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Cayce Arizona Mystery

Please join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on mysterious trips the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce made to an Arizona Azurite mine guided by the source of his readings. Cayce made the trip with a Harvard trained engineer and during a month there they witnessed unusual spirit communication, apparitions and revelations regarding the true nature of the Atlantean Tuaoi Stone and its meaning for humanity.


Dark Outpost

David Zublick launches a new channel called Dark Outpost, where he will explore darker and more hard-hitting subjects. The first guest for his debut program is Nathaniel Gillis, a religious demonologist and author. After living in a haunted house, Gillis spent 20 years researching what it was he encountered. He is the founder of Preternatural Epiphenomenal Philosophy and has sought to redefine the nature of haunting phenomena, ghosts and high strangeness. He’s often quoted for his concept of the demonic. “The reason they are playing by different rules is because they are playing a different game.”