waking up and this is their greatest fear. This is why they have been censoring and trying to control the narrative. Trump has set many traps for Biden and the puppet masters and it seems they fall into these traps every single time.

The reason for the traps is expose their agenda and show the people the truth. This is the biggest sting operation we have ever seen. We are in an information war and the patriots are winning. More from the X22 Report.