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Katie Hobbs Held In Custody

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has been at GITMO since Sep. 28, awaiting a tribunal scheduled in November. We can’t collaborate that’s a fact, but we do bring you this video from Dobie_Tejas, maintaining Hobbs is now a prisoner at GITMO. Dobie_Tejas cites as its source the journalist Michael Baxter at realrawnews.com.

“Disgraced former Arizona Secretary of State and gubernatorial election thief Katie Hobbs has been at Guantanamo Bay Since September 28th and, charged with treason, will face a military tribunal in mid-November,” the video quotes from a realrawnews report. In addition to treason, Hobbs also reportedly faces charges of election fraud and conspiracy to commit murder. The murder charge supposedly stems from a failed murder-for-hire plot against Kari Lake.

Although Fox News and other mainstream media outlets originally reported Katie Hobbs’ disappearance, those reports ceased when Hobbs showed up in Arizona a few days after the disappearance was announced back in September. Realrawnews claims a double double or clone resurfaced in Arizona, while the Hobbs arrested and transported to GITMO is the real McCoy.

Again, we urge caution in reviewing and analyzing this report. We will bring you updates as events dictate.

Hillary Crawls Out Of Hellhole

Hillary Clinton crawled out of her hellhole to defend the FBI browbeating half the nation. She calls for a “formal deprogramming of the cult members,” presumably Donald Trump supporters, and for them to be placed in re-education camps.

We can all thank God that Donald Trump whipped this ugly bully in 2016. What a malignant pile of trailer trash. She was beat because Americans recognized her as a vicious and vile tyrant, not someone we would ever want to serve as an American president!

Let’s examine Hillary’s fascism, as well as her corrupt New York allies like Letitia James and Arthur Engoron. Here’s more from Mark Dice.

Treason? Evidence Destroyed?

Lockdowns: They don’t reduce the death toll! We are seeing an enormous increase in heart attacks! How much of this death and destruction is tied to the vaccines?

January 6th, GITMO, evidence destroyed? Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Not All Democrats Are Assholes!

Even the few moderates left in the Democratic Party are beginning to agree with Republicans. The party’s leftist mob has gone too far and pushed too much for prosecution of former President Donald Trump. It’s time the party came to reason, stepping back to adopt an approach that isn’t so offensive to Republicans and independents.

Here, U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, discusses the flurry of Trump prosecutions with Hugh Hewitt, a conservative talk show host. Hewitt opens with criticism of U.S. District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, scheduling Trump’s trial date on the day before the Super Tuesday primaries. This is such blatant political interference that we question how any sane judge would ever adopt this approach. Hewitt calls it “a terrible insult to our idea, our fundamental commitment to fair proceedings.”

Without openly concurring, Khanna signals some room for moderation, saying, “Well, I’m not sure that’s going to be the actual date at the end of the day. There’s appeal, there’s an ability to move it. I mean, let’s see what happens.”

The date better be changed. If not, we need to make sure we come out of 2024 with full control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency. And with that full control, we will wipe clean the slate so dirty, corrupt judges like Chutkan are forever removed from the system. We recommend she receive a beachfront view, straight from Gitmo! Here’s more from the Liberal Hivemind.

Secret Voodoo Rites In Haiti!

Christmas memes from the Mega-Meme Server! Werewolves reported in France and all over Europe! Depraved, carnivorous appetites! Secret voodoo rites in Haiti! Zombies moving around like automatons! CIA towns in the USA! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Gitmo Channel In Near Future?

Secret tribunals are legal under the law! Schumann resonance…what is it? News is indicating that a Gitmo Channel could be in our near future! Will this be the Christmas that the world gets a surprise?!

For generations, rituals have been held at Notre Dame to open a gigantic portal for the anti-Christ to enter! Did the White Hats thwart their final attempt to resurrect this fiend? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

White Hats Move Gitmo to Guam

Kerry Cassidy tells Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay that all is not progressing so smoothly as previously thought in the White Hats’ efforts to eradicate the Deep State’s New World Order agenda. So much so, that unexpected push back from the globalists have forced the good guys to relocate Gitmo and its prisoners to Guam.

Sourcing an article she wrote for her website, Cassidy describes a fleet of ships, escorted by the military, en route to Guam, where the White Hats claim they can set up a perimeter around the country that is more secure than Guantanamo Bay. “The White Hats are getting more pushback from the Deep State than people realize or understand,” she says. “In essence, we are in a civil war.”

Cassidy explains further, plus adds more intel on the chaos in the DUMBs between the aliens and White Hats, alien AI and who really is running the show.

Updated Execution List!

Trump rally notes! Christian 21 Intel!

New update execution list! The list names 260 individuals, many of whom are said to have been executed. Others are awaiting trial while a few have received lifelong prison terms. European royalty, Hollywood stars and American political figures dominate the identified suspects.

Trump time travel! The Domes! Titanic! 5th Dimension! Mutants! More from McAllister TV.

Think Of The World Awakening

Future proves past…enjoy the show. Should the lights go out, know that we are in control. 10 Days of Darkness. The Great Awakening. Military control. We are winning bigly.

The scare tactics of the mainstream media and Democrats are failing. Promises made, promises kept. We are prepared and assets are in place. More from And We Know.

ChristianPatriotNews delves into the Q-posts from 2018 and says we can expect military tribunals to begin soon. How does the [D]epartment of [D]efense deal with terrorists and enemy combatants? The military is the only way, and the tribunals are the military’s chief tool to arrest and try terrorists or enemy combatants.

Look for the Law Of War Manual to come into play. Those charged will be arrested following the unsealing of indictments, and taken to Gitmo for trials.

Also in this edition, ChristianPatriotNews explores The Twitter Files initiated by Elon Musk, the Defense Department’s single largest civilian contractor.

Gitmo Attackers Identified

Four days ago, we brought you Michael Jaco’s report of how White Hats at Guantanamo repulsed an attack launched by Deep State forces seeking to free U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had been imprisoned at the base along the shores of Cuba.

Now, we are learning that the military on board the attack helicopters were not military at all, but officers within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who had been dispatched by Deanne Criswell, administrator at FEMA.

Michael  Baxter from Real Raw News brings these updates, disseminated across the Internet by Dobie_Tejas. Jaco’s original report said Pelosi had been hung on charges involving treason and conspiracy to commit murder. We have not independently verified these reports, so use your own judgment and discernment in drawing any conclusions whatsoever.