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How Christians Can Fight Back

Sometimes, the only way forward is backward. For instance, the modern obsession with “my personal truth.” The solution to this destructive force, according to author and podcast host Spencer Klavan, lies in ancient wisdom and the timeless question, “How is that working out for you?”

Spencer joins Glenn Beck to apply his expertise in classic literature and philosophy to the enigmas and culture wars of today, from the hubris of atheism to the rot of academia. And with a Ph.D. from Oxford, he knows a thing or two about academics. He walks Glenn through how the innovations of science have led to the religion of science, which in turn has bred horrors. He explains why he says, “Transgenderism is transhumanism.”

And as a gay man, he responds to the destruction of truth in the name of people like him, including the possibility that Pride Month could be used to paint any dissenters as “Christian nationalists.” Spencer also walks Glenn through the big ideas in his latest book, “How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises.” But, despite it all, there’s room for hope, he says. The decay of society may just be a great opportunity to make civilization better.

A Pride Month Warning

Beware of POLITICAL WARFARE used by the far-left during this year’s Pride Month, warns James Lindsay, Founder and President of New Discourses. In this clip, Lindsay outlines two, possible ways the LGBTQ movement — especially in June — may be used as a method to target Christians in America…possibly even resulting in government investigations of churches throughout the nation.

It’s all about labeling conservatives as dangerous ‘Christian nationalists,’ he explains, and Pride Month may give the left the perfect opportunity to do so. He explains it all in this clip from Glenn Beck.

Beck: It’s Going To Happen

Glenn Beck says we must begin to ask ourselves vital questions about artificial intelligence before it infiltrates every sector of our society–if it hasn’t already.

In following clip, Beck makes a terrifying prediction about AI and relationships that he believes will occur in the next 18 months. “It’s going to happen,” he says. Here’s more.

Our Dystopian Nightmare

In 2012 Glenn Beck wrote a book called Agenda 21, a fictional look at the dystopian nightmare the United Nations’ real Agenda 21 would bring. But Agenda 21 then became Agenda 2030 and collaboration from corporate elites morphed it into the Great Reset.

Beck warns that the dystopian hellscape described in the book–from the authoritarian surveillance state, dwindling property ownership, restricted food production to society’s transformation–is no longer fiction. The establishment seized control of energy, agriculture and transportation. The Pentagon cheered Tucker Carlson’s Fox separation after he called out corruption, and ESG scores and Big Tech are censoring the rest of us.

Beck breaks out his chalkboard in the following video, where he explains where we’re at on the dystopian timeline.

Juan O. Savin: Hunter’s Fate

Juan O. Savin says the House investigation into Hunter Biden’s nefarious affairs is intensifying. He confirms that loyal IRS and FBI officials are beating a path to Houe investigative committees to get answers on why the Biden probe is at a standstill.

Why? Because these loyal officials and several whistleblowers have finally been granted the opportunity to testify before the House, a privilege the were denied when the Democrat Party was in control. Says Savin, ” The reason this is coming to a head is because when the House finishes with the open testimony, it will shock the country.”

Savin joins Nino’s Corner, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez with more insight and intel.

Tucker Breaks His Silence

Tucker Carlson breaks his silence with a video on Twitter that already has racked up more than three times the views of his nightly Fox News Show. He’ll be back, likely as soon as he serves any “time-out” clauses in his Fox contract. Here, Mark Dice surveys much of the hub-bub surrounding his departure from Fox.

Funny how the disgusting hags at The View did their wave. How long before those leftist crones get the boot from ABC? Can’t come soon enough!


The Collapse Of Babylon

Are we witnessing the collapse of Babylon? How else explain the drastic moves by the Deep State and its fake news allies to bolt the hatches and tighten the decks? They are preparing for a total breakdown of their phony narrative. Now, they are working hard to construct a new story line and stop any more bleeding. Doubtful it will work, but they’ve got no choice but to try.

Here’s And We Know to discuss their embarrassing predicament. Maybe they should try telling the truth for a change. Nah! Doesn’t fit these rotten characters.

Prepare For Insane Inflation

Carol Roth, financial expert and author of ‘You Will Own Nothing,’ joins Glenn Beck to discuss what our economy could be facing next.

We may soon experience ‘inflation like you can’t believe,’ Glenn says, so is NOW the time to pay off all your debt?

Roth, who does not provide financial advice but rather gives the information you need to make your own, informed decisions, explains why paying off all your investment debts (like a mortgage) NOW may actually be less beneficial in the long run.

Another Jesus Revolution

Pastor Greg Laurie tells the Glenn Beck Easter weekend podcast that America is in dire need of a spiritual awakening and that our society has abandoned God and embraced sin.

Laurie admits he’s seen this before, when he was part of the biggest Christian movement in American history, now dubbed the “Jesus Revolution,” when hippies gave up their LSD and embraced Jesus Christ. He says today’s America is similar to the era of the Jesus Revolution and why he believes we might be poised to see another spiritual awakening soon. More with Beck and Laurie.

No One’s Above The Law!

That’s the mantra of today’s leftists. But notice how none of them ever get indicted — no matter how many egregious crimes they commit!

They rape and murder children. They use money laundering to rob the American public blind. They use insider dope to make bundles off high-flying stocks. But none of those drug-taking, high-flying bastards ever face the music.

Here’s more from Glenn Beck, discussing Joe Biden’s felonious son Hunter Biden, as well as the shady investigative reporter Michael Isikoff who leaked advance “news” of the 34 indictments against former president Donald Trump. Isikoff is the same reporter who leaked the phony Christopher Steele data.

Someone needs to investigate him to see how he “uncovers” so much that dovetails with the interests of the CIA and Deep State. Exactly which deep, dark holes is he traversing?