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Exposed: Agents for Mossad

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial has been cloaked in mystery as much as the woman herself. We are now learning who she really worked for and how she and Jeffrey Epstein were able to continue their pedo-pimp service for as long as they did. Their power: Agents for Mossad.  Here’s more from Narativ TV with Zev Shalev.

All Will Be Revealed

We are here to unite and provide truth. That’s how Ann We Know opens their latest video, dealing largely with Mossad and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein kept cameras and microphones inside every single room in every mansion, guest house and resort he ran, from Santa Fe to the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was capturing blackmail material from his guests. Material he could use to extort them, material he could use to make millions of dollars in blood money.

As we approach the precipice, who is trying to provoke war? Who is agitating one side against another? What are the coverups taking place? Who is pushing fear?

Sordid Tale Of The Zorro Ranch

When Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in 2019 and later convicted of sex trafficking, Little St. James Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, became embedded in American lexicon.

The Revelo Project’s D.J. Bolger and Carter Andrews report that the tiny island, one of several lavish properties Epstein owned around the world, was ground zero for his unimaginable depravity of illicit sex, drugs and lies. But little did anyone know that Epstein also owned the Zorro Ranch, a massive property with all the modern amenities in the New Mexico desert, which was shrouded in even more mystery, and where he was above the law.

Bolger says that while Epstein’s Little St. James properties and mansions in Florida and Manhattan were raided by the FBI, to this day it has yet to be reported that any law enforcement has entered the Zorro Ranch or seized any assets. One of Revelo Projects’ sources says, “The  FBI didn’t even raid Zorro. They didn’t even go there and they (Zorro Ranch) had time to clean it up.”

In the following video, Bolger and Andrews unfold a sordid tale of  sexual abuse and government corruption at the 7,600-acre ranch and reveal for the first time the discovery of a never-before-seen 6-foot-by-6-foot photo of a nude painting of young Ghislaine Maxwell sprawled out on a large chair wielding a dagger. They bring us the details, plus discuss the eye-witness accounts of abuse victims, Maria Farmer and Virginia Roberts, and their sexual liaisons with celebrity guests, and a peek at Epstein’s little black book of guests.

In a related story, KRQE-TV, in Albuquerque, reports that the infamous Zorro Ranch was recently sold to the San Rafael Ranch LLC for $18 million, down from its original asking price of $27.5 million. There is speculation on Bard, Google’s new AI social media chatbot, that American billionaire businessman and Epstein confidant, Les Wexner, is connected to the sale.

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Israeli Assets Tied To Epstein

Anti-Neocon Report’s Keith Knight says there’s overwhelming evidence of many Israeli assets involved with the late Jeffrey Epstein’s empire, including his white collar crime and human trafficking network.

Knight tells the Ry Dawson podcast that Israel used Epstein’s ventures as a blackmail operation, but it’s not what people think. Most think it was used to blackmail politicians, but that wasn’t their goal. “They already had the politicians through bribes and the normal routes,” he says. “What they were really aiming at was U.S. science and technology.”

Knight rolls out the details, plus explains how Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell came to be intelligence assets, how organized crime in the U.S. was a precursor to the rise of the state of Israel, the connection of former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who died last week, to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, and more.

Meet The Epstein Fixer

What’s the connection between the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the shadowy fixer extraordinaire J. Stanley Pottinger? How did Pottinger — the former boyfriend of Gloria Steinem — come to represent Epstein’s victims while having enjoyed a direct connection with Epstein in real life? What role did the CIA play in boosting both these men, as well as their sordid international deals, including Iranian arms sales?

Here, Newspaste investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore shares some of his research into Pottinger in a far-ranging interview on Jason Bermas’ show Making Sense of the Madness. Bermas, a veteran Epstein investigative himself, produces the show under the auspices of the American Media Periscope.

It runs a full hour, but you can easily break the show into half-hour segments and watch them over successive days if you don’t have the time to digest it all in one sitting.

Massive Chaos In July

The Inspired Channel’s Sean Nolan says July 4 will be an extra-explosive month, because America will finally get the release of the film, Sound of Freedom, which will expose the big picture on child-sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Nolan says the film, starring Jim Caviezel, will unleash an avalanche of information, including high-profile players whose names were never officially released. He warns that Team Darkness will do everything in their sinister power to distract from the movie, including igniting a world war. “The big picture will soon hit the airwaves and will hit people in a way that’s never been done before.” Nolan says.  Here’s more.

Netflix-Zelensky Connection

Did Barack Obama and his Netflix buddies finance Volodymyr Zelensky’s Presidential campaign in 2016?

Riss Flex reports the streaming-service giant purchased the rights in 2016 to an obscure Ukrainian TV series starring then-comedian Zelensky. The $11 million purchase was highly suspicious, since Netflix does not invest in a lot of Ukrainian TV shows. The rights expired in 2021, but were renewed in March 2022, shortly after the Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Netflix cut an undisclosed deal with Barack and Michelle Obama in 2018, despite their lack of experience in the film industry. That was on top of a massive $65 million book deal that Penguin Random House paid the Obamas earlier that year. Flex elaborates, plus also reports on the Obama Administration’s ties to the hideout house where Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.

Power Players Behind Epstein

Whitney Webb, one of the foremost investigative journalists exploring the world of Jeffrey Epstein, joins the Kim Iversen Show to take a closer look at Epstein’s involvement with Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase. Dimon, for all intents and purposes, is the most powerful contemporary banking figure in the United States.

He exerts much control over the New York Fed, the cornerstone branch of the Federal Reserve. He also is charting the course for Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC.

Webb gives us an overview on how the intelligence agencies, multinational corporations and organized crime work in cahoots with each other. These unholy allies dictate so much in the world — not only orchestrating finances, but also government policies as well as criminal activity, including sex trafficking.

Now, we’re seeing their illicit system come crashing down — its rough edges exposed and left festering. It’s time, says Webb, to “build parallel systems” and attempt to decentralize the power.

Epstein’s “Sugar Daddy” Money

Jeffrey Epstein withdrew as much as a million dollars in cash per year, much of it involving “sugar daddy” money. So say documents now on court record as part of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ lawsuit against Epstein’s former bank — J.P. Morgan Chase.

The financier was often withdrawing cash in large sums, up to $80,000 at a time, not only to pay for child trafficking but also to reward his child handlers. Here, Robert Gouveia digs into the latest documents in the newly amended complaint.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Client List

When will we see Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list? How about the full Epstein Island flight logs? Will these pedophile criminals escape forever or finally be brought to justice? Here’s the latest ChristianPatrioticNews video, drawing upon Q-posts for possible leads on Epstein, as well as his allies in Pedowood, formerly Hollywood. Also covered: The Vatican and symbolism concerning the Federal Reserve.